YouTube Beauty Guru – Promise Tamang Phan – dope2111

YouTube Beauty Guru – Promise Tamang Phan – dope2111

Hi Pretty Ladies!

Today, I want to share with you all one of the most amazing “transforming” makeup artists on YouTube – Promise Tamang Phan or dope2111 that is her YT channel name.  This beautiful lady can change herself into ANYONE – male or female – using just some makeup tools and colors. It is just a pure delight to see her amazing makeup skills on display on her channel. Her transformations are apt and mind blowing! You name them and she can most definitely transform her looks into them.

YouTube Beauty Guru Promise Tamang Phan dope2111

She is the sister-in-law of Michelle Phan, but that is not the reason for her popularity. The girl is just sheer talent! Promise joined YouTube in 2009 and already has over 750,000 subscribers and over 126 million channel views for just over 80 videos. Her top 12 most-watched videos alone have over 55 million views! Those are some crazy statistics that are a testament to her unbelievable talent, but I will still say she deserves even more views.

She has a lot of worth-watching videos but I’m sharing just a few of my personal favourites with you all.

YouTube Beauty Guru Promise Tamang Phan dope2111

First has to be the Johnny Depp Transformation, not 1, not 2 but 4 looks in 1 video! Even Johnny Depp would be proud of her attention to details. I love Johnny Depp and this video is just too apt.

Johnny Depp Look (Edward Scissor Hands, Captain Jack Sparrow and Willy Wonka)

I seriously don’t know how she does it, though she has a step-by-step tutorial, her transformation into Adriana Lima is just too surreal! I think God has gifted her with not just talent but her facial structure is such that she can easily contour and mould it like putty.

Me as Adriana Lima !!!A Make-up Transformation !!!

Another worthy transformation. The way she makes her cheeks stand out like Johannson with just some colors and brush is just beautiful.

Me as Scarlett Johansson !!!A Make-up transformation !!!

One of my favourite Disney cartoons is Aladdin and I love Princess Jasmine, so seeing this transformation makes the little girl inside of me jump up and down on my seat in glee. She has the look, accessories everything exactly figured out down to the last detail.

Disney’s Princess Jasmine Make-up tutorial !!!!!

Not just female celebrity transformations by Promise are unreal, but she even does male transformations! Check out this very cool one of Drake.

How to look like Drake ?! A Make-up Transformation

Transformations are not all that are worth watching on her channel, there are other typical videos as well that one would expect of any YT beauty guru, like the following makeup tutorials. I love how she throws in Nail Art tutorials, or Hair styles or dress ideas in her videos.


Get ready with Me for a Date (Love is in the Air)

The hair style in this video is seriously fun to do and very easy, I did it on my cousin once and it looked super pretty!

My Fall Make-up, Outfit, Hair and Nails:

This is another fun look, I love the idea of temporary ombre hair!

Endless Summer Look (Ombre Hair, Neon Tip Nails)

Not just for the sake of the following challenge video, but Promise uses a lot of products from drugstore or “cheaper” brands and I love when gurus use a variety of products. She shows it well here that even with a 99 cents eyeshade palette one can create a gorgeous makeup look.

$20 Dollar Make-up Challenge (Promise Phan)

Promise also has a second channel – Promise2111, where she uploads similar, but more random videos. It was started very recently and currently has just about 7 videos and my favourites amongst these are the $20 Challenge video and the following hair video, that snake braid is so easy but looks amazingly pretty!

4 Cute Back to School Hair Styles !!! (Promise Phan)

You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter. She posts images of her upcoming looks and is very interactive with her viewers on these social networks.

To throw one more look in, this Angelina Jolie one is pretty darn perfect. I’m not a big fan of Jolie at all but I love Promise as her 😀

Me as Angelina Jolie !!!A Make-up Transformation !!!!!

I hope you all enjoyed reading about one of my favourites YT gurus. Do check her out if you haven’t already, she will blow your mind with her celebrity transformations. I’m now looking forward to the next few weeks as with the upcoming Halloween, there are bound to be some more truly awe-inspiring tutorials from her. I “Promise” you, that you will love her videos. *wink*

Take care ladies and happy Makeuping!

(All images in this article are from her Facebook, Twitter or YouTube pages).

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  1. I have seen her videos before nafisa but since I am more into wearable kinda makeup, I stopped checking out her videos. But she is uber talented and I guess I’d check out some of her videos now. 🙂 Great post. 🙂

    1. Thanks Rati! 🙂
      Though I myself have never tried a non-wearable look in my life ever but i still follow these channels religiously! 😀

        1. indeed! if u compare the initial vids n the latest 1s…such a growth! n have th seen the latest Halloween vids?! O_O talent over flow!!!!

  2. Hey pls suggest products which r non-alcoholic as i hav jst transformd 2islam n its haram 2 use such things.. I g0t face wash without alcohol jst i need c0nditnr pls do let me knw??

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