Men’s Fashion and Grooming: Jim Chapman

Men’s Fashion and Grooming: Jim Chapman

Men's Fashion and Grooming Jim Chapman

In today’s world, men are increasingly becoming more and more concerned about their grooming and style. We may have a father, brother, son, husband, boyfriend or any male figure in our lives, about whom we want to be more understanding and helpful. Nagging them or constantly advising them on what we feel is the right thing to do fashion wise is of course our birth right! 😀 But to be honest, it helps to have the men’s perspective on things, so that we can guide them appropriately.  So, why not we follow Mr. Jim Chapman online and pass on his jewels of information on “all things manly,” as he puts it.

Jim Chapman is a UK-based vlogger active since 2009. He is a beauty guru for men and yes, he is the brother of the Pixiwoo sisters, Samantha and Nicola Chapman. Even their mother, Judy Chapman, has a channel on YouTube (ModernandMature), with fashion tips for women of a certain mature age. That’s not all, Jim’s girlfriend, Tanya Burr, is also a well-known YouTube beauty guru, (Pixi2woo). What can we say; fashion and beauty sense runs in their family I guess! 😀

Jim Chapman

Jim Chapman is a young, modern guy and very easy on the eyes too! His tips are very useful and easy to follow. You will always learn at least one new thing about men’s fashion and health care after watching any of his videos. He gives his honest opinion on various topics concerning the male world of style and beauty, manly-beauty of course!

The range of topics he covers is vast:
• Ways to wear clothing and accessories.
• Workout tips.
• Hair styling tips.
• Celebrity hair/fashion tutorials.
• Gift ideas for men.
• Seasonal clothing trends.
• New products worthy of our attention.
• Halloween looks for men.
• Dietary tips.
• Tips on shaving, avoiding in-grown hair, etc.
• Makeup for men (use of concealers, etc.)
• Views on general men behaviour and what they perceive about women.
• Guys advice for girls.
• Monthly favourite products.
• Manicure/pedicure for men.
• Skin care.
• Body odour combating tips.
• General vlogs.

Jim Chapman

You get the picture, I’m sure, “he’s a guy, talking about guy’s stuff” to put it simply! You can follow him on YouTube and other social networks like twitter and facebook. He is very interactive with his followers. After having followed his videos for quite some time now, I know for a fact that he pays attention to his followers and incorporates their suggestions and questions into his vlogs.

His videos are short and fun to watch, you need not force the men in your life to watch his videos, you can do that yourself. Most of his subscribers are loving, concerned women. Or if you know a guy who needs to watch such videos, then do forward these links to him.

I watch these videos just to stay in touch with a male perspective; it’s so easy to get lost in the female version of beauty and aesthetics that sometimes a fresh, outside view helps us in looking at things with a new light.

So, the next time when you want the men’s point of view on something or want to guide the men in your life regarding fashion or want to buy a gift for him, you know what to do, just check in on Mr. J1mmyb0bba!

Happy Makeuping! 😀

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