Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Matte Liquid Eyeliner Review, EOTD

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Here is a review on the recently launched eyeliner by MUFE! Enjoy!

Claims :

THE TATTOO EFFECT 12-hour fast drying, outrageous matte black and precise eyeliner.
A must-have for pros. Ink Liner’s long and flexible tip allows for ultimate precision to create a multitude of looks. It defines the eyes with a rich matte black finish that stays put for 12-hours.

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner 3

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner 2

How to apply:

• Shake well before use to obtain an even texture for optimal eyeliner results.
• Apply the eyeliner directly to the eyelid with the integrated applicator brush using light pressure.
• Wait a few seconds for the product to dry before moving eyelid.
• For optimal hold, apply Eye Prime before using Ink Liner.
• Reapply to create a perfect line and obtain the desired results.
Price and Quantity:$ 30 for 3.5 ml

Main Ingredients:

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner 9

My Experience with Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Matte Liquid Eyeliner :

The point that tops on my list of a good eyeliner, is that, it has to be intensely pigmented. One swatch at the store and I fell in love with this. The product comes in a super tiny bottle with a long handle. It consists of a precise felt tip, which is pretty sturdy, flexible and help me draw both thin and thick lines with ease. The bottle needs a little shake before use (it has those tiny balls inside). The product is thin, not too runny and extremely black. There is no distinct smell and it dries up within a few seconds of application. It dries up matte and it is so distinctly visible and outstanding! It doesn’t smudge, neither does it move out of place or transfers. It lasts until it is time to take it off, that is pretty much the entire day. It didn’t irritate my eyes (though it has alcohol in it). Yehpyaarnahitohkyahai folks? 😀 It doesn’t form any streaky lines, and a second application can be done with no issues. However,it’s not waterproof at all. Even a tiniest drop of water is enough to erase it off easily. Now this can be con for most, but personally I love this fact too. I like using products that don’t take much effort to take off, especially the eye makeup products. I’m not comfortable with the idea of subjecting my eyes to a lot of rubbing and tugging, which is what happens with most waterproof products. I don’t have enough words to praise this gorgeous product! I’ve been wearing it every day since I bought it, which only goes to say how much I love it! I declare it a winner 😀

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner 5

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner 4

Pros of Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Matte Liquid Eyeliner :

 Blackest black ever!
 Dries within a few seconds.
 Doesn’t smudge.
 Felt nib can easily draw a thin and thick line.
 Felt nib is long and flexible.
 Lasts long.
 Gorgeous matte finish.
 Doesn’t cause streaky lines.

Cons of Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Matte Liquid Eyeliner :

 Not waterproof at all (not a con for me).

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner 8

Make Up For Ever Ink Liner 6

Would I Buy or Recommend Make Up For Ever Ink Liner Matte Liquid Eyeliner ?

Yes yes yes!!!! I’m madly in love with it and I can only want all of you to experience this gorgeous stuff! Get your hands on it if you can 😀

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