Marks and Spencer Vanilla Sugar Body Butter Review

Marks and Spencer Vanilla Sugar Body Butter Review

Hey friends,  Today I’m going to review a body butter that smells good enough to eat.It smells of yummilicious baked hot goodies just out of the oven; topped with caramel coating and sugar dusting and vanilla smell wafting through..!! yes yes it smells of vanilla,caramel, sugar, slight hint of cocoa and all that . ALL THAT!!

marks spencer vanilla sugar body butter

Price Rs. 595 for 200 ml.
Shelf life: 2 years .Made in UK.
What it says:

Ingredient list :-

• The packaging is a regular tub one which seems to be staple for many body butters. Those who are hygiene freaks can turn up their noses now, but i don’t mind it at all. Since I use this only on body ( yes, I get apprehensive only if application concerns my face) and only after washing my hands , dip in once; remove the quantity I require to put on my dry areas and I am all set to smell like a baked cookie… or ermmm let me say vanilla cheesecake?

Ohh and btw there’s a strict warning on the tub 😀 which goes like ‘ not recommended for facial use,THIS IS NOT A FOOD.DO NOT SWALLOW’. I find this super hilarious .. !Also, when I had newly bought it, my mother saw the picture on top and thought I once again got something from my numerous rounds to gourmet stores and it is some imported tub of mini cookies 😛 Of course that was before she ‘read’what it was.

• The texture is thicker than that of TBS body butters, but it melts on skin very easily and luxuriously.

marks spencer vanilla sugar body butter
• It is a huge tub with good quantity, but I can’t say how long it may last for each one as it totally depends on how much u use. AS for my experience I had bought this mid winter and its still going strong as I only use it once a day on my hands and feet and sometimes upto knees. You can totally see the quantity left in the pictures.

marks and spencer vanilla sugar body butter

• Of course the smell!! I love putting this butter , switching on the AC and snuggling under the cover. The vanilla sugar smell makes me feel extremely warm and cosy and yummy.The smell lasts ages. I smell delicious even in the morning 😀
• It feels extremely emollient hence it’s a pro in what it is supposed to be doing. 🙂
• It has cocoa butter..! my miracle ingredient for body moisturising. Always works!

Err… nothing? Except maybe it increases my cravings for sugary fatty foods at unearthly hours:/

• Tub packaging
• Girls who don’t like strong scents might want to smell it twice..thrice… but do think about it. I also don’t like strong sweet fragrances but this thing is heavenly baibeh!! Veryyyy enticing.

Would I buy it again?

Would I recommend it to others?
Yes, if you like cookies,cupcakes and cheecakes ^.^
And if you like no nonsense product that works . 🙂

My rating : 5 on 5

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42 thoughts on “Marks and Spencer Vanilla Sugar Body Butter Review

    1. Hehe yes.. Cocoa butter makes it work well.. But the smell is faint.. This butter smells more of vanilla and moreso of caramel-y sugar

  1. yummmmm.. i luv vanilla creams n soaps… some fascination for them.. dunno why tho :p
    whr did u get this frm neha? india ya england? howcome i dint come across this in m & s in england :/

  2. Very nicely written article. ‘not recommended for facial use,THIS IS NOT A FOOD.DO NOT SWALLOW’– I found it hilarious! Like in Metros, we had ‘Do not sit on the floor’ :d

    1. Yeah rati.. U shud try.. Specially for ur new love of baking ..
      Yea even I like the fact that its authentic..
      And I never knew I woud love the smell of sugar so much before I smelt this one.. Its smells cute! Hehehe 😀

      1. Also the smell fills the entire room.. In a good way.. But beware.. It might give ur hubby wrong illusions that uv baked sumthing 😀 hehe

  3. nice review Neha… even i like vanilla and strawberry scent alot n i have Vanilla duos from TBS n i luv that…but nxt time i will pick yeh wala…:)

    1. Iv never smelt the tbs ones.. But this one u may really like because its not just regular vanilla. Its has this really good fragrance of cooked sugar.. Like in kheer and all hehe 🙂

  4. Eeeeeee! This is my dream product! Something that smells good enough to eat AND moisturises your skin. I am going to get my hands on it. Is it available in India? Or is it yet another product for which we have to resort to begging our cousins in “phoren” lands to buy it for us? 😛

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