Marks & Spencer Rose Collection: Rose Moisture Rich Shower Cream

Marks & Spencer Rose Collection: Rose Moisture Rich Shower Cream

Marks & Spencer Rose Collection Rose Moisture Rich Shower Cream

I am sharing a shower cream today with you all which I have been lately loving and one of the best I have used.  This was a gift from my sister-in-law when they went on an Euro trip and supposedly she got it for me from the UK, as she knows these are few of the things I really love.  She has also got a Claire’s cosmetics palette, but I haven’t been able to use it much.

I love shower creams that leave skin soft and as they lather, they become creamy and soft, instead of soapy foam. This one is just one of those types which are required in a little quantity, on the loofah like a one-rupee coin sized, and they luxuriously lather into a soft foam and leave skin “touchably” soft with no flakiness and no dryness.

Marks & Spencer Rose Collection Rose Moisture Rich Shower Cream

This shower cream smells of soft roses.  I always imagine some white and pink roses and that makes the shower cream even more luxurious. It doesn’t smell like those rose soaps, but this one is soft and soothing to the senses.

The cream in itself is very soft, not soapy, but you can see how it looks like some moisturiser and body wash mix and hence its called shower cream.

One shower cream that I can compare this too is the Shahnaz Husain one, which leaves skin equally moisturised and one doesn’t feel the need to slather on additional body moisturiser after the shower in a normal climate.

Marks & Spencer Rose Collection Rose Moisture Rich Shower Cream

I don’t know whether this shower cream is available here, but I do know that we have many Marks and Spencer outlets now and they have an array of lotions and perfumes on dipaly to be tested and I really like visiting their counter with such aromatic fragrances. No wonder, I loved this shower cream so much.  I use this with a loofah to get the most out of it, but I suppose a bath sponge would do as well.

Last Word on Marks & Spencer Rose Collection:  Rose Moisture Rich Shower Cream:

If you can get it, you will love it.  You need a little and the soft, foamy lather leaves skin moisturised and smelling of sweet roses. This is something that I have loved using in the non-summer months.

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  1. I also dont like to apply lotions in this heat. WIll check out this at store, if its available. Thanks for the review Neha!

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