How to Match Clothing Colours

How to Match Clothing Colours

Matching colour of our outfits is a task on which we all ponder over for a minute or two daily. Every individual has his or her own set of colour matching rules that sometimes restrict them from wearing certain colours or wearing too many colours at the same time.


Well, if you too face this dilemma time and again then have a look at some of these colour matching points that will help you rock any colour you like without any fear.

• Take cue from colour wheel to find harmonious colour combinations for your outfit. Colours that are found opposite to each other on a colour wheel are called ‘complementary colours’. Combining such colours will give you a high-impact contrasting look. Unless you are a very confident dresser it is best to avoid wearing complementary colours together. Applying complimentary colours to accessories may be a more favourable look for you. Colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel are called ‘analogous colours’. Opt for this combination on the colour wheel to get a pleasing blend for an outfit.

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• Always select a base colour of your outfit. It is better to grab the most attention seeking piece in your assemble i.e. something that will cover the major part of your body. Let the colours play themselves against this dominant colour. Wear less than three shades while maintaining one dominant colour as anything more than this will make your essemble look chaotic.

• If you’re wearing all black don’t wear brown shoes. Black and brown can be tricky to wear together without looking mismatched so if you do, make sure you pull it together with accessories to make it into a real colour scheme rather than looking accidental.

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• Whenever you plan to wear something in a monochromatic colour scheme make sure that you break the tone with a neutral colour to achieve a chic and crisp appearance you were aiming for. Black, white and gray can be matched with all colours.

• When coordinating patterns, pick only one colour in the pattern that you’d like to emphasize and seek to match that shade.


Dress in colours that are appropriate for your age if you really want to make a statement. Always remember that certain colours look better on younger individuals. With time pick out shades that can add a bit of maturity to your wardrobe.

Hope these simple tips will help you put together outfits that don’t clash.

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