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Okay World, so Barack Obama has done it again! He wins the second term election in the power house of the world. My congratulations to him. I am in awe of this man, his wife, his kids, his dogs, his mother -in -law who came to live with them initially.. I mean.. practically everything related to him 😀

I have always liked Michelle since the time I first saw her on TV. She has appeared on many shows and I think it was her interview with Oprah that gave quite an insight into what she is as a person. The rest of the world knows her as a fashion power house but I totally admire her for being a grounded, strong, independent and fashionable person. What I like the most about her is how she has stood behind her husband for years in his road to the white house and how after moving to white house, she still prefers her family lives like an ordinary american family. Someone once asked her what is the best thing she likes about her husband being the the US president and she pat replied, ‘he works from home.. just a floor below.. so I can drop by anytime and see him!’

We all know how she created waves in the media with her dressing sense and bright, floral print dresses. She was initially criticised a bit but the media soon fell in love with her. During the second term race as well, media almost went berserk on her choice of summery colors. This 48 year old woman surely personifies dignity with fashion.

So, when I decided to do a post on the first lady of the world, what better an occasion than today?!

Here are some fashion looks of the most fashionable woman of the world. I am listing down top 10 looks of her.

1. The sporty lady

michelle obama


This is what Mrs. O wore when she addressed a press conference before heading to London for Olympics’ ceremony.

2.In a black satin gown by Michael Kors

Michelle Obama Fashion

Michelle appeared on the stage in this long, floor length black satin gown to speak in the gathering of black lawmakers and leaders.

3. The grey-black dress

michelle obama dresses

Doesn’t she look so gorgeous here and they both make such an adorable pair

4. In Pants and Top

Obamas Attend Evening of Poetry, Music, and the Spoken Word

5. white top with green skirt

President Obama And The First Lady Arrive At Downing Street

She was seen like this on her way to 10 downing street, London

6. sunny, summery dress

Obama Delivers Remarks At Congressional Picnic

She chose this dress on the day of annual picnic of members at White House

7. The coral dress

US President Barack Obama and First Lady

The color coral has never looked so pretty to me as in the pic.

8. With Queen Elizabeth

US President Barack Obama (L) and his wife

I love how gorgeous she looks in this black tank dress. You may also notice the strands of pearls. She is quite fond of these.

9. This is the same dress as above just without the cardigan.

10. Marc Jacobs dress

First lady Michelle Obama visits the Children's National Medical Center

One thing that sets her apart from other contemporary fashionable women is that she has defined her own fashion rules by picking lesser known designers and by sporting bright colored dresses or appearing in one-shoulder evening gown on official parties.

No wonder Michelle Obama makes to Time’s All Time 100 fashion icons.

1 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

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19 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Fashion and Style

  1. Yayyyyyyy… obama did it!! though loved roomneys graceful defeat acceptance speech..
    U gracefully compiled her style dear!! gud one..

  2. 🙂 Very nice article.
    Her dressing sense does set her apart. Very elegant.
    America’s answer to UK’s Duchess Kate Middleton 🙂

    And you pretty much covered most of her popular attires!
    Kudos 🙂

    1. hihihi.. yeah..!!! you are right. And elegant is the word for her. I particularly like her because I have the same complexion as her and her dresses give me a motivation to try out different, bright colors.

  3. Hey i really was thinking that Obama is going to loose it after the exit polls this morning!!!!!!!! It is a pleasant surprise and many congratulations to him! And thanks surabhi for updating us! And Michelle Obama is so down to earth. Both husband and wife are one of a kind in their league!

    1. Yeah.. it did seem a close contest… ANd yeah.. both of them are great, make an awesome pair and like you said one of a kind in their league. I also loved how Barack thanked his wife and his daughters and said how proud he is of the two!

  4. She is so pretty… And really knows how to dress!
    And I love their dog too! 🙂

    I’m actually kinda happy that Obama won. Romney seemed just too silly and stupid. Well… more of Michelle Fashion! 😀

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