Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow – 17 Bella Khaki Review

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So I have a weakness for eyeshadows. I cannot resist myself from buying eyeshadows or palettes. And recently I picked up a few interesting products, which I am pretty happy about. I managed to pick up the Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow in three shades; I have already reviewed Bella Navy, and here’s the review of Bella Khaki.

Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow – 17 Bella Khaki Review

$5 (excluding shipping charges)

Product Description:
It looks like rich, vibrant color that glides on in a single stroke, delivering a stunning multi-dimensional effect. What makes it a gel powder? Well, the formula starts as a gel and then is transformed by a special process into a stunning powder eyeshadow with pure color and power wear. The unique process allows you to blend this incredibly innovative, weightless formula easily with your fingertips to light up your eyes.


My Experience with Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow – 17 Bella Khaki:

The gold and bronze packaging caught my eyes the most. Sadly, our Indian post people are not careful which is why the plastic part, which says Milani, on top broke. Nonetheless, the packaging is plastic, but looks super cute and it is quite travel friendly too. This would look great sitting on the vanity desk.


As soon as you put your finger into the eyeshadow, it feels like butter. I am in love with the soft and smooth texture of these eyeshadows.

Bella Khaki is a berserk pigmented colour. It has light golden glitter particles in it which look gorgeous. Just one swipe into the pot and you have tons of product on your finger.

khakhi eyeshadow

First and foremost, the Milani Bella collection has 30 shades in total with different finishes. Some are shimmer finishes, some are satin, some are matte and others are semi matte. Now, let’s talk about Bella Khaki – the packaging, shade, pigmentation and texture get a perfect 10 from me. The only issue is that it is not as long wearing as I thought it would be. I wore it without a primer to test the product and since I have oily eyelids, it went all over the place after 4 hours.


It only stayed on my eyelids for 5 hours properly and post that it just started fading away. Also, if you are using a synthetic brush then it will work well, but if you are not using a synthetic brush then use a little setting spray for better application. I prefer applying it with my finger because that works the best for me. The colours are not chalky and there is barely any glitter fall out which is yet another plus point. Overall, I am overjoyed I decided to purchase these eye shadows.


hand swatch



Pros of Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow – 17 Bella Khaki:

• Great packaging
• Incredible colour
• Highly pigmented
• Smooth and soft texture
• Not chalky
• Variety of shades in the range

Cons of Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow – 17 Bella Khaki:

• Not long wearing
• Works the best only with a synthetic brush or with fingers
• Is expensive with the shipping costs

IMBB Rating:

I am in love with these eyeshadows and I will surely pick more shades from this range soon.

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4 thoughts on “Milani Bella Eyes Gel Powder Eyeshadow – 17 Bella Khaki Review

  1. The shade range is excellent and the price is terrific. I am in loooove, if only the staying power was any better. But this, indeed, is a great find! 🙂

    1. The colours are to die for and the quality too. A good primer helps these eyeshadows really well. I used my milani eye shadow primer and the combo worked really well 😀

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