Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask Review



I recently tried a sheet mask from Missha and it was from their “N*de Mask” range. All these masks are supposed to have very thin sheets through which you can see your face. Read on to know more about this sheet mask.

Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask Review

Product Description:
Highly adhesive mask with strong brew of lavender ingredients to help soothe down sensitive skin. Natural-derived cellulose sheet mask which is extremely thin and transparent, even letting the skin show through. Highly adhesive mask with soft texture as silk.
2.50 USD for 1 sheet mask.

Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask ingredients

My Experience with Missha Herb in Nude Sheet Mask:

I have previously tried the “Brightening Care and Firming” mask from the same range and I love it. So, I had high expectations with this one as well. I was having a few breakouts from a product that I tried, so I wanted something that would be soothing for the skin. I picked this mask precisely for that reason.

Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Masks

This mask is a soothing lavender flavoured mask. Once you open the package, the mask is seen floating in the essence. The mask was lying in there as a lump rather than usual masks. It was quite difficult to open it and place on the face. The essence was very watery and it was dripping.

After finally having achieved the task of placing the mask, my nostrils were hit heavily with its lavender scent. I am not a fan of lavender fragrance and this made my nose even more sensitive. But I was expecting it because all of these masks are heavily perfumed. If you are someone who is sensitive to heavily scented products, you should stay away from this.

Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask folded

The mask was wet even after 30 minutes. I stored the remaining essence for future usage. This sheet mask was supposed to be a soothing one, but when you look at the ingredients list, you might find sodium hyaluronate or hyaluronic acid and glycerin at the top. They are humectants and they hydrate your skin. Lavender is the soothing agent that could be seen. Other than that, it also has licorice extract deep down in the list, which could be in a meagre amount as far as we know.

Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask in hand

Since the smell was overpowering for me, I particularly liked it less than the other sheet masks from the same range. The essence was watery and it got absorbed easily leaving a soft finish on the skin. I followed it up with a moisturizer, and my routine was done.

The effect of the mask was immediate. Since I had a few breakouts before using this mask, my skin was reddish in certain places and because of some harsh spot treatments from my side, my skin had few dry and rough areas too. This mask helped with my redness and dry patches immensely. With just one use, my skin was almost back to normal, but it did nothing for the breakouts. It was supposed to be soothing, and it did not do anything.

Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask texture

This one also hydrates and will be very good for dry skin. Even if you have oily skin, this mask is great because it has a very light watery essence. For those having acne-prone skin, it will not help in calming down the angry heads. For sensitive skin, you should stay away because these masks are heavily perfumed.

Pros of Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask:

  • Easy to use.
  • Very hydrating and will be great for all skin types.
  • Essence is watery and non-sticky.
  • Plenty of essence.
  • The material of the mask is thin, soft and silky, so most of us will like it.

Cons of Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask:

  • Heavily perfumed.
  • Might not be suitable for sensitive skin.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Missha Herb in Nude Soothing Care Sheet Mask?
Yes, I would definitely repurchase it for hydrating skin.

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