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Ritika B. asks:

Hello everyone!

I am back with another query! You guys have been so awesome with your replies and all the awesome advice I have been given the previous times that I had posted queries 🙂 A big thanks to you all! Well, coming to today’s question. Basically, I have a very acne-prone combination skin. Due to medication and treatments, I don’t have acne anymore (touchwood), just a couple of tiny break outs now and then. Well, I would like advice on what moisturizer I can use. My skin is basically normal now but sensitive and I want something that will feel like it’s feeding my skin, I mean not something that just stays on top like a layer (Like the VLCC Anti Pollution Daily Lotion). I have tried the lotus sandalscreen and it made me sweat. I am using Garnier Naturals Daily care moisturizing lotion and I am okay with it, but not entirely happy. Please help me out na! I’m thinking of neutrogena for oily skin as the combination one was kind of too heavy on me. Please help me out 🙂 Thank u so much and sorry for the huge ranting!

P.S. more like a budget buy would be preferred 🙂

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28 thoughts on “Moisturizer for Oily and Acne-Prone Skin: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Ritika,

    For moisturizers for oily and acne-prone skin, I think you should invest in Clinique. It may seem pricey, but for moisturizers, its the best bet. I have three options for you and all of them are great for oily and acne-prone skin – Dramatically different Gel, Acne Solutions Moisturizer, and Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief.

    Don’t look for budget buys in moisturization category 🙂

    1. I totally agree with Jomol.. It’s best to invest in good skin care products especially if you have skin prone to acne and other skin related issues which are hard to get rid off.

  2. hey ritika, my skin is also oily sensitive acne prone. after searching and searching, my local beauty store’s owner suggested lotus professional phyto rx rejuvina herbocomplex day lotion. it has spf 15. the sun protection is from titanium dioxide and not from chemicals. its oil free too. lovely light texture which feels like skin is getting nourishment. it doesnt give any rashes, rather it heals minor rashes.
    try it, u wudnt regret i promise.

  3. Hey Ritika – I have the same skin type and there was a time when I used to have large pus filled acne on my face *waaa* . Thankfully – they are all now gone. Belw are the products that I use on my face:

    1. Clean and clear oil free moisturiser. This is the most amazing moisturiser ever. I am sure this will suit you too.
    2. At night before going to bed, I apply a bit of 0.25% tretinoin. This was recommended by my doc to not only keep acne at bay but also delay signs of aging and keep skin glowing – The new research says that tretinoin is the most amazing product for the skin. However I would still suggest that you take a dermatologist opinion before going ahead with this

    Apart from this, I try and apply plain curd on face every day and wash it off with cold water. It takes only 10 mins of rit to dry post wish it can be washed off. Once I have washed it off, I use plain rose water as a toner and complete the process by moisturising again.

    hope this helps you too 🙂

    1. Prerna well put.. I am taking notes.. Never tried curd on my face on it’s own.. have mixed it with orange peel powder and used it.. will try curd now.. let’s see if it works for me.. 🙂

      Thankiess 🙂

      1. heyy Dipti, does orange peel powder really helps? I am trying it these days but does not see any difference on acne scars

  4. try TBS tea tree products or Vichy Normaderm… both work well for me…I have the same skin type as yours….
    also, I’d suggest investing in the cleanser-toner-moisturiser from the same range…generally, products work only when used in conjunction…. if you use all products from different brands, the ingredients may clash and result in a not-so-good result…. follow CTM twice a day to keep your skin problem free in the long run..
    all the best! 🙂

  5. Hey Ritika..these are the options suggested by my derma for oily skin (from cheapest to most expensive )
    Clean n Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer
    Neutrogena Oil Free Moisturizer
    Vichy Oil Free Moisturizer

  6. I think you should try the VIchy Normaderm range.
    Or else try the Fab India one for Oily Skin.
    Himalayas Moisturizer for skin is not very oily. I have not used it but please do check it out.
    Olay also has one for oily skin. But while purchasing products of Olay please look in for products made in European Union as they work better than their Indian versions.

  7. I use Emolene creme and I love it to bits..non oily, fragrance free, and doesn’t flare acne.

    Sunscreen I like Sunmate from Palson’s pharma,which is a gel, with matte finish, like powder.

    Suncrose gel I haven’t used, but I hear its good

  8. hey go for loreal hydrafresh ice gel r boosting essence…they are nt very expensive. readily available:) also u can try tea tree face mist from lush!

  9. Hi, somebody please tell me which email id should I send my query for this section? I have been trying to know this for quite sometime now 🙁

  10. Thank u all so much for ur help! I shall definitely look into clinique now! Thanks a lot again! N yippee the old smileys are back *happy dance* *happy dance* *happy dance*

  11. I have the same type of skin. I go with Jomol and suggest the Clinique anti blemish moisturiser.. Its my HG moisturizer. Other than that, Lacto calamine is also good but will not prevent breakouts

  12. hey i too have a sensitive and combination skin..try using lotus alphamoist oil free suited my skin pretty well..dint make my face oily at all..does not leave any white cast and absorbs into skin in a jiffy..really a good one..

  13. I use Johnson&Johnson’s pink baby lotion *jalwa* .. It is too good for my oily and acne prone skin and gets absorbs instantly. I also loooooove it’s baby baby fragrance 😛 . It doesn’t aggravate my acne. On top of this I apply lotus sunscreen beshht hai *preen* ..

  14. Hey, you should give Sebamed Clear face clear gel a try…I just started using a combination of Sebamed Clear face cleansing foam + Sebamed Clear face Clear gel and it is absolutely fabulous.

    It will not make your skin oily but also not extremely dry..

  15. Try Acnemoist or Emolene. These are cheaper (100+ rupees) and work really well for oily skinned beauties. These are available in Pharmacies.

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