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The brush in this post is quite like Morphe M437 brush which I recently reviewed. I bought this brush on a recommendation otherwise, I see no point in purchasing two exactly alike brushes. Like I mentioned in my previous Morphe brush reviews, for past couple of months, I have been trying and reviewing Morphe products. I enjoy the quality of their eyeshadows, lip liners and makeup brushes. The brush in this post performed better than the last brush I reviewed.

Morphe M530 Contour Blender Review

Product Description:
This domed fluffy brush has a full head and just enough stiffness to contour and highlight with controlled application. Use it to sculpt the face and diffuse harsh lines.
Bristle Type: Goat
Bristles: 1 1/4″
Full Length: 7″


My Experience with Morphe M530 Contour Blender:

M530 is a doom shaped brush specifically meant for contouring and blending. It has a long, slender stem in matte black finish and bristles are tightly held in silver metal case. The brush looks expensive, well made and the bristles are super soft.

Morphe M530 Contour Blender Packaging

The white color bristles are tightly packed and they are fanned out and fluffy as they appear in the pictures on the website. This is rare for the Morphe products because, I find all the Morphe products images on the website deceiving. The shape of the bristles is similar to M437 except that it is a little less fanned out, but in performance they are exactly alike.

Morphe M530 Contour Blender Handle

It can be used for bronzing but it has to be used with caution because, it can pick up a lot of product. Also, since it is fluffy and not flattened, it can apply a lot more product than required. Bronzing and contouring is meant for very specific regions of face and if not applied properly, it can give a clownish appearance to face. Unlike M437, this brush does not shed even during vigorous blending or cleaning. It is also perfect for blush blending and highlighter application.

Morphe M530 Contour Blender Ferrule

Morphe M530 Contour Blender Bristles

The bristles are white in color and are made up of sable. They are easy to clean (I use rubbing alcohol for spot cleaning or mild dish cleaning detergent for deep cleaning). It can be used to apply bronzer in the hollows around collar bone and décolletage. This brush is versatile and can be used in several ways depending on personal preference and creativity.

Morphe M530 Contour Blender Tip

Pros of Morphe M530 Contour Blender:

  • Affordable, well made, super soft and fluffy brush.
  • Comparable to other more expensive alternatives.
  • Has densely packed bristles which flare out at the end to make blending easier.
  • Perfect for blending loose powder and diffusing it to give an air brush finish to face.
  • Can be used to apply and blend highlighter on the high points of face and on the collar bone.
  • Available online on Morphe site and by other third-party sellers. It is also available in Ulta stores.
  • Easy to clean and maintain and does not shed like M437.

Cons of Morphe M530 Contour Blender:

  • Availability can be an issue for some. Consumers outside USA might have to use third party seller to buy Morphe products and might be forced to pay higher than the actual retail price
  • A little caution is needed while applying bronzer in the hollows of cheeks. This brush is too large for face contouring and might lead to excessive product application

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Do I Recommend Morphe M530 Contour Blender?
I love all the brushes by the brand Morphe and this brush falls in that category. It is very versatile, affordable and easy to clean. I do recommend this brush to readers and advice to purchase this than M437.

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