MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review

Hello ladies,

I am back with another sweet lippie. It is the soft pink shade ‘Pouty Pink’ from MUA’s Matte Lipsticks range. Keep reading to know more about it.

MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review3

Product Description:
MUA Lipsticks offer a shade for every occasion in easy to wear colors. In shades from red, pink and nudes each is packed with pigmentation for a gorgeous application.
Easy to apply – glide over the lips for desired effect.

495 INR/1 euro for 3.8 g

Shelf Life:
3 years

My Experience with MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick:

MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review

I picked up this soft, regular pink shade as I am always on the lookout for lip products that can give a natural pink color to the lips, nothing made up but natural looking. Yet it is a challenge to pick such shades. It cannot be too be too bold or too subtle, at least for me. ‘Pouty Pink’ was a catch as a safe regular pink shade. For starters, I am more of a gloss and lip balm girl than a lipstick woman. Of late, things have changed for good. I have moved onto creme or pearl shine finish as far as lipsticks go.

With glosses, I seem to prefer the ones that offer a close to opaque finish with subtle shimmers. I am also okay with liquid lipsticks. I guess I have transformed, although once in awhile I cannot resist very good glossy lip products. With that, the new addition of matte lipsticks is hip and happening at my end, mostly working in my favor. Now moving on, I am not strictly much of a matte lipstick person. I have a very few in my kit and MUA’s soft subtle pastels made to my vanity.

MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review1

They have a range of eight shades that come for a single euro each, which is a great deal. Overall, these matte lipsticks can be disappointing, but there is nothing big to lose. Even when it is converted to Indian money, you have a great deal done maybe with discounts. In terms of availability, they are easy to get online although it depends on the shade. These seem to be fast selling and they have also got some very good discounts. The Wine Berry is the fastest selling amongst these variants as far I am aware; may be because of the winters, but is a great shade to own.

I am happy to have it. Now going to ‘pouty pink’, it has a catchy name, and the color is a simple frosty soft pink color that any chick can safely opt for without being apprehensive. Here is the good news – even if you do not prefer the mattes, this range from MUA cannot make you regret too much about the finish at least. It is a kind of matte that goes like a ‘whisper in the winter’. Same applies to the fragrance. It is a sweet smelling vanilla stick. The fragrance cannot bother you much.

MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review2

The packaging is white colored, that is simple yet classy. They have also given an extra compartment with a little bit of product at the bottom. This can be used in case you run of the product. These transparent round screw type pots attached below make it easy to spot the colors while you pick them up.

The texture of these matte lipsticks can disappoint hard core matte lovers as they render a semi-matte and mostly a creamy finish. With them as they dry, they do not settle into a fine matte if that is what you are looking for. It does not exactly heavily bleed or feather out the lips, but it does more than that. Yes, you heard me right. You cannot expect any beautiful stain or rather expect a zero stain from these lipsticks as they tend to leaves bits of the product behind. If you closely observe, you can only see parched lips with flaky bits of ‘Pouty Pink’.

MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review4

Although the color is buildable, there are breakouts as far as the finish goes which impacts the final output. The application is a tedious process. Although the staying power is mediocre or rather good, who wants patchy lips? It does not heavily transfer either. But can that be counted as an advantage as they work in our favor. Maybe, but I will go ahead and lay out the pros. Regular usage of this range might make your lips dry and parched but it is not bound to happen overnight.

MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review5

Also this soft pink is a perfect everyday comfortable wearable lip color. If you think you got pigmented lips that allow products to crease or make your lip lines obvious, this one is not your cup of tea. Be happy to skip it as you are sure to have visible pigmented areas which might be difficult to cover even as you keep building up the product. For this, a single euro lippie, you would definitely require a liner. I think I have got everything covered so to sum it up, ‘Pouty Pink’ is a color that you would embrace if you like natural, subtle shades and more of pinks.

MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review6

If you are looking out to have some fun with this lipstick, go for a lip liner, to get an ombre lips done as the soft matte finish would perfectly render a beautiful transition. Go for a transparent or sheer pink gloss if you think you can handle a little bit of shine. Otherwise, do not bother buying this ‘claims to be matte’ lipstick.

Pros of MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick:

• Packaging – these lipsticks come in a beautiful, sturdy, white lipstick tube with a white cap
• Shades are easy to spot as they have an extra leverage of the product attached in a transparent, tiny jar at the bottom
• Bullet is user friendly as you require multiple swipes to get a good color payoff
• Easy access and availability – all shades (stores and online)
• These lipsticks carry a yummy vanilla flavor that is not too strong
• The bullet’s shape helps to get good application
• Color – soft pink lip color
• Texture – creamy, soft, does not dry out your lips
• Does not heavily transfer

Cons of MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick:

• Ingredients not mentioned
• Needs a lip balm underneath for smooth application
• Needs multiple swipes
• Renders an uneven finish
• Not suitable for very dry or chapped lips
• With time, it can make your lips look patchy with flakes
• Does not offer a strictly smooth and matte finish
• Not suitable for pigmented lips
• Strictly requires a lip liner
• Not suitable for winters

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase/Recommend MMUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick?
No, I would definitely not repurchase this one as I am done with the safest shade. I recommend this if you are willing to risk a euro to experiment with this one.

‘Pouty Pink’ – regular shade that was a good bargain!

• Avoid using this matte range from MUA for winters
• Exfoliate lips for this range – before and after application
• Use a lip balm underneath for better results, if not a lip liner
• Use Inglot’s Soft Precision Lip Liner to create ombre lips or to obtain a better finish
• A perfect matte that can be used to pair up with sheer to medium pigmented glosses

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2 thoughts on “MUA Pouty Pink Matte Lipstick Review

  1. This is not at all my type of lipstick as I am a hardcore matte lover, but the shade is pretty and for one euro it’s good value for money if you like it. 🙂

  2. You nailed it Shikha 🙂 I do not see anything matte about it myself 😛 It is just a pretty pink shade so I thought why not have it and now I do and that is about it 😛

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