Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner Review

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I have never really been loyal to eyeliners except for the Maybelline Gel Liner, but I was looking for something for daily use. I have used some very good ones, but got pulled to this new one from Natio. I got 2 liners from Natio recently – one is this retractable creamy one, and the other one is a felt-tip one. Okay then, let’s begin with the review!

Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner Review2

INR 895

Product Description:
• Define your eye with Natio Long Lasting Eye Liner. This is an intense eyeliner which enhances your eyes and make them bold.
• These are waterproof and smudge proof.
• It is easy to apply with its smooth application.
• It come with an in-built sharpener.
• On one end of the eyeliner has a smudger to play with your look.

How to Use:
For a natural effect, apply eye pencil as close as possible to the lash line drawing short strokes from the outer lashes, moving slowly towards the nose.

My Experience with Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner:

The Natio eyeliner comes at a very high cost; I could get 2 Maybelline gel liners or probably 4 drugstore ones at this cost. So I was literally expecting a lot from this one.

It comes in a basic black colour and looks long and sleek. It is nothing fancy, just a regular one like the other liners. I have always observed that Natio doesn’t play a lot with packaging. It comes with the same coloured cap. It has an inbuilt smudger and sharpener which are excellent. But somewhere I did not find the need to use a sharpener because the tip looks really good for application each time. It is a retractable one which works great as well. Due to its sleek packaging, it is extremely travel friendly and can be carried in a clutch and vanity too for touch-ups.

Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner Review

I picked the one in black; this one is available in 3 shades – black, brown and silver/gray. The black looks nicely pigmented and would show a really dark black colour if 2-3 coats are applied over my waterline. But one swipe won’t show any intense black colour. I have seen better and deeper blacks before, so a slight disappointment here.

Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner Review1

Texture and finish:
The texture is creamy but not extremely smooth and creamy. It causes a little stoppage during application. I don’t like this because that does not let me create a sleek line under my eyes. Yet it gets applied nicely and looks matte, which adds to the beauty. The finish is the creamy one so it wouldn’t stay as long as gel liners, but looking at the price, anyone would expect wonders!

I do not find it comfortable to use this over my eyes; it works great for my waterline and under the eyes. Over the eyes, it does not give a sleek look which indeed looks very unprofessional. The texture smudges really well and looks smooth if used for smokey eyes. A little more effort will be needed during smudging it as it is not extremely creamy.

Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner Review3

Staying power:
It stays nicely put for 7-8 hours, very fresh for the initial 4 hours and then smudges a little from the corners of my eyes due to some water coming out. It isn’t budge-proof and smudges a little if played with. On my waterline it stays for 3 hours and then fades away with uneven black particles.

It smudges a little under my eyes after 4 hours and I wasn’t expecting this. I can see the black colour settling a little under the creases under my eyes. This happens with regular liners, so this did not particularly shocking. It will come off only with a strong cleanser after a lot of tugging and pulling.

Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner Review4

I feel this liner works really well, but I have used the L’Oreal Paris Kajal Magique and it works very similar to this one. It stays for long and then budges a little after 3-4 hours, then why would someone think of putting their money in this? I would get 3-4 liners at this price against this one. So try it if you like trying new ones, else the usual ones will work fine.

Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner Review5

Pros of Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner:

• Sleek and long packaging which makes it very travel-friendly
• The finish is creamy hence it leads to smooth application
• The pigmentation is really good if built up; it turns out to be a catchy black
• It stays nicely under my eyes for 7-8 hours without smudging a lot
• It stays on my waterline for 3-4 hours which is good for an eyeliner
• Accompanied with a sharpener and a smudger to create a smokey eye look
• The smokey eyes look perfect when blended with this one

Cons of Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner:

• Expensive
• It isn’t completely budge-proof, hence smudges a little under my eyes
• It starts to fade from the corners of my eyes creating a little mess

Would I Repurchase Natio Black Long Lasting Eye Liner?
No I wouldn’t! It is really pricey and delivers results exactly like my drugstore ones, so no point splurging on this one. I would rather stick to the Lotus Colorkick or Loreal kajal magique.

IMBB Rating:

Natio has been a mixed bag for me, but most of the products have been really good and I will continue to try this brand. If you haven’t, give it a shot!

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  1. I would never pay this amount for such mediocre liner. As you said, our drugstore ones are better and way cheaper too. Total skip!

    1. I know exactly what I said.. I wouldn’t even suggest this to anyone at that price.. because it is exorbitant and we have so many cheaper options to splurge on and mostly everyone has their HG ones! 🙂

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