Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Gel Face Wash Review

Skintype: Combination, Acne-prone, Sensitive
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Today, I am reviewing Nature’s Essence Magic Ayurveda 100% Soap Free Fruit Gel Face Wash. Read on how it fared for me.
Natures Essence Magic Ayurveda face wash

Product Description: Nourished with the goodness of variety of fresh fruits like apple, orange, honey, this refreshing face wash helps in giving a fresh feel and helps in oil control. Savory the fresh fruits kiss your skin with freshness, vitality and oil-control.

Price & Quantity: 95 INR for 50ml

Shelf Life: 3 Years

Ingredients: Citrus Reticulata- 01.72%, Ananas Comosus- 01.25%, Prunus Malus- 02.05%, Honey-01.60%, Gelidium Cartilagidium- 03.00%, Cydonia Oblonga- 02.50%, Parishrut Jal- QS.

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Gel Face Wash:

The face wash comes in a very bright orange colored squeeze plastic tube. The tube has a bight orange flip cap, which shuts tightly and ensures that the tube is leak proof. It has some fruit pictures printed on it, which looks attractive. All the product details are mentioned at the back of the tube. The packaging is sturdy, lightweight and travel friendly.
back of tube

The face wash is orangey liquid. The consistency of the face wash is thick and gel-like but still a little runny. Hence, there are chances of spilling of the product. Now, coming to the important part, how the face wash exactly smells like? I always love fruity fragrances. So, I was expecting the smell of this face wash to be really nice and sweet. But, it smells horrible. I am not able to explain the exact smell. But, it smells like some rotten stuff with chemical smell. Long story short, I hate this smell.
tube opening

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The brand claims it to be a soap-free formula. The ingredients list also seems incomplete. The face wash does not lather much. It does not give much foam. At first, I thought, how would it cleanse my oily skin? But, to my surprise, the face wash swipes away all the oil from my skin. It removes every bit of dirt and leaves clean and fresh skin. But, I felt it snatches extra moisture from the skin and made it feel quite stretchy. The product claims to control oil and yes, it does that. My skin stays oil free for more than 3 hours. I was getting acne issues these days but from the time I have started using this face wash, the oil and acne issues are controlled to a great extent. Overall, if the smell is not a great concern for you, then this is a good and budget friendly face wash.

Pros of Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Gel Face Wash:

• Sturdy packaging.
• Gel like formula.
• 100 % Soap free.
• Claims to be herbal.
• Removes oil and dirt effectively.
• Keeps skin oil-free for long.
• Leaves clear & fresh skin.
• Fought with my acne issues too.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Gel Face Wash:

• Foul smell.
• Incomplete ingredients list (it seems).
• Very little foaming.
• Makes skin a little dry & stretchy.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Will I Repurchase Nature’s Essence Magic Fruit Gel Face Wash?
No, I will not repurchase this one only because of its smell. But, it is a nice product, if you are ok with such weird fragrance.

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  1. Seems to be a good pick! I will check it out in the nearby store and obviously will take a sniff before I decide to buy. 🙂 thanks for the review Palak

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