Nature’s Essence Saffron Care Kesar Fairness Massage Cream

My sister and I used up Nature’s Essence Bridal Face Massage Cream which we absolutely loved and when I went online I only wanted to reorder it. But as fate would have it I spotted another cream and with fairness claims too. Now, I’m not too big on skin lightening products but I ordered it anyway and I’m glad that I did. It turned out to be a fabulous product. I didn’t like the smell of this of too but I think the others will like it. I’m obsessive about smells but I’m trying to tone down this habit of mine. 😀 Read on to find out why I loved this product so much.

Nature's Essence Saffron Care Kesar Massage Cream


Rs.65 for 40g.

Product Description:

An ayurvedic face massage formula with anti-ageing properties to maintain the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Added Kesar helps in reducing melanin content to ensure natural fairness of the skin. Also counteracts dryness and improves the skin texture.


Saffron, Honey, Neem, Pista, Honey’s Wax, Coconut Oil, Triticum Sativum, Gelidium Cartlagidum, Brassica Juncea, Distilled Water.

Nature’s Essence Saffron Care Kesar Fairness Massage Cream ingredients

My Experience with Nature’s Essence Kesar Massage Cream:

The product comes in a small plastic jar which has a screw on cap. The jar is a vibrant orange in colour. When you unscrew the cap, you get to a small plastic flap that keeps the cream from the cap. Remove that and you can smell the cream, which has the distinct smell of saffron containing products, only sweet, almost fruity. I personally don’t like the smell because it’s a bit too sweet for me, but I think the others will like it. The cream is white in colour with an orange-ish tint. The consistency is that of a normal cold cream. When I massaged it on massaged it on to my face, I found that my skin absorbed it beautifully. I massaged it for about six to seven minutes before wiping it off with a damp towel. Even after the first use I could notice a certain glow about my face, a very healthy glow. The skin seemed soft and supple and well hydrated. The cream was not at all greasy and that was the best part of it. It did not break me out or make my already oily skin oilier. After about five uses I noticed that my skin tone had lightened by tiny bit, nothing substantial, but it most certainly was there. I also noticed that the tan on the back reduced considerably. I think this product will work on all types of skin. Only with oily skin, you’ll need to wipe it off after the massage. I think it’s a lovely product and would recommend it to all.

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Pros of Nature’s Essence Kesar Massage Cream:

• Brightens the skin.
• Makes the skin smooth and supple.
• Lightens the skin, even if marginally.
• Works on all skin types.
• Reduces tanning.
• Not greasy.
• Affordable.

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Cons of Nature’s Essence Kesar Massage Cream:

• Tub Packaging

Fairness Massage Cream

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase Nature’s Essence Kesar Massage Cream?

I think it’s a great product and I’ll definitely get this again if I’m not out trying new products.

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10 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence Saffron Care Kesar Fairness Massage Cream

  1. Hi Sushmita..thanks for the review..I hope it is not like fair & lovely where it leaves a white cast..will try this.. 🙂

  2. Nature’s Essence’s products are such a hit these days. Most of them have worked for me and many of my friends. One more goes to the list.

    1. Most of the Nature’s Essence products I’ve tried have worked for me too Kanthi, I’ve been singing paeans of their products. *happy dance*

  3. This sounds great *happy dance* i have always loved saffron stuff *hifive* *drool* and i am soo getting this after i am done with my night cream *haan ji*

    1. Do try it Saloni , I think you’ll like it *haan ji* But you wouldn’t want to replace your night cream with this. I think this cream is best used once or twice a week for a ten minutes massage to get the blood circulation going 😀

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