Nature’s Essence Papaya Pack -Review

Nature’s Essence Papaya Pack

Today I am going to review a face pack from Nature’s essence. My past seven reviews have been about lip products. So I thought of taking break from lipsticks and review a skin care product. Since summer is fast approaching, I am going to review a refreshing face pack for u ladies, which is going to be very useful in pampering your skin in the harsh summer. Please read on to know more about this face pack. 🙂


Nature's Essence Papaya Pack


Rs.100 for 60 gm

Nature's Essence Papaya Pack (3)

Shelf life:

Nature's Essence Papaya Pack (2)

36 months

My experience with Nature’s Essence Papaya Pack:

Nature's Essence Papaya Pack (10)

I found it very convenient to use this face pack. Though I like to use homemade face packs as all the ingredients are fresh, I feel lazy once in a while and use these readymade packs. There is no hassle of adding and mixing the ingredients. Directly apply it on face and wash off for a radiant skin. 🙂 So, this face pack is one of them. It comes in a very hygienic packaging. The face pack is placed in a plastic tub and has air tight lid. Then this tub is placed in a plastic bottle. Keep a spatula ready to take out the product and you can use it easily. The paste is very fine and smooth. It spreads easily on the face. The pack has very mild fruity smell. I find it quite refreshing. Consistency of the paste is just right and can be applied directly on the skin. I keep the face pack till it dries, for about 15-20 minutes. Then I wash it off with cold water.

Nature's Essence Papaya Pack (4)

The difference is quite visible and you can see the glow on your face. It helps to reduce the dullness and tiredness on your face. I usually apply it after I am back from a day of hectic work. This pack helps me get the freshness back on my face. The glow remains for the entire next day. The quantity is enough for using 6-8 times for entire face and neck. I found it very nice face pack for getting instant glow and brightness on the face. I have combination oily skin. It helps me control the oil but does not make my skin dry. The skin gets soft and supple. I also have sensitive skin and sometimes I get tingling sensation with some packs, nothing of that sort happened with this one. So, it is safe for sensitive skin also. I am quite happy with this face pack, especially because it is so easy to use and hassle free and it helps my skin too! 🙂

Nature's Essence Papaya Pack (9)


Nature's Essence Papaya Pack (5)

Nature's Essence Papaya Pack (8)

Pros of Nature’s Essence Papaya Pack:

1. Hygienic and air tight packaging.
2. Good quantity.
3. Smells nice.
4. Imparts nice glow on skin.
5. Reduces the dullness and brightens up the face.

Cons of Nature’s Essence Papaya Pack:

No cons which I can think of, it is quite nice face pack.

IMBB Rating:


Will I recommend Nature’s Essence Papaya Pack?

If you are one face pack junkie and even if you are not one :P, you must try out this pack definitely. I highly recommend this one! 🙂


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37 thoughts on “Nature’s Essence Papaya Pack -Review

  1. wow,is it available online?which site?
    also,did it help in lightening scars or pimples? as its said thaT papaya lightens blemishes?

  2. Very nice review Sushma. I also used it sometime back.. Make sure that you keep it in fridge. Mine turned blacky black after two months or so..

    1. Oh is it… ok will keep it in fridge then! thanks 🙂 but mine wont last for two months.. i keep using it frequently 😀

  3. I love slathering my face with a slice of papaya 😛 Sushma, I have never tried anything from nature’s essence..i guess i will start with this one.. 🙂

  4. I have rubbed papaya directly unto the face 😛 Never tried nature’s product. This one is tempted me enough & thanks to your review 🙂 you guys make me bankrupt one day 😛

    1. he he.. direct papaya also good. i like that pack too… this is for the days when i feel lazy to make the pack.. so readymade pack 😛

  5. Kanthi i hav used d facial kit frm d same range n d rslt wz also gud bt now i cudnt found dat in market so using aryavenda kit..

  6. I need this papaaya face mask for such cute n unique packaging.. 🙂 m sure it will suit oily skin too rt sushma?

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