How To Make Newspaper Folder: Do It Yourself

How To Make Newspaper Folder: Do It Yourself

How you doin? *Joey style* . Okay, people who watch “Friends” will understand this. So, after watching the rerun of “Friends” for the ‘n’th time, I decided it was time to clean up my room and I came across something and I was like ‘this is so going on IMBB’ and thus click-click and type-type. Room Cleaning?Cancelled.  As usual. 😀

So ladies and “ladies pefidaa” all the gentlemen, I present to you a simple DIY, which not only looks cool, but saves a few bucks and earns you brownie points for being eco-friendly. We all know how plastic files are very essential and they help us keep our so-called important papers organised and all that. What I am making today, is a very easy folder, made out of old newspaper, which comes in handy while organising your paper work and looks super cute too. Just to arouse your interest, an Instagram picture of all the files I have made in a similar fashion. Don’t get scared by the big labels, they are the names of the subjects I study.

How To Make Newspaper Folder Do It Yourself

Let’s start. Pay attention bacha log.

Things you would need. A pair of scissors, some tape, stapler, pins, sketch pens, white paper, glue (to stick the label, not shown). See, just our everyday stuff.

Newspaper Folder 1

Step 1:

Step 1

Lay the newspaper, neatly folded, flat on the table. Make sure all sides are even, just how the paper guy drops it. It should be full paper with all pages. This ensures the sturdiness of our folder.

Step 2:

Step 2

Start stapling the sides. Both the flaps should be stapled together, such as sealing the corners. After stapling, you should not be able to lift the front part as I have done in the above pic. Do this for the two sides and the bottom line. Do not staple the upper part as this would be the mouth of our folder. (The other sides you need to staple are marked with purple dots).

Step 3:

Step 3

So till now, you have a newspaper that has been stapled at three sides. Now, we cover the stapled sides with some cello tape. This will ensure that you don’t prick yourself while handling the folder and also it adds some glossiness. You can also use the printed or glitter tapes available to decorate yours further. It should look like this after running the cello tape all over the three sides. Note how the prickly part of the stapler pin is now harmless.

Step 4:

Newspaper Folder 4

By now, you must have understood that your papers will go inside the upper flap. This is where you will put in your papers you need to store.

Step 5:

Newspaper Folder 5

Draw some designs on the front, put a label and tada!! Your folder is ready. Use your imagination and make is as pretty as you are.

This is how my final product looks like.

Newspaper Folder 6

Top view:

So, girls, how was it?? Easy as ABC right?? You can use it just about anywhere, school, hostel, office, home. And yes, it is a conversation starter, although cute guy did not start any conversation when I carried it to class one day, but never mind. 😛

Do let us know how you found it? Easy, interesting, silly, whatever. Feedback is most welcome and if you do make yourself one, do share the pictures.

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32 thoughts on “How To Make Newspaper Folder: Do It Yourself

  1. OMG! Why didnt this idea come to me when I was in college!
    My desk always looked like a garbage bin with a mountain load of papers on it!
    Anyways kudos for your idea! It certainly saves bucks and gives a very clean and organized look!

  2. oh so cool idea.i spent lots of rupees on buying folders to organize my papers.great i expect more ideas pouring at

  3. wonderful…just wow…I’m going to surely make desk is full of loose papers used for writing tid-bits of info or for making of lists…all will go into that… thanks 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 this idea was so sudden to me also, I was fiddling with ET trying to get myself to read it and made this instead 😛

    1. me tooooo… I have subscribed but dont read them at all, and thats a really bad thing for me right now!!!! this folder makes me happy that atleast the paper of some use to me 😀

    1. thank you Aarbee 🙂 i knowww, when i made fiist I was so excited, I called up my best freind and was explaining it to her 😛

      1. BTW if cute guy is not impressed by this cool folder then maybe its time to find another cute guy…if he doesnt like cute stuff he is sooo not cool!

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