No7 Contour & Highlighter Brush Review

No7 Contour & Highlighter Brush contours and highlights for fuss free, effortless sculpting of the face.


Product description
This innovative, versatile double ended No7 Contour & Highlighter Brush is the must-have tool to enable effective and fuss free sculpting of the face. The angled bristles of the contour brush allow you to add definition, whilst the dome shaped brush is perfecting for highlighting areas of the face that naturally catch the light.

no7 contour and highlight brush5


How to Use
For Best Results: Begin by loading the contour brush with contouring product and swirl on to the back of the hand to remove excess. Start by outlining the hairline, continuing the line down to just under the cheekbones. Complete an ‘E’ shape by sweeping the brush just under the jaw line. Next load the highlighter brush with a powder highlighter or shimmer. Lightly dust the top of the cheekbones, the brow bone and the center of the nose, and blend to for a professional and flawless finish. Wash the brush regularly with warm soapy water, rinse well, reshape and leave flat to dry.

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Made from synthetic hair

Brows and contour, it is all about this for me these days. I am also trying out so many new brands here, it is so much fun. This pick is my first brush from No7 and the dual sided brush really appealed to me, though storage would be a big problem. The brush is so light and so tender-looking, sometimes I wonder why. The brush says the purpose on it, and the brand name too. This comes in a zip lock kind of pouch and you can use this when you wish to carry it.

No7 Contour & Highlighter Brush (1)

No7 Contour & Highlighter Brush (6)

For me, this is lying now over a clean pouch, on the dresser. I find it a task to keep it back in the pouch it came in, plus I contour every time I wear makeup, so I need this handy.

The brush is pretty in duo colors. the bristles are synthetic and very smooth. The bristles shine under bright light, and they remind me highly of Real Techniques bristles. The brush are super smooth on the face and never scratchy.

At an angle:

No7 Contour & Highlighter Brush (5)

They feel very light, not too dense, neither too fluffy, but I do feel they should have been more tightly packed and more fluffy. I have used brushes that are dense for contour. Now the thing with this is that you can blend the contour, but you cannot really pack it on. The bristles are not stiff and dense for that. Another aspect is that the size could also be bigger.The body of the brush is nice, it feels classy.

no7 contour and highlight brush8


no7 contour and highlight brush4

The highlight side is a like a flattened blush brush, you can reshape it by storing it well. I like this side of the brush but same reasons of being not too dense bother me. Plus I am not sure how to apply pin pointed highlighter with it. May be I need to hold it at an angle to go for the highlighter. To me, it looks suitable for blusher too. Anyway, it works for cheeks but other smaller areas of highlight like nose would need another tiny brush. Meanwhile, I use this for blush and highlight both.

no7 contour and highlight brush6

no7 contour and highlight brush7

No7 Contour & Highlighter Brush (8)

The brushes are light and they blend makeup well, the size seems fine for most girls, but I wish it were denser. The bristles do not shed, or stain. I have washed them thrice, not a single hair has shed and there has been no color on the towel I dried it on.I did notice it takes a while to dry, almost more than half a day. Overall, I am happy with this dual-ended brush, especially for travel.

Just to compare it with Sigma F80:

no7 contour and highlight brush3 no7 contour and highlight brush2

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