NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner Review

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Hope all of you are doing fine today! I am here to share another lip product with you all which belongs to our favorite brand “NYX.” Off late, I have realized that my dream vanity kit is missing a soft pink lip liner and I need to give it a try for sporting sheer lip colors (considering the minor flaws on my lips which often make me shy away from sheer lip colors).  Hence I decided to give this NYX Slim Lip Pencil a try after hearing pretty good feedback from everyone. I also love this lip liner for its soft and smooth finish (and also for the price it comes at).  It’s a budget-friendly lip pencil with high quality.  So, let’s start with NYX Slim lip pencil in nude pink review now!

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner


$3.50 for 0.04 Oz (1.05 g), price excludes shipping and tax fee.

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner


NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner

Product Description:

Slim, trim but never prim, our lip pencils come in a variety of dashing shades—from auburn to orange and traffic-stopping red. The buttery, long-wearing lip liner formula goes on easily and resists bleeding.


NYX slim lip pencils come in wooden pencil packaging with a safety cap though a sharpener is missing.  It does not have any smell or taste and I find it quite user-friendly and travel friendly.

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner

My Experience with NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner:

Well, I love wearing lipsticks and glosses, though I am not into wearing lip liners beneath every lip gloss or lipstick. However, I did realize the importance of wearing lip liners especially when you experience bad lip days like pigmentation, bleeding issues etc. I do have a black patch on my lips which is quite visible when I am wearing sheer lipsticks and the irony is that I like sheer lip colors as they give that subtle hint with no heavy look to my face.  This NYX lip pencil helped me with this.  Moreover, I own many brown pinks, carnation pinks and neutral pink colors and a few of them need a good base to show up in a neat and even finish on the lips.  I am glad to notice that this budget lip liner fulfilled my expectations so well. It is a subtle rosy brown pink liner which makes it universal liner to use with any rosy brown/beige pink I feel.

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner

It seems a powdery creamy liner in texture which works great from lining lips or even filling in lips with no tugging/pulling at all. It does not set on my lip lines though I feel it might be tricky for very dry lips with its powdery matte texture.  It pairs up very well with my most neutral/beige pinks, even rosy pink and carnation pinks really well without altering their original shade.

It did help me to achieve that professional finish on lips with its buttery texture yet matte finish which is good to go alone as well as with any clear gloss or lip color. It smartly conceals minor lip flaws and pigmentation very well; however, I did not notice any difference in wear time of my lip products with this.

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner

The wear time of this pencil alone is 3-4 hours with light snacks and meals.  It might completely fade away with no stains post lunch/dinner.  This also explains how creamy and soft it would be on our lips. I usually fear using lip liners because they often seem to settle on my dry patches and my lips appear more dry than usual, but I need not bother about the same with this lip liner honestly.  It smartly forgives dryness and light patchy skin though I feel it’s always better to scrub lips prior to using any lip product.

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner

I don’t think I need it to increase or enhance wear time of my lipstick or glosses as it is not meant to do so! However, I would certainly like to keep it for concealing and camouflaging minor lip flaws apart from helping me sport sheer-beige/n*de lips. If you love to wear pink and often shy away from sheer shades for similar reasons, then you need this n*de pink to make your life easier, I guess!

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner

NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner

Let’s sum up pros and cons:

Pros of NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner:

  • A subtle rosy pink shade which pairs well with neutral/beige/rosy/carnation pink lip colors as well as glosses.
  • Gives perfect definition to my lips with its stiff yet creamy formula without any tugging/pulling.
  • Does not settle into fine lines, in fact, smartly conceals minor lip flaws up to a good extent.
  • Creamy yet matte texture, which can easily work on normal dry lips, though not for very dry lips.
  • Does not look cakey or powdery beneath any lip shade or lip gloss (being a powdery matte lip pencil in finish).
  • Does not cause any dryness or accentuate any lip issues.
  • Decent staying power.
  • Easily lines my lips. Also works fine with filling lips being a non-feathery and non-sticky product.
  • Quite an affordable product with gorgeous shade selection.

Cons of NYX Nude Pink Slim Lip Pencil Liner:

  • I was expecting it to enhance wear time of my lighter lip shades.
  • Might be tricky for very dry lips as it tends to highlight flaky skin some times.

Well, after trying every budget friendly/highly priced lip product, I strongly feel that thoroughly exfoliated and well-hydrated lips are needed to achieve a glam look.  It really does not matter which lip product we choose to wear on our lips as long as our lips are soft and supple as they will make any cheap/expensive lipstick/gloss look like a million dollars (as per my experience).  There are times when I see that even a dollar lipstick can give me red-carpet worthy looks while the other times even a lip product from Giorgio Armani/NARS or Bobbi Brown fails to give that charm.  So ultimately, healthy skin is key to achieve that glam look.  Anyway, this super cheap lip pencil fetches 4/5!

I would love to get this shade again irrespective of its staying power and/or other factors because the shade is gorgeous.

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  1. OMGG!!! that’s suuuch a pretty color neetu. I love these nyx lip pencils . They are so amazing to work with. You made the color look gorgeous on your stunning lips!! :))

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