Faces Lip Pencil Sand Review

Faces Lip Pencil Sand Review

Hey Gals,

Today, I am reviewing a product from one of my favorite brand, “Faces.” Yes! this brand has really taken the Indian makeup market by a storm! A couple of years back, I didn’t even know it existed, okay, a couple of years back, I didn’t know anything about makeup either! Anyway, back to this brand, they have really good and affordable products and absolutely of fabulous quality! All the products which I have tried from this brand have been truly a winner and this lip pencil is no different!

Faces Lip Pencil Sand Review

Product Description:

Over 25 shades of kohl-free pencils. These pencils glide on effortlessly without any pulling or smudging. ย Faces lip pencils provide you with beautiful, even definition, without the worry of your favorite lipstick bleeding or feathering away.



My Experience withย Faces Lip Pencil Sand:

I think now you all must know that I love nude/rosy brown colors a lot for my lipsticks! These colors are safe in terms of wearing to office everyday and these go well with heavy smokey eyes too! I bought this pencil quite a few months back when Faces was having a sale. The color is a gorgeous pink with hints of brown which makes it perfect for medium to dusky skin tones! Its actually very close to MLBB color for me! It goes well with most of my lipsticks and helps in lasting long as well! The lip pencil is highly pigmented and creamy and glides on lips without much effort. I think this is common across all Faces eye and lip pencils ๐Ÿ™‚

Faces Lip Pencil Sand

The color is a beautiful rosy brown and mostly I use it as an entire lip color with some lip balm underneath! Though it does not make my lips dry, but girls with already dry lips should definitely use a lip balm underneath. It does not bleed or settle in the fine lines. The lasting power is pretty good, it lasts on me easily for 4 to 6 hours including in between meals. The packaging is quite sturdy as same as eye pencils. The cap is tight and does not come off while travelling!


Faces Lip Pencil Sand

Faces Lip Pencil Sand

Lets summarize this beauty:

Pros ofย Faces Lip Pencil Sand:

  • Its creamy and glides on the lips.
  • Highly pigmented, one swipe is enough for lining the lips.
  • Looks gorgeous when used as a lip color and is quite long lasting, it easily stays on me for 4 to 6 hours.
  • Price is quite affordable and these are available on discounts on various online sites.
  • If you have any pigmentation, it will definitely cover it up well.
  • It will suit all skin tones, but would look MLBB on medium to dusky gals ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Full ingredient list is mentioned.

Cons ofย Faces Lip Pencil Sand:

  • It might not be easily available across all cities and towns in India, so do check out if its available online.

IMBB Rating:

4.5 out of 5


Rs. 299 but I got it on discount for Rs. 250/-

I would highly recommend this lip liner to every gal out there and especially to girls like me who are of medium to dusky skin tones ๐Ÿ™‚

Hope you all enjoyed the review, until tomorrow, take care!

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37 thoughts on “Faces Lip Pencil Sand Review

  1. Faces pencils have awesome pigmentation and texture .
    Nice review Parita.Lip swatch kahaan hai..kahan hai lip swatch ?? :methinks:

  2. nice shade parita!BTW my canthaderine oil is arrived!:yay:
    i have used it 3 times n so far i m liking it! Thanks 2 u! One more question nwadayz my hair is geting a lot frizzy ,nt able 2 figure out why? Cud u help? I m sry little out of context but cant resist asking!

    1. Thank you Dr Shilpi and m glad you are liking the oil..its the best..right now I am sitting with the same on my hair ๐Ÿ™‚
      regarding your query for frizzy hair..which shampoo/conditioner are you using? Also make sure you use mild shampoo n conditioner and dont brush your hair vigorously. Try using a deep conditioning conditioner..also check out article – https://makeupandbeauty.com/frizzy-hair-causes-treatments-products-home-remedies/
      Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. thnx parita,actualy coz of thyroid i sufered horrible hairfal n i m on mintop therapy since 1 yr!
        So i hv quitted using chemical laiden shampoos n switched to segals solutions shampoos n conditioner,once in a while i use 8x shampoo(cipla) for dandruff as it has been very effective 4 treating dandruf n very moisturising too!phew its a long description but i think u can understand!

        1. even i have been using mintop on/off for more than 5 yrs now ๐Ÿ™‚ what are segals solutions shampoo n conditioner? are they good? i shud get 8x shampoo ..though i dont face dandruff problem much but sometimes due to rough hard water i get it ๐Ÿ™

  3. yup parita give it a try,u wl luv it,its ph balanced wth added conditioner ,not harsh as other anti dandruf shampoos!
    Regarding segals solutions ,its a canada based company wth products having natural antihairfal ingredients like saw palmetto,neetel,ginsieng etc! U can find more on their website! Their shampoos n conditioners r all herbal n mild,no sulfates,parabens or silicones! In india their headquarter is in chennai n they supply products al over india! I am using them since a year n pretty satisfied!

  4. not to mention parita! N u can call me shilpi,dnt need 2 be formal! If u find any difficulty in contacting them feel free 2 ask!

    1. hey Shilpi..you dont you review segals hair care products here? M sure many will we benefited from the review and you can give the contact details as well? also what all products would you recommend from their range? I have long hair quite is prone to dryness and split ends ๐Ÿ™

      1. wel i wl try reviewing them,but bit nervous,never done before!
        Anyways if u r not suffering from hairfal then u can use their moisturising shampoo n conditioner for dry n damaged hair! They also provide them in lt packs ,gud enuf for 11/5 year or so! U can directly talk 2 them ,they r really helpful in recommending products! If we are allowed 2 give my email id, i can email u their contact details!

        1. Its better not to give it out your email id in public forum here but you can get my email id from my blog and send me the details? I will def get in touch with them! thanks once again shilpi!

  5. Had a very bad experience with Faces Lip liner.
    Got white patches on my lips due to the high Zinc content in this product.
    I’m still suffering from this issue and its more than 2 yrs now under treatment to get my original lip color back.

    Ladies please be very cautious with this product

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