Office Party Dress Code

Office Party Dress Code

Like I have mentioned before, I believe that dressing appropriately for all occasions at your workplace is very important. Your seniors are judging your every move in the corporate world. This means that dressing properly for your office is not enough. You have to dress perfectly for office parties as well.
office party dress code
Office parties are not for you to get sloshed and dance till late. Sadly, in the corporate world that we live in today, a party means serious business. Every office party invitation that you get is most likely to have a dress code. Thank God for all the places I have worked at never had very formal dress codes. But I have seen my friends who are working at big MNCs, get all jittery at the mention of office party because of the dress codes. With time I have observed and understood some common dress codes for western wear and I would like to share that with you guys.

Black Tie or Formal

Men: tuxedos, white shirt, Black bow Tie, patent leather Black shoes.
Women: dressy long gowns, statement jewellery, glamorous heels. Understated and elegant hair and makeup. Go all out with furs and pearls and red lips. No body glitter or fake lashes.

White Tie

Men: Black suit, white shirt, white bow Tie, Black patent leather shoes and Black dressy socks.
Accessories if any (cufflinks, gloves etc to be white only)
Women: same as Black Tie events

Black Tie Optional or Black Tie Invited

This means formal but not as much as Black Tie events. Men can wear dark coloured suits, white shirt and conservative Ties. Women can wear long gowns or dressy separates with heels and statement jewellery.

party dresses

Creative Black Tie

This leaves a room for creativity with your formal wear. It is still strictly formal but with a modern twist. Men can go modern with a crisp Black tuxedo and Black shirt no Tie. And women can opt for a dressy Black cocktail dress or vibrant coloured long gowns with chunky and fun accessories. Heels for women and patent leather shoes for women remain but understated makeup will do like orange or light pink lips.

Semi Formal or After Five

This means that tux and long gowns are not required.
Men: dressy but dark suits, matching vest (optional) conservative Tie and dressy shirt.
Women: dressy business suit or long dress or cocktail dress. (think sexy of a very subtle degree)

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Cocktail Attire

Men: Dark suits and dressy shirt, no Tie or vest
Women: short evening dress, lbds, with some bling accessories and heels.

Festive or Informal

Men: seasonal blazer, open collared shirt in any colour (depending on the time of party)
Women: Nice jeans or dressy pants with party top, short cocktail dresses, dressy separates. This is one dress code that allows you to done the most fashion forward trends in terms of colours, style and accessories. Flat footwear is also fine.


Men: khakis or nice jeans (non tattered), casual button downs, cargos or shorts (depending on he weather and time of the day), tshirts (no slogans and not body hugging), loafers or sneakers or sandals.
Women: pretty much everything. Sundresses, short skirts, khakis or nice jeans, shorts, cargos, tshirts. Flat footwear, sandals flip flops and sneakers are fine.

No matter what the dress code is, the Obamas have already nailed it. So for inspiration look no further.

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