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What you wear to office says a lot about you. Office wear can fun and trendy or neat and classic, but it has to be suitable to your work environment. A very important part of your outfit is your shoes. If you run around from cubicle to cubicle you will regret wearing classy stilettos to office. But this doesn’t mean that if you have a desk job you can get away with wearing dull flats either. Wearing the appropriate shoes to work shows that certain amount of care and pride went in your appearance. Clean, polished and scuff marks free, shoes say that you take your career seriously. At times people might not notice that you are wearing nice shoes, but the overall neatness and crispness of your appearance never goes unnoticed. Women’s office shoes are not a tough territory to navigate. A few basics fit most dress codes.



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Pumps, also called Court shoes and Opera slippers are the chic-est shoes ever. They make great office wear heels. They are very versatile and go with pant suits, trousers, skirts and even jeans.



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If you are required to do a lot of running around in office or field work, patent leather ballet flats are your best bet. These are classic, comfortable and sophisticated. They are good option for women who are not comfortable walking in heels and for those who are super tall and don’t want to give their colleagues a stiff neck by wearing heels.


Leather loafers

If good old ballet flats are too boring for you, you can try leather (or even suede) loafers. Also called Boat shoes and Boat deck shoes, loafers have been around forever. These can be worn with pretty much everything except skinny fit trousers and jeans, but with the wide legged trousers trend catching on, we are not complaining! These are very safe shoes and experimenting with colour with loafers is not a good idea. Stick to classic colours like patent black and browns, suede gray and tan.



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Oxford shoes present an impeccably tailored style of classic menswear but it is a look every woman can pull off. Also called brogues, these shoes are quite a relief from the super heels we see on runways season after season. The key to getting this look right is to balance the masculine shoes with feminine silhouette and details.


These are a cross between oxfords and clog heels.( In my opinion, clogs are the ugliest shoes ever) these are good for women who need to add a few inches to their height in a conservative work environment. Block heels make these way more comfortable than pumps. These can be worn with everything in your work wear wardrobe, but while wearing these with a skirt it’s important to wear stockings as well. Again, these are masculine shoes and to balance that out, femininity can be added through clothes and accessories.

What type of foot wear do your prefer for office?

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27 thoughts on “Office Shoes / Foot Wear for Women

  1. I love Pumps & Ballet Flats :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: … else look manly to me. 😐 😐 offense just a personal opinion.. :silly: :silly:

    Nice Artcle Aashima.. :thanks: :thanks:

    1. But i think you have posted wrong Pictures or did a criss-cross with both the Images.. :suspense: :suspense: :struggle: :struggle:

      O:) Rati: Please Check.. :spank:

  2. pumps and open sandals suit my work environment 🙂 Pumps when foreign clients visit and open sandals (with heels) normally and yes ballet flats for those days of the month 😛

    wow! SHOES!!! This is my fav topic after make-up 😀

  3. I love wearing ballerinas and leather sandals for office. Would be picking up oxfords this winter. :))

    I love loafers on others but I dont think I can carry them too well.

    Fantastic article, Aashima. :))

    1. Rati, loafers are easier to pull off than oxfords. try a pair with narrow front part with straight fit or wide trousers. m sure youl like them.. 🙂

  4. i love the pumps and the ballet flats. two extremes I guess. wish I would not think of comfort and wear my pumps more often :yelo: but i end up wearing blocked heels though to work 🙂 go figure!! :struggle:

    1. thanks Ankita.
      if your office dress code permit, then u cn try wearing wedges. they add a few inches to your height but the agony of heels is not there.

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