Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash with Mulberry Extracts Review

Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash with Mulberry Extract

Hi gals,

Hope you all are doing fine, me too enjoying life to its fullest. So today I am here to review a face wash from Olay. I have tried different face washes from Olay but this is my personal favourite. So without much bragging lets get straight to the review.


Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash with Mulberry Extracts


AED 17.50 for 100g

Product description:

Olay Natural White Face wash has an enriched formula that thoroughly cleans your skin and effectively removes impurities to bring your skin closer to beautiful fairness. It contains mulberry leaf extract and vitamin C in order to inhibit melanin production and to restore your natural fairness:
-Cleanser that develops into a gentle foam
-Removes all impurities from your skin including makeup
-Prepares your skin for a fairer healthier glow


My take on Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash with Mulberry Extracts:

This is one of the best cleansers that suits my skin perfectly. Even though you try out a variety of facial cleansers, there is always one or two that you reach out to, quite often. This is one such face wash for me. I love to use this especially during winters, when my skin is more prone to dryness and flakiness.


This face wash comes in a simple white inverted tube with blue and black designs and a flip open cap. The shutting mechanism of the cap is quite weak, thus not very travel friendly if not properly sealed. The face wash is thick creamy and white in colour with a grainy texture. There are tiny non-visible granules in this face wash, so fine that I don’t feel it is for any kind of exfoliating purpose, but moreover it kind of gives a grip to the very smooth and creamy texture of the face wash. It gives a very light exfoliation even though I didn’t find any benefit from it. The creamy face wash does not form any lather but gives a nice moisturizing effect, like when you apply a cream on your face. Even after the wash my skin felt so moisturized and soft ,I even felt like skipping a moisturizer. It also gives an instant fair glow with a smooth finish. it is said to be an all in 1 fairness face wash and I did find the change in my skin tone. It is not like you are going to jump a next level in your skin tone, but rather a subtle enhancement of your own skin colour. It also has a very nice scent similar to certain face creams and is not at all overpowering.

It removes impurities from your face giving a sheer glow but does not help in successfully removing traces of make-up. Make-up should be removed with cleansing wipes or make-up remover prior cleansing your face. It is more suitable for dry, normal and combination skin types because of its extra moisturizing properties, oily skin might find it a bit greasy to their liking . I always keep one in stock, even though I try out other face washes. It is currently my HG face wash. So let me sum this up for you.


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Pros of Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash with Mulberry Extracts

  • It gives a clean, soft and smooth skin
  • The soft creamy texture of this face wash gives immense moisturization to your skin during and after the wash.
  • It gives an instant glow and also improves the skin texture in the long run.
  • The grainy texture of the face wash gives an impression of light exfoliation.
  • A very good product for a reasonable price
  • It claims to be enriched with mulberry leaf extract and Vitamin C which helps in controlling melanin production.

Cons of Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash with Mulberry Extracts

  • It does not help in removing make-up effectively
  • Not suitable for oily skin types even though it is said to be for all skin types
  • Not very travel friendly due the weak closing mechanism.

IMBB rating:

4.8/5.( -.2 for not removing make-up effectively). I would recommend this face wash mainly for dry or combination skin types.

Would I repurchase Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash with Mulberry Extracts?

Yes. Defenitely, I have been repurchasing this for a long time.

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9 thoughts on “Olay Natural White Cleansing Face Wash with Mulberry Extracts Review

  1. I feel this review is a bit biased, I happen to have a very dry skin but this face wash doesn’t clean my skin, I don’t feel any cleanliness as I used to with my ponds face wash.
    My skin becomes very shiny after using it, a face wash is supposed to clean not to moisturize! I would give it a 5/10. This would wreck havoc on an oily skin.

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