Organix Instant Repair Cocoa Butter Shampoo Review

Hello everyone,

I have something interesting for all you people. Today I will be reviewing a hair care product from my favorite brand Organix. The words like “instant repair”, “cocoa butter” sound so very tempting and irresistible ,isn’t it? Well, this shampoo is even more irresistible than you think…..So let’s check out why do I say this bottle is pure luxurious indulgence that just does everything good for one’s hair.
Organix Cocoa Butter Instant Repair Shampoo (1)

Price: 750 INR for 385 ml (but I got it for 648/-)

My take on Organix Instant Repair Cocoa Butter Shampoo:

I had come across this brand long time back when I was searching for sulphate-free shampoos. When I saw their main web page I was literally drooling over the variety of hair care and body care products they manufacture. The best thing in all this was that all these products are sulphate free. Literally, a steal-worthy deal!!! I found this cocoa butter variant first at a store in Vile parle. This shampoo is widely available online as well as offline at various stores which stock on imported products.

This bottle is just an angel. First, let me tell you about the packaging…..the bottle is bit bulky as you see, it’s a cute doll shaped bottle with golden flip-cap. The cap is a bit loose so you have to plan something really good on how to carry it around during travel. The opening nozzle helps to control the flow of the shampoo and is easy to use but, the shampoo is thick so you have to put some efforts in here. The shampoo…….ahhh! The moment you open the cap and sniff the product, you will get a blast of the sweet and tasty chocolate. Try and learn to resist yourself from eating up the shampoo;-) For me I am still trying to resist myself (try, try till you succeed). The consistency of this shampoo is thick, but don’t worry girls it won’t feel heavy on your scalp plus you would love the beauty it adds to your hair. Overall, though the bottle is not travel-friendly I still love this shampoo and its aroma is just delicious!!

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The performance of this shampoo is very very impressive. I have a bit oily scalp and dry frizzy ends my hair also shows some early damage symptoms. This shampoo though devoid of sulphates, lather’s pretty well and cleans both oily as well as non-oily hair efficiently without drying my hair. It leaves my hair soft and smooth even without the use of a conditioner. It leaves my scalp hydrated and my ends smooth and shiny. My scalp remains oil-free for the next two days…..that’s really good. The chocolaty smell lingers around a lot during hair wash but vanishes away after drying leaving behind just a faint sweet cocoa fragrance……yumm!!
Organix Cocoa Butter Instant Repair Shampoo (2)
On the instant repairing claim, I personally feel, if a hair type is damaged no product can do wonders in just one wash or instantly repair it to the core, but still I would say that this shampoo would instantly repair the look of your hair. After a month’s usage of this shampoo I must admit that I am loving my hair. The shampoo has repaired my hair beautifully and has made it healthy I am loving its work. It did not cause any hair fall. In fact , it has reduced my hair fall to a large extent. Overall, this shampoo helps me in giving smooth, healthy, shiny, beautiful hair without making the use of sulphates. Plus the presence of cocoa butter, babassu oil and sesame seed oil gives this shampoo an extra nourishment power that takes care of the overall health of hair. All in all, this shampoo’s performance has really wowed me.

Organix Cocoa Butter Instant Repair Shampoo (3)Pros of Organix Instant Repair Cocoa Butter Shampoo:

  • Shows visible healthy results.
  • Smells amazing.
  • Is free of sulphates
  • The shampoo is enriched with cocoa butter, babassu oil and seasame seed oil.

Cons of Organix Instant Repair Cocoa Butter Shampoo:

  • Bulky packaging.
  • A little pricey (may be)
    Other than this I really did not find any other con

IMBB rating: 4.8 out of 5

Will I repurchase Organix Cocoa Butter Instant Repair Shampoo?

Yes! Yes! Yes! It’s my HG shampoo.

Will I recommend Organix Cocoa Butter Instant Repair Shampoo ?

All the ladies out there who have damaged hair and wish to give hair a new healthy life, so please do try this you will be very happy with the results!
I hope you people found this review interesting and helpful. Eagerly waiting for all your comments, suggestions and corrections. Till then take care everyone and stay beautiful. Thanks for reading patiently.

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7 thoughts on “Organix Instant Repair Cocoa Butter Shampoo Review

  1. From your review it seems that this one is also a clear winner just like the rest of organix shampoos. Will definitely try after my tea tree one gets finished.

  2. I`m using the Argan oil cocoa and shea butter variant of this shampoo – and the amazing cocoa butter nutty fragrance relaxes me so much – it`s like I`m in a spa ! I love these shampoos – I also use their masque – works damn well…

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