Oriflame Enigma Body Cream Review

Oriflame Enigma Body Cream

After having a pleasant experience using the Amber Elixir Body cream, I decided to try other body creams from Oriflame, so this time fortunately one of the body creams was on discount & I’m glad I bought it. The Enigma collection also has an Anti-Perspirant Deodorant & Eau de Toilette.

Oriflame Enigma Body Cream

What does Oriflame Claim about this body cream: Luscious body cream with Enigma fragrance. Leaves skin wonderfully hydrated. Light, non-greasy formula and easy to apply. With longer-lasting scent.


Price: For 250ML Rs 449 but the offer price is Rs.269

Oriflame Enigma Body Cream

My Experience:
This body cream is very light in texture & gets absorbed within 2-3 minutes of massage & doesn’t leave any greasy film. After the massage, the skin looks supple & smooth when touched. This is suitable for Hyderabadi weather conditions but I’m sure people living at intense cold locations may find it less moisturising .The fragrance is very mild & lovely, not too overpowering. But the fragrance of amber elixir cream from Oriflame that I have already reviewed on IMBB has little more lasting power when compared to Enigma Body Cream.

Oriflame Enigma Body Cream

Pros of the Oriflame Enigma Body Cream

  • This body cream is very moisturizing & doesn’t leave any greasiness.
  • It’s very smooth in texture & it takes just 2-3 minutes to get absorbed & makes the skin look supple.
  • It has a very floral & fruity fragrance & is not too heavily perfumed.
  • Skin stays soft, smooth & nourished for at least 3 hours.
  • This will work best for summers, but for winters you need to keep reapplying it!
  • The packaging is simple. This comes in a transparent tub made of strong plastic & is not fragile.
  • A little goes a long way! This 250Ml will last for at least a month & half for me!
  • Oriflame products are not tested on animals.

Cons of the Oriflame Enigma Body Cream

  • Since the cream come in a tub, unlike a tube or bottle, it’s not travel-friendly.
  • It comes in a tub so one has to sanitize their hands before using this. Earlier I didn’t have a problem with that but these days I feel lazy to sanitize my hands often.
  • Not suitable if you are a women who is always on the run, because this doesn’t get absorbed in a jiff!

Will I repurchase this? Yes I will repurchase if I don’t get the Amber Elixir cream.

Will I recommend this? Yes, for the nourishing effect it gives! Do get this when it’s on discount!

Have you used Oriflame Enigma Body Cream? Please rate in the box below.

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32 thoughts on “Oriflame Enigma Body Cream Review

  1. i was tempted to order it but i skipped it coz what if i don’t like the smell of it!! ?:) for now i’m loving my lotus vanillsmooth body lotion a looooootttt…. :happydance: it smells soooo wonderful..it feels like you are applying melted vanilla icecream!yum! :eat:

    1. Sireesha! How are u? Longtime, not to be seen around!
      BTW it smells very nice!
      Don’t talk about icecreams! I had lots of ice creams last week from Baskin Robbins! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

      1. hi uzma.. 😀 i was out of town and couldn’t come here and comment.. 🙁 now i’m back :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: you ate lot of icecreams!!! me too want to eat now!!! :eat:

        hey..do you want that ebay seller’s name?? i wasn’t able to reply properly last time.

              1. “cart2indiaonline” here is the link to his shop http://myworld.ebay.in/cart2indiaonline&ssPageName=STRK:MEFSX:SELLERID.you can ask him to list any product from any us website.he will list it here for you and you can just pay here on ebay.in by debit card.he will deliver that product safely to you.contact him through “contact member” option on his shop’s main page.hope this helps.if you have any other doubts feel free to mail me. :)) don’t know how rati would react.. :tremble:

  2. Uzma………….great review…you know I wanted this so badly…..I kept asking but it is out of stock even now 🙁 …..but you know, after your amber elixir review and this one…..I am going to pick the amber now….pucca……………. :waytogo:

    Uzma….i know its getting hotter in hyderabad suddenly…..are you feeling the heat?????

  3. Hello Jomol! You should definitely try Amber Elixir! :yes:
    Haan Hyd ka temp changed after Sankranti na! Don’t feel like stepping out during daytime!

  4. yeah, i had read your review much later Uzma….sorry…..but I will buy Amber Elixir only……….thanks for that review and this as well, it helps me to decide….. :yahoo:

    yeah, temp changed drastically na…………..so hot now

  5. gud 1 uzma…. i got the Radiant lights one…… 🙂
    that one is also yummy….. obviously i dint eat it…. but the texture is so…

  6. Hi Uzma,
    Thanks for the review. I have an oriflame distributor in my bldg and have always wondered abt this product. shud pick it sometime

    (do you live in Hyderabad?. I live in Hyd too)

  7. oh cool..i just keep buying diff brands all the time cos i never know what will suddenly work so i am glad to have found Oriflame too. more choices the better..the more I can buy and experminent. 😉

    nice to have met a fellow hyderabadi :jiggy1: :jiggy1:

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