Oriflame Essentials 3 in 1 Cleanser Review

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by Sonia

Oriflame Essentials 3 in 1 Cleanser

For a very long time I was looking for a perfect cleanser. My pre-requisites were:

  • should suit my oily skin
  • has to have natural ingrediants
  • and most importantly do the task of toning apart from cleansing

Oriflame 3 in 1 Cleanser

So my search found me Oriflame Essentials 3 in 1 cleanser. I have been using oriflame products for a couple of years and have been rarely dissapointed. Their skin-care products are some of the best in the market because they are light and all natural and have sumptuous ingrediants. Back to the cleanser.

What it claims? Oriflame 3 in 1 Cleanser Review 3 in 1 cleanser with vitamin E and cornflower extract to remove makeup, tone and moisturise.Use every morning and night apply with cotton wool and sweep over face and neck. Price: Rs 229 for 150ml ( I got it for 145 ) Ingrediants:

  • Cornflower is known for its soothing qualities and it is therefore especially beneficial for sensitive skin and eye care products. The tannins in the extract provide stimulating and refreshing properties along with moisturising effects.
  • Vitamin E apart from being an anti-oxidant helps maintain the skin’s oil balance during the cleansing process. It reduces transepidermal water loss from skin and strengthens the skin’s barrier function.

Oriflame 3 in 1 Cleanser

Oriflame 3 in 1 Cleanser Pros:

  • It is not too creamy and not too runny but the perfect consistency and spreads easily
  • Comes in a squishy easy to use tube
  • Removes makeup effectively and gently
  • Very good for removing eye-makeup
  • A coin sized amount is enough
  • Great for people with dry and combination skin as it does clean while moisturising
  • Has a nice fragrance


  • The toning claim is a little far-fetched
  • Leaves my oily skin greasy

Verdict: Although I was looking for a cleanser for oily skin I have come to realize my search might be in vain but if im willing to adjust this product is as near perfect as possible.

It’s great for removing light to heavy makeup and is a boon after a day in the heat and pollution. I normally apply it with cotton and gently swipe it over my face wait for 5 min and either follow with a toner or splash my face with water to remove the extra oiliness although I usually skip this step in the winters as my skin needs the extra moisture. However it has never broken me out.

And like I said, it removes eye makeup including waterproof liner and mascara very gently although its best if you use a little extra.

I would definitely give a thumbs-up to this product and the next time Oriflame has a discount on this product I am hoarding it 🙂

Have you tried Oriflame Essentials 3 in 1 Cleanser ?

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27 thoughts on “Oriflame Essentials 3 in 1 Cleanser Review

  1. i soo want to explore more of oriflame and avon but their representative only policy is horrible. i mean, in this age and time, brands are all about accessibility! even if there’s something that i’ve tried and liked and want to repurchase, i wouldn’t because it would be such a bother. the cleanser sounds good, something that my skin would like, but oh well! i like your bedsheet by the way. 😀
    .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

    1. Hmmm… well you can make the whole family, friends, boyfriends as representatives and get the amount of products to last 30 years 😛

      I get scared of something else- that one would start using/promoting these products only because of increasing benefits with increasing consumption. I would want Rati to experiment with different products and companies and not stuck with single one. Although I know this fear is baseless but still…

      1. i see one reason why oriflame and avon manage to have products that appear to be affordable are because of smaller sized packages. i’ll stick to brands that are available at easily available locally, thank you! being a rep is really a bother. 😀 plus the whole selling part really isn’t my thing. 😛 and why settle for less when there are so many more delicious looking things on offer! 😛 rati will agree with me. 😀
        .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  2. Hmmm… I can see from the review that the product is very good. There should be a way to get it without becoming a rep. 🙁

    Maybe we can buy them from Oriflames reps on IMBB. 🙂

    Sonia might have an answer to that… 🙂

      1. oh yes i do know that! i was merely replying to sanjeev’s idea of me becoming a rep. 🙂
        finding a rep to buy things from is too blah for me. i would rather drive off to a one stop shop!
        .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Beneath The Smiles =-.

  3. Sonia @ Oriflame has some good products however I agree on this one leaving the skin a little greasy.

    Rima @ I know buying through representatives can be tough however Oriflame now has everything online including COD and with the ways of communication available its not that hard & horrifically painful as before. Oriflame’s monthly Boucher is also available online. I am a regular user of Oriflame and ordering for me is a click away 🙂

    Oriflame Online Catalogue link : http://in.oriflame.com/products/catalogue-viewer.jhtml

  4. Sonia @ This product will be on discount in August Catalogue . Should cost about Rs. 175 – 180 for 150 ml tube 🙂

  5. I like this a lot 🙂 gifted it to my sister… and ordering from oriflame is sooo easy. become a member once…I dont treat this as a business… hence I use only the good products from this brand and i am open to experimenting with other brands

  6. hi. i m also using this cleanser and it is true to its claim.it really does moisturize the skin.the skin does not feel tight as with foaming cleansers.i m also liking it alot.nice review.thx!!!
    @ pooja : thx for telling their discount time, will order it again.thx.

  7. hey rima for a long time i thought it was too much of a bother to become a rep just to order the products but my love for beauty products and a nice bargain won its like killing two birds with a stone.n trust me becoming a rep is better dan ordering online or thru others it makes everything transparent.n pooja oriflame is having its annual sale in aug so everything is gonna b on sale yippie

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