Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss Naughty Review

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss – Shade Naughty Review

Hello to all IMBB beauties! 🙂
I am so happy to write my first review for IMBB. I know I am just repeating the same story but like 99.99% (sorry if I sound like some hand sanitizer) of the IMBBians, I too stumbled upon IMBB when I was looking for some product’s reviews some 6-7 months back and WHOA! I was so astonished by the efforts of all the lovely ladies here who reviewed so many products, which is a great help to all make-up newbies like me. IMBB became an inspiration for me to start my own blog. So I want to say a huge THANK YOU to each and everyone of you. Okay, now I won’t drag it anymore. Let’s head on to the product I am reviewing today.
It is Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss in the shade Naughty which I ordered from this month, June’s flyer.

I am a completely lipgloss girl and so was excited to see all the colours and wanted to try it. I think pinks mostly suit (read safe for) me so I went for the Naughty shade.

About the product:
Quantity: 10ml
Price: Rs.229 (I got on catalogue discount for Rs. 169)
Ingredients: Not listed on the back of the product or on their website.
My Experience:

I love to wear lip-glosses because they give the plump lips effect which looks good on my small lips. Like every other lipgloss this one is sticky too. It has got a fruity smell in the tube but no taste/smell when applied on the lips. The lipgloss is a reddish pink colour and gives a tint on the lips. It contains very minute glitter particles which show up on close observation but are not OTT, also they are really minute and not gritty to the feel. The tube packaging is really cute but the major drawback I find is that, there is no information about ingredients present (in English) about the gloss on the back. I mean there is something printed on the back but the language is completely Hebrew to me. Only a sticker is attached that shows some Import and Mkt. info and the month and year of import. No Mfg. date is given.

This is what it looks like in the tube.
And following how it looks on me.
without flash

Without Flash
with flash

With Flash
I have applied the gloss on bare lips.
Pros of Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss:
• Comes in a plastic tube with nozzle on the mouth. I feel it is quite a hygienic technique since you can clean the mouth of the tube after every use.
• Gives a pink tint to the lips.
• I like the fruity smell of the gloss in the tube.
• One swipe is good enough.
• The glitter particles are minute and not gritty to the feel.
• It gives plump lip effect which I like.
• I don’t have much pigmentation on lips. But I think this will give good coverage to pigmented lips also.
• Staying power is around 2-3hrs depending on intake of food or liquids.
• Small in size hence easy to carry around for touch-ups.

Cons of Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss:
• It is so sticky. I mean it simply gets stuck to your lips, like some sugared candy would feel on the lips.
• As because of the stickiness the application might not feel to be smooth.
• Transfers to objects when touched.
• I have not tried it over any lipstick but I think as it is tinted so may alter the colour of the lipstick.
• The quantity is less compared to other tube lip-glosses which are around 15ml.
• Doesn’t come off easily with water. Even after rubbing hard a bit of the sticky feeling remains.
• I don’t feel it to be any moisturising.
• No ingredient list or any information is present on the back or on the website.
• Available through Oriflame agents only.

Will I buy it again?
No. I am not at all satisfied with its quality and would not recommend it to anyone.
IMBB rating: 2.5 out of 5

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28 thoughts on “Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss Naughty Review

    1. Good morning Sush…Ya it is a cute little thing(only in look :yikes: :yikes: )…I was planning to try Maybelline glosses but ended up with this!!

  1. I am impressed with the color and evrything, really Oriflame does an excellent job, they are always out with new things, wish I knew any reprsentative!

    1. :thanks: Ya try something else…you will get nice colors in maybelline….or if u want tube glosses try tips and toes one…dat gives nice tint too :specs: :specs:

  2. The packaging is cute & convenient. I have a similar one from Nivea as far as packaging goes. Too many cons here though!!

  3. welcome to imbb pooja.. !! :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: i really like glosses in tube.s they are easy to carry around and much hygenic than the wand ones. 😀 tehse are so cute to look at but so many cons :shocked:

  4. the shade and packaging looks so cute naa 😀 but again! too many cons!
    Ive ordered the lancome juicy tubes just for the packaging 😀

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