Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss Review,Swatches (More shades)

Oriflame Very Me Oh My Gloss Review,Swatches (More shades)

Hi Everyone,

Firstly I would like to say that a review on Naughty shade has already been done here before by Pooja_G.  🙂 In fact, after having read her review, I was in titters-tatters because I had already ordered for the glosses (owing to their super-cute tubes) and there was no way I could cancel it. I thought maybe I would have to convince my small sister to again it (generally  whenever I buy a gloss and don’t feel like using it, I give it to my sis…she happily uses them!). But, after using the gloss, I realized I wouldn’t really have to do so. Agreed they are not the best in the business but they are certainly not bad. Read on for a detailed review!

oriflame oh my gloss

The Gloss: It’s a semi-shimmery gloss with slight pink, blue, silver and gold glitter which does not look OTT at all. They are a good substitute for your clear gloss (though they are faintly tinted) provided you don’t mind the glitter or have a headache with the smell 😛  Umm…not that they have any weird smell  or anything but their fruity scent is a little too strong.

Earlier, these glosses were out under the Visions Range, but probably due to lack of sales or God-knows-what the Oriflame people decided to create a huge stir and and ‘introduced’ them, along with a new shade, under the newly launched Very Me range. And oh, they have even increased the prices. Also, their staying power is 2 hours maximum, provided you don’t run them through a eat-and-drink test.


rati beauty ad

oriflame lip gloss

Quantity: 10ml.

Price: Rs.229/-

The Tube: You are sure to fall in love with the tubes (atleast I have; I keep opening my lipgloss box and take them out and stare at them every now and then….maybe I should go to a shrink :-?). They are teeny-tiny tubes with pictures of these cute girls in the front with big eyes, Angelina-Jolie-lips and awesome hair-do. They have a whitish twist-up cap which is tight enough to prevent the gloss from oozing out and giving you a Hitler-syndrome. The super-cute tubes, with super-cuter girls on top :-P, are transparent so that you can see the super-cutest coloured gloss through.

The Shades: Coming down to the shades, there are six shades to choose from, each having a specific adjective attached to it. And each of them are supposed to indicate a different fruit, with their distinctive smell.

Funky: It is mauvish-coloured gloss, with pink, blue and silver shimmer. It resembles the fruit blueberry.


Naughty: This one is a dark pink colored gloss, ideal for all skin-tones. This one resembles the plum.


Sweetie: This is a new kind of shade, it’s an cute orange coloured gloss with pink, silver and gold shimmer. You will find it difficult to get such a colourd gloss in the business. Regardless to say, it’s orange flavoured.


Sporty: The new shade that has been added to the bandwagon is a slight neon-pink coloured gloss with blue, pink and silver shimmer. It resembles the raspberry.

Hottie: The classic red-coloured gloss, derived from strawberry, is the original red gloss you find in every brand of gloss.

Glitzy: This lemon-derived pale yellow gloss is actually their tribute to the transparent gloss.

Swatches of the gloss on white paper ( to show you the exact colours):

oriflame oh my gloss swatches


As you have already understood by now, I have Funky, Naughty, Sweetie and Sporty. I didn’t buy Hottie because I already own plenty of strawberry coloured gloss. In fact, if you want a strawberry flavoured gloss, I will strongly recommend Lakme lip gloss. And neither did I buy Glitzy because I didn’t really want a transparent gloss, have plenty of them as well.

Swatches of the gloss on my hand:

Now, coming down to the Ups and Downs of these glosses:-


  • The packaging: like I have already mentioned many times before, the tubes are really cute. I feel great having them in my collection. They kind-of add to the whole glam-sham factor. 😛
  • The Shimmer in the glosses are not Over-The-Top, so you can wear them in the day, without making people reach for their shades to look at you. 😀
  • The glosses are lightly tinted so you should not have a problem wearing them over your lipstick.
  • They are fruit-scented. Now this might be a plus point or a minus point: if you love fruity stuffs, you might take a liking to it, but if fruits make you gag, then stay away!
  • The staying power is not bad. Two hours for a gloss is good enough, I think.



  • It is faintly sticky. In her review, Pooja_G had said that the gloss is very sticky, but I would slightly like to differ a little on her point. 🙂 True, the gloss is sticky and might go down well with most, but if you have used Colorbar Candy Lip gloss and think they are ok, then this one should not be of much concern. In fact, I find Colorbar glosses more sticky than these.
  • They are on the expensive side. Rs.229/- for these glosses are definitely a bit too much. However, you can get them at a cheaper price during offers.
  • Lastly, you need an oriflame consultant to be able to lay your hands on these cuties.

Rating: 3/ 5

Overall Verdict: This is no life-saver gloss but if you are looking for some fun gloss to add to your collection, then give them a thought.

Will I buy them again?

Not really, but if they get over, I might just go on to buy them again.

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