Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel Off Mask

Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel Off Mask

Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel Off Mask

I always keep an eye on the high-cost anti-ageing products on the Oriflame catalogue. They look so tempting in the catalogue, but the price is so high, that most of the times I let it go, but sometimes those high flyers do get a major slashdown and I grab them up immediately. One of these high flyers which got slumped down in last month’s catalogue was the Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel-off mask. Originally priced at Rs. 890, it was brought down to Rs. 239 in August’s catalogue and I didn’t let it go!!!! Here’s me reviewing the peel-off mask from Oriflame after using it on my mom, my aunt, and of course myself.


Product Being Reviewed:

Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel-Off Mask.


Rs. 890 is the original price, I got it on offer at Rs. 239 for 75 mL.


What Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel-Off Mask Claims:

To help keep your youthful and firm skin, Oriflame offers you a specifically formulated firming peel-off mask. Formulated with Bio Spring technology, a combination of 3 powerful active ingredients (Rye extract, Pro-Retinol, and Sodium hyaluronate), it specifically targets the aspects of sagging and ageing skin needs:

• Lifting and fimring. Rye extract helps strengthens the mechanical properties of the skin by helping restore its natural lifting properties.
• Smoothening wrinkles and redefining facial contours, Pro-Retinol helps boost cell renewal.
• Moisturizing and keeps skin supple. Sodium Hyaluronate’s film-forming properties binds water molecules. Thanks to the film-forming properties in the formula, your skin is left bright and radiant.

How To Use:
Use once a week. Smooth over face and neck, avoiding eye area and leave for 10 minutes and then peel off mask with an upward movement. Suitable for normal skin type.



Aqua, alcohol Denat, Polyvinyl alcohol, glycerin, Butylene Glycol, PVP, Xanthan Gum, Parfum, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Secale Cereale Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Retinyl Palmitate, CI 77891, and CI 17200.

My Take on Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel-Off Mask:

This peel-off mask from Oriflame is part of an anti-ageing kit, but unlike earlier anti-ageing products, which I bought for my mom and tried for myself and got bad results in the form acne and zits, I did not have any such experience with this. Since this is a peel-off mask and needs to be kept only for 10 minutes on the skin, it was a safe bet for me and I felt there was no harm in trying.

This lilac-coloured tube comes with a flip-open cap which contains a beautiful lilac-coloured viscous liquid with lot of sparkling particles in it. I just fell in love with the colour. The mask is very runny, when I opened, the cap, it just flowed out. The first time that I had applied it, I just took a sizeable amount of the product and applied it.


Immediately after the mask had been applied, I felt a tingling-like sensation, more of tingling sensation to the olfactory system than on the skin, since I felt I was smelling vinegar/acetic acid. After 10 minutes, when I had thought that the mask had dried, I tried peeling it off, but I had to spend the next half an hour in order to clear my face of all the bits and pieces of the peel. Also, I could only see minimal changes with regards to results.


The second time that I used it on my mom, I applied it liberally on her and again, I had issues peeling it off from her face because it does not peel off in the zip-zap-zoom way that I am used to, such as with Everyuth ones or other peel off’s. But, I could see that my mom’s face did appear lifted up and a bit brighter too. So, it does require to be applied in a “very” thick layer to show results. Another time, I had used it on my aunt, and this time too, in a thicker amount, and again, she had difficulty peeling it off, but the results were evident.

One more point to note that this effect is not long-lasting, may be a few hours to one day is what it would last. So, if you have to attend a function or party, it would do you good, but be sure that you don’t apply it when you are pressed for time.

Also, by the time, I had used it for around 3 times, it became almost half empty, but I am quite happy with how it fared on me too. I have got good results minus any acne or zit on me; otherwise, I am quite used to trying out anti-ageing creams and serums that leave me scarred.

Summing up the pros and cons of this mask:

Pros of Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel-Off Mask:

• A peel-off mask that actually tightens up skin and makes it radiant if used in the right way.
• Leaves skin brighter.
• Skin appears clearer.
• The peel-off liquid looks so pretty with the pretty lilac colour and the sparklers in it.
• Contains rye extract.

Cons of Oriflame Lift Expert Firming Peel-Off Mask:

• After drying, it does not peel off well, it comes off in bits and pieces, and it happens the same way even if you have applied a thin layer or a thick layer.
• If not on offer, it would cost a hefty Rs. 890, which I think is just too much.
• The brightening and radiant effect that it imparts is not long-lasting, it would just last for one day, but then if you have something important where you need to look radiant, this would do.
• The peel is very runny and just flows out through the big nozzle, I wish they could have made a narrower nozzle.

Will I Repurchase this Mask Again? Yes, but at the same price.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5.

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  12. I like the colour of this mask. Amazing! The product is superb. I’m sure I’m gonna use it very soon. Firming peel-off mask is kewl and great.

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