Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss with 3D Light Reflecting Technology – Red Ovation

Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss with 3D Light Reflecting Technology – Red Ovation

Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss

Wouldn’t you be surprised if I told you I don’t have a single Oriflame power shine lipstick, yeah, even I am kind of surprised why I haven’t got one from the power shine lipstick range, but I have no regrets right now, because I have now the newly-introduced Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss with me. Oriflame has launched the power shine lip glosses in 5 shades – Nude Bronze, Soft Coral, Red Ovation, Trendy Berry & Soft Pink.

I chose the Red Ovation shade and I am reviewing it here.


What the Catalogue Claims About Oriflame Beauty Powershine Lip Gloss:

Super power shine gloss with unique applicator for precise and mess-free application. With advanced pearlescent pigments that deliver a sparkling and ultra gloss finish. About the brush, wonderfully soft, flexible applicator boasting rubber-like qualities ideal for high-bulk applications, whilst maintaining supreme precision and comfort. Power on!

Power Shine Lip Gloss contains a polymer with outstanding feel and gloss and has wonderful moisturising abilities due to its occlusive properties on the lip, acting as a barrier on lips helping to avoid water loss. Anti-oxidant properties help neutralise the potential damaging effect of free radicals caused by UV radiation. Vitamin E increases the moisturisation of the upper layers of the skin and helps improve the skin surface relief. 3D light reflecting technology – Sparkling reflecting pearlescent pigments bring immediate radiance and glowing effect, reflecting light in all directions for a stunning lip result.  New super soft, super precise applicator, as well as the new format, an entirely NEW applicator, Oriflame’s own creation, is specially designed to collect and deliver just the right amount of gloss for an amazing shiny finish, while allowing easy, precise application in total lip comfort. The material used in the applicator for Power Shine Lip Gloss boasts rubber-like properties. It is a flexible material that adapts perfectly to the natural contour of your lips. Put a real shine in your smile in supreme precision and comfort. Power on with Power Shine Lip Gloss!


Original price is Rs. 379 (Rs. 245 is the introductory offer) for 5 ml.


Not mentioned anywhere.

My Take on Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss with 3D Light Reflecting Technology:

My immediate reaction on seeing this gloss was “wow.” I had chosen the shade “Red Ovation,” but whilst I had ordered it, I was kind of worried that I might have chosen the wrong shade because as it is, I was ordering something that would be glistening and sparkling, and then if the shade was red, it would be too much, but then when I saw the gloss, it was not scary red, it was something on the lines of burnt pink.

Inside the Gloss

This one really smells good, no molten plastic odor. It has a little bit of a fruity kind of flavour, hmmm, somewhat musk melony I guess.

INside the gloss2

The applicator is an unique flat tip one, something that I haven’t used earlier. It is fully plastic with no feathers. I had absolutely no problem using this applicator.

Brush applicator

Actually, if I had to compare doe-foot applicator and this flat-tip applicator, both are equally good in spreading out the product and I have no issues using both.

Brush Flat

Now, coming to the shade, it’s a beautiful shade of pink in the tube, but it goes almost sheer or maybe there is slight tinge of pink when applied. I just love how it plays up on the lips, it just glistens and shines with such brilliance that if you are using this gloss, you should definitely tone down your overall makeup because your lips will be the center of attraction!!

Inside the gloss First

This gloss is very moisturizing and does not dry the lips at all until the time that it stays put on the lips. Staying power is an issue, it does not stay for too long, but nevertheless, it does stick on for a bit. Anyway, since no gloss lasts through meals or sips of coffee, even this won’t, so no big issue really.


Now, coming to my favourite part, I am now using this gloss over my normal matte lipsticks and I can’t believe how beautifully it creates magic. It adds a whole new dimension to an ordinary lipstick with its high glistening and moisturizing effect. I am all for this gloss and I am wearing it every day now, with or without lipstick underneath.

After rubbing it off

Sparkling bits after the gloss wears off

Pros of Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss with 3D Light Reflecting Technology:

• This gloss glistens and shines to make the lips the “center of attraction.”
• The sparkling effect that it creates is so good that it is hard not to wear the gloss on a daily basis.
• It does not dry out the lips, in fact, it is very moisturizing.
• Gloss does not feel overtly sticky on the lips.
• When paired with lipstick, it just creates magic and overall gives a different dimension to even a boring shade of lipstick.
• The applicator is an unique one and spreads the gloss precisely on to the lips.
• The flavour is that of musk melon (?? I am thinking it might be) and I love it.

Cons of Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss with 3D Light Reflecting Technology:

• Staying power, the gloss does not last through meals, but then which gloss does, so that is not at all an issue for me.

Will I Buy Oriflame Power Shine Lip Gloss Again?

Yes, I will, it is one of my favourite lip glosses now.

Will I Recommend this to Others:

Yes, definitely, girls, you need to try this, those of you who liked the power shine lipsticks, will love this!!!!



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