Ouai Repair Conditioner Review

I have already raved about Ouai Volume Shampoo and I wanted to try a conditioner from Ouai as well, and here I am with the review on Ouai Repair Conditioner. Read on to know if Ouai’s conditioners are as great as their shampoos.

Ouai Repair Conditioner Review

Product Details:
A mega-moisturizing hydrator that feeds damaged hair without adding weight.

Key benefits:

  • Repairs damage.
  • Protects color.
  • Replenishes moisture.

This nourishing conditioner repairs damage from chemicals, color, and heat. A super-moisturizing hydrator, it is infused with Ouai’s unique Smart Technology Complex for nourished, healthy-looking hair. It is formulated without parabens, phthalates. This product is ideal for chemically and mechanically damaged hair.

Ouai Repair Conditioner ingredients

My Experience with Ouai Repair Conditioner:

This conditioner comes in a white plastic bottle with a click dispense mechanism. Unlike their shampoos, Ouai conditioner bottle contains 250 ml of product instead of 300 ml, which is fine since you need less amount of conditioner compared to shampoo. The name of the brand and product is printed on the front and the rest of the details are mentioned at the back.

Ouai Repair Conditioner packaging

I am quite impressed with Ouai Smooth Shampoo and I had high expectations from this conditioner as well, and gladly, it didn’t disappoint! I use this conditioner on the ends of my hair every day and once in 15 days as a mask and it has really improved the texture of my hair.

Ouai Repair Conditioner full

It has made my hair smoother, softer and has given slight volume without making it oily, sticky or flat. The repair conditioner has a slightly thick, creamy texture that applies smoothly on the hair. It easily covers every strand of hair and feels very lightweight. It is supposed to give proper nourishment and hydration to the hair.

Ouai Repair Conditioner

I apply this on the ends of my hair for 5 minutes and after that I wash my hair. It does make my hair look healthy and moisturized. When I use this as a mask, I leave it on for about 20 -30 minutes and wrap my hair with a towel and it makes my hair incredibly soft, smooth and hydrated! It has an amazing scent, reminds me a lot of Jimmy Choo perfume which I used to love in the past.

Ouai Repair Conditioner swatch

Pros of Ouai Repair Conditioner:

  • Leaves hair smooth, soft and voluminous.
  • Hair feels hydrated.
  • Leaves shine on the hair.
  • Spreads evenly.
  • Covers every strand of the hair.
  • Smells amazing.

Cons of Ouai Repair Conditioner:

  • Expensive.

Would I Recommend Ouai Repair Conditioner?
IMBB Rating:

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