Paper Quilled Earrings – Do it Yourself

Paper Quilled Earrings – Do it Yourself

By Priyanka Patwardhan

Hello girls ,

Trying different kind of earrings is every girl’s favourite hobby . There is really wide variety of earrings in market . Some are made up of plastic and some are made up of glass , beads , threads and so on . There is new trend in market is Paper jewellery . I have learnt this art of paper quilling a long ago and now am sharing this with you all beauties . I hope you will like them.

Paper Quilled  Earrings – Do it Yourself  (5)

Things we need

1. Paper quilling tool ( you can get this tool in any stationary shop ).
2. Paper strips ( you can use the ones available in the market or you can cut them as per your desire )
3. Glue
4. Earring hook.
5. Round loop.

Paper Quilled  Earrings – Do it Yourself

Step 1 – Take a paper strip and cut it in half ( about 8 cm ).

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We are going to need these strips in two colours one in lighter shade and one in darker shade to make our earring look brighter . Now start rolling lighter strip around the tool and stick its end. See picture no .2.

Step 2 – Now start rolling darker strip around the coil which we have made in picture no.3. After rolling gently take it out and let the entire coil relax .

Step 3 – Now press the end of coil and give it a shape like a ‘Petal’ . See picture no.5.

Step 4 – Repeat the same process . We need to make 8 such petals .

Paper Quilled  Earrings – Do it Yourself  (2)

Step 5- Now take two petals which we have made and insert a round loop in the upper end of petal . See picture no . 7 .

Insert an earring hook in the same loop and press the ends of the loop . Make sure that earring’s hook does not get out of loop . See picture no.9.

Step 6 – Stick all the petals to make a flower like structure . each earring should be made with four petals .See picture no.10.

Paper Quilled  Earrings – Do it Yourself  (3)

At the end the earring will look like a beautiful flower .

Please do not wear this earring immediately after sticking . Let it dry for 24 hours and these are not waterproof so no going out in rain while wearing them.

Paper Quilled  Earrings – Do it Yourself  (5)

Thank you so much for reading . Do comment .

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