Patanjali Divya Kantilep Review

Patanjali Divya Kantilep Review

Hello ladies,

This time I am going to review one of my favorite acne- combat packs. Having an acne prone combination skin, I always keep this with me. When all the other things fail (can’t stop myself from trying out all the new stuff available in the market :makeup: ) I always come back to this as my last rescue & this has always helped me.

I was going through the “shaclear skin clear anti pimple lotion” review by shivani yesterday and thought I should definitely share this amazing product with all of you. It’s really economical and works wonders. I have heard only nice things about it from all the people who have tried this. So I guess it should work for all of you, whatever skin type you may be.
Now coming back to the product.

patanjali divya kantilep

The review:
Price: 30.00 for 50 gm (current price may vary)
Expiry: use before 12 months from date of manufacture.
What it claims:
It is useful in acne, vulgaris & maintains fairness of the skin.



Just reading these ingredients makes me feel so good. All natural. :haanji: but these are awfully long names to write so refer the picture for the ingredients :tongue:
Directions for use:
Nothing is mentioned on the pack. My mum has the patanjali-guide book where they have asked to mix it with rose water, apply on the face and neck & keep it for 3-4 hrs minimum.
The best way is to apply it at night and leave it on throughout the night. Then wash it in the morning. You can use it daily.

My experience:

Yeah!!! For a face pack to leave it overnight it may sound odd but I’ve tried this and no doubt it works best that way. But it becomes a little messy in the morning. And the color doesn’t help too. It dries off easily but has a dirty brown colour, which when mixed with rose water looks exactly like mud. So unless you want to wake up to dirty, stained pillows, avoid this.
What I do is apply this when I have time and do my work with this on my face. Wash it after 45 minutes or may be 1 hr. And it works just fine. When I have severe acne I also apply it at night, just on my spots and go to sleep. This way it doesn’t stain my pillows.


It has a powder type texture like all those dry packs, but when mixed with rose water it feels like fine sand. So it works as a scrub too. All you have to do is rub it a little while washing and you are done. Immediately after application you‘ll feel the cooling effect it has on you skin. It doesn’t crack like some of the packs when dry. Your face may look a little yellow after washing; like you have applied turmeric pack :yikes: (must be because of the haldi & mehendi extracts :methinks:). So if you don’t like it then wash it off again with a face wash and it’s gone.


This is one of the reasons I apply it in the evening/night only, so that I don’t have to wash it again.
It has a very strong chamfer smell which I really like. You know that agarbati type smell we get in temples. I just love that smell. :love: It may be too strong for many people though!!!! Like my brother. He always makes such a face when I or my mum has this on. :yuck:
As far as the acne and pimples are concerned, it may take a week long time to start showing results (takes 2, 3 days on my skin O:) ). But ayurvedic products work that way only. So I guess that’s fine as long as it is working. About maintaining fairness, I would say it evens out your complexion but doesn’t make you fair.

Pros of Patanjali Divya Kantilep:

1. smells good (to me at least) :specs:
2. Works great on acnes and pimples.
3. With regular usage you can see the improvement in your skin tone and condition.
4. Lots of natural ingredients used.
5. Pretty cheap for the quantity.
6. Available at all patanjali stores or you can order it online too.

Cons of Patanjali Divya Kantilep:

1. Leaves your face a bit yellow. It’s the only con I could find with this. :haanji:
My rating 4.5 out of 5

Will I repurchase????

Definitely yes. I always keep it with me as a backup plan. So all the ladies who have a problematic skin should definitely give this a try, its all natural and really cheap. So even if it doesn’t work (which I seriously doubt) you don’t loose anything. :cheers:

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65 thoughts on “Patanjali Divya Kantilep Review

  1. nice review jyo….but i have tried this…n it just doesnt work for me….only thing that this lep does is give a very cooling effect…n thats it…n the yellow color looks actually brown on my fair skin tone with yellow tone… :yuck: :yikes:

  2. nice! I use a salicyclic acid base facewash & doc prescribed solution there on,to help me combat pimples..even though my routine’s working for me,I’ll try this out..sounds good..btw patanjali is baba ramdev’s right? hehe I always imagine him in his salwar-kameez fiasco :tongue: :lol2: sorry baba ji :teddy:

      1. he he…ri8 sukanya..its salwar wale babaji’s product. yup try this out.i toh always come back to this…u know lout ke buddhu ghar ko aye types :tongue:

  3. Love ayurvedic products but havent tried this as thankfully am not prone to acne…the occasional pimples – which are taken care of by Vicco

    1. not the mehendi leaves neha….mehendi seeds. it leaves ur face a bit yellow yellow but nothing like a face wash can’t take care of. :haanji: just one wash and u r back to normal 🙂

  4. my list from patanjali is just growing and growing. abhi tak havent been able to pick up a single product :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa: :waaa:

    SW babajee :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2:

  5. Very interesting, Gonna look for this on my next trip home! :thanks:. Where can you buy this product? any special stores? possibly online???

      1. I too got rashes when I used it as a face pack on my face. So now I restrict to using it as a spot treatment only and it works well.

    1. I got severe rashes using this product. I thought I might got them from other other product like cream m using but no I tried it after 2 months gain and here I am again face full of rashes.

  6. :yuck: I have used this product some 2 years ago. Its has such a bad smell :yuck: ..can’t bear more than 10-15 minutes

  7. yellowish caste on the face :chewnails i wont try it…..btw nice review jyo and am happy happy , u mentioned me in ur article….khikhi :jiggy1: :jiggy1: :jiggy2: :jiggy2:

  8. I have used it, i love it its an awesome product, makes my face bit yellow but i like it, seriously helps with pigmenattion issue, when i use if first, its fragrance is good but after minutes its fragrance changes and all i get is horrible smell, similar to gobar ka smell, :poop: But you wont get stinking smell if you add a bit of honey, thts wat i do and i dont get tht stinking smell

    1. gobar :stars: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: now u r talking like mu kid bro. i’ll try honey nxt time taps. :thanks: for the tips :toothygrin:

  9. oh yes, the stink is the only thing that puts me off this, otherwise it’s a great product and good review :yes:

  10. I have this and I toally agree it does help for acne and pimple prone skin..i usually apply only on the pimple and in next 2 days its gone! :thumbsup: Somehow i do like the strong smell…more like agarbatti :tongue:

  11. hey product seems to be useful …… just wondering …. does it helps in blemishes also ?????
    or suggest any other suggestions for blemishes ???

    1. with regular use yes!!!! but its a rather slow process. if u want something for the blemishes then try some spot application creams. Fair & lovely Spot eraser pen is quite effective and not very expensive also. :))

  12. hello,

    I am 18 years old and i recently recovered from chicken pox but some of the chicken pox marks have left scars on my face hence I started applying divya kantilep face pack just a week before only once, Kindly advice me regarding how often shall i apply it to get rid of the scars, I have got deep scars on my face.Its been a month and a half and they have not reduced. 🙁

  13. awesome product-easy 2 use n makes complexion clear and a best part in thi kanti lep is that incredients used in this product is natural which don’t have any side effects on the skin

  14. Hi Jyo,

    I suffer from adult acne and its really horrible. I am 30 and still have very bad acne and scars on my face. I have tried everything from seeing the Demo to everything.. Name it, i have tried it…. I have been on retinoids, antibiotics which ruined my health…. all of thier ointments…. Lately i had a very bad break out and was too desperate and this time i ensured that i am not gonna go to a doc as i have tried all of them and nothing worked….
    It is so happened that i read your post and i felt like giving it a try, but truly was hopes wasn’t high.
    I managed to find a store at the other end of Chennai and bought it and tried….. IT REALLY WORKED WONDERS for me in 2 days. Touching the table while saying this, as I don’t want it to stop working…. This has controlled my acne to a greater extent… and im really thankful to you for this…. THANKS a TON… I have not words to explain how happy I am. I am still on my 1st bottle and in only 1 or 2 breakouts still left on my face….
    Love you all.

  15. hi…………… i(26 yrs) hv same pblm like u rekha, its severe and worst …….but pblm is that i m pregnant so dont wana use any chemical medication becoz my baby is more imp than my acne……..but i m in great pain i cant see my face in mirror………..but after reading u i definetly try this.. i m happy it is herbal…………..
    thanks jyo for great review

  16. hi Jyo…
    can u plz suggest me cleanser/face wash, toner,moisturizer. for my oily very senstive and acne prone skin..plzzzzzzzzzzz help me i m very confused…..

  17. i bought it just now to try it I dont have any skin problem never even a single acne used it 45 mts with kheera juice I have natural glow on my face I use mixure of besan chandan haldi aata multani mitti daily on my face neck and arms instead of soap I use it just as a soap not as a pack at the time of having a bath that keeps my skin clean and clear and shiny
    can I use divya kanti lape even though I have no acne problemm? I am now afraid what if this harms my skin

    1. I use patanjali’s facewash sometiimes if I have to go somewhere and I use their beauty cream daily they are very good extremely good it works wonders besides that I use thie maximum products each and every product is damn good but best is they are 100% pure I recently bought their aam panna it tastes delicious though apple juice I have been using since more then one year also kids badam paak is v v good for kids they love it I use their reetha shampoo these are also damn good I got this good a shampoo after a long long time Thanks to Baba ramdevji

  18. I have been using this divya kantilep since last 4-5 days, and I can see that instead of curing acne, my skin is breaking out..i know I need to be patient, but seriously I am thinking now, if I should continue using it or not..please advice me what to do! And please suggest me a good, effective dandruff shampoo, as that is the main reason behind my acnes.. Please help me

  19. I have been using this lep from 2 days and I feel I am getting more acne …I feel may be i should have more patience but my acne have actually increased. Does the haldi as an ingredient create heat in the skin? I think may be that is the reason. Please suggest if I should continue it or not. 🙁

  20. i like it ..but it leave my face yellowish. ..and even after 2-4 washes my complexion remains yellow …what i do plz suggest…patanjali cant stop to use mehndi seeds in it

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