Biotique Honey Gel Lightening Foaming Cleanser Review

Biotique Botanicals Lightening Foaming Cleanser: (review)

For all skin types, ayurvedic recipe 100% botanical extracts

Hi girls!
I want to talk about the recent face wash or cleanser that im using these days after my santoor one got over. I picked this up from Spencer with their toner as well long back but was waiting to use it and now that I have almost finished the product as u can see from the pictures. Im ready for an honest review like always.

Biotique honey gel lightening foaming cleanser review

Biotique honey gel 120 ml for 149 rs:

Available easily at health and glow, food bazaar, big bazaar, Spencer’s, may be even your local grocer: toothygrin:

What the pack says:
The fresh foaming 100 % soap free gel dissolves makeup and impurities and softens skin and helps lighten the complexion
To use: gently massage over face and neck with fingertips, lather and rinse, morning and evening
This is not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties.
Organically pure and preservative free
Dermatologist tested for safety and no animal testing

biotique facewash ingredients

Arjun, choti dhudhi, banhaldi, ritha, honey, Himalayan water,
(so far so good)

biotique facewash

My take: I am on the verge to finish this to the last drop, and I have been using just clean n clear moisturiser along with this. No other kind of skin product over all till the time I was using this. May be make up removers to the maximum. But no other lightening agents so to say. This face wash clearly claims lightening and makeup removal. It claims to be a cleanser not really just some other face wash. The product is a light pink runny gel (not like aloe gel or something) and does not lather much rather at all. It comes with and open bottle for dispensing (I forgot correct me if  I am wrong) and it make it worse to use this. I end up pouring like a fistful of this product in the shower where as I would need only a coin size amount. The first few days I felt nothing much about this and the next few weeks were also the same. I kept on waiting for some miracle to happen like skin lightening. I wanted blemish lightening basically n tan removal moreover. But I was not impressed. I could not see any difference whatsoever in my complexion. I was hoping it would even out my skin at least …but I was wrong. The one good thing about this is that it feels very very gentle n mild on the skin. It did not work psychologically to clean up my oily skin or makeup. I definitely did not trust it to remove my make up even if it were just powder.

biotique facewash bottle

Why get this:
It is gentle n mild
Claims lightening
Claims makeup removal
Good for normal skin
Great for dry skin
No chemicals whatsoever
Himalayan water????? well 🙄

biotique facewash swatch

Why not get it:
Not for oily skin
If u have oily skin don’t trust it to clean ur makeup from ur pores
No lather
Slippery feel post wash, may be it’s the water here.
Pricey for the effect
Didn’t do much for my oily skin
I find the gel too runny and end up dropping it from my palms
I didn’t feel it deep cleans (left me without that squeaky clean)

Last word:
It’s like mmmm..I want to say a lot of things about this one but not being able to pin point that one turn off. It’s a pink mild non lathering gel cleanser claiming lightening and makeup removal but leaves my skin with a slippery feel. Also, I could not notice any particular lightening after using one bottle of this. I don’t want to write this off as a bad product n say it may not work for unit may be just work for Ur normal and dry skin but don’t expect to see any miracles out of this one bottle of product at least!

Have you used Biotique Honey Gel Lightening Foaming Cleanser ?Please rate in the box below

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60 thoughts on “Biotique Honey Gel Lightening Foaming Cleanser Review

  1. Hi Neha, I got this honey gel face wash absolutely free with my biotique purchase, me using it too, i have dry skin and i found its very mild and moisturising for my skin, it doesnt lather much and feels slippery! But when i used a lot of it to remove my eye makeup then it sort of irritated my eyes like hell, so i use very less that to not to remove eye make up, when it gets into eyes, mujhe nani yaad dila deti he! :tongue: :shocked: Nice review ! :thumbsup:

    1. Well i dont think so, it doesnt remove ey makeup properly! Its not a dud toatlly 4 my skin, it maintains the moisture on my skin unlike other face wash! This is the only face wash that makes my skin hydrated but stings my eyes, so i have hate and love relationship with it !

  2. … 😐 😐 😐 😐
    Thank you so much for the warning. I will never waste my money on something that is…well…just gell in a bottle.

  3. I feel bad reading a bad review for Biotique..I really like their TM..wish they made each product just as good :(( btw a really nice review Neha! :teddy:

  4. Good review Neha…..Another unimpressive product from Biotique……but the name is quite impressive..”lightening”…if not for your review…..I would have grabbed it as soon as I saw it 😛 😛

  5. i’ve tried this neha and i completely agree with you. it does nothing extra…just cleans ur face giving it a slippery feel :specs: :yawn: :yawn:

    1. Same here!! 🙁 Since past two days my body is aching like hell and headache too!! :((
      And yesterday got chums so today I am really feeling very very lowwwww….and weekend is also not going to be any rest for me..we have to shift so all ghar ka shopping, packing etc…. phewwwwww..soch soch ke mann kar raha hai ki jaa ke so jaaun!! 😛

          1. he he..yeah…. 😛 iss weekend we’ll try to buy and shift aadhaa saaman..hope it doesn’t rain!! coz we’d have to travel a lot and rains spoil all the plans!!! :((

        1. i agree Cali..i did it just yesterday and last weekend…love to do shopping and buy stuff especially if I am not paying the bill :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :tongue:

      1. oh you shifting home? close to office kinds? 🙂 I am toh not feeling any better from past 3 days. grrrr…. you atek rest, drink tea etc tec and if something works for you tell me also. :tongue:

        1. yeah…me drinking tea….Morning tea always makes me feel better…Actually we stay near to my office only, but we were staying in a fully-furnished studio apartment so far, coz we had plans to move to north so didn’t want to buy stuffs..but now since we have plans to stay here for atleast another 1-2 years, we planned to shift to a 2 BHK home near our current place only.. 🙂

          And we have nothing apart from clothes and utensils… 😛 😛 So need to get everything right from furniture to TV, fridge, washing machine etc etc… 😛

          1. hehehhe that would be fune. 😀 2 BHKs are always nice for a couple. I mean one room you can keep for gustes and it’s just one room that get used all the time. go to big bazaar, they have reasonable stuff na.. 🙂 Good luck cali. this sounds pretty exciting. 😀 😀

          2. oh my i loved shopping for all gadgets :jiggy1: when we shifted
            went to croma ezone everywhere n it was so much fun

            1. he he..we went to croma and ezone too..and then we went to Pai…..they had more options there….have decided the TV, fridge and washing machine!! 😀 😀

              This weekend furniture…

  6. Good Morning Rati!!! Good morning every one. Nice review neha …but this is not for me…me oily oily :nonono: :nababana: :nababana: :nababana:

  7. i’ve tried a travel size pack of it free with something longgg time back. It was quite gentle and mild but did not clean my skin properly 😐

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