Pumpkin – Health and Beauty Benefits

Pumpkin – Health and Beauty Benefits

This is easily the most ignored vegetable or, say, a fruit. But you would jump in delight at the end of the post because we have been downing several supplements and having a multitude of fruits and veggies to grab our daily share of anti-oxidants. What if you find a half-of-all-if-not-all-in-one? It’s the very old pumpkin that has turned out to be a good friend of mine. The flesh, seeds and even the rind has several benefits. Read on for why, what and how…


Contains what?

Low in fat
Low in Calories
Rich in anti-oxidants
Rich in fiber
Rich in trace minerals (read Mg, Mn, Fe, Zn )
Vitamins (C and K )

Benefits of Pumpkin

For the science-illiterate, free radicals are molecules with single charge-akin to a running car sans brakes. It would stop only when it rams into an obstacle. If left loose they can cause massive destruction to your molecular property. Hence, enter anti-oxidants. These inhibit/prevent the free radicals from waging a war within. Anti-oxidants (alpha and beta carotene) boost the immune system, prevent aging ,reduce the risk of cancer and cardio diseases. Pumpkin is a easily available and affordable source of anti-oxidants. Fight wrinkles with pumpkin.


Dietary fiber prevents constipation, lowers bad cholesterol , regulates the blood sugar and allows the food to move smoothly in digestive tracts. Less toxins. Clean body Vitamin K prevents calcium erosion from bones, prevents osteoporosis, quickens blood clotting when injured, and keeps tissues clean by preventing calcification ( much like the deposition of minerals ).

The trace minerals shoot up the immune system, helps in proper functioning of brain, nerves and muscles.

Pumpkin Seeds

Source of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals. Rich in calories but the mono-unsaturated far content is healthy as it lowers bad cholesterol. So keeps at bay heart diseases.

The proteins produce serotonin which is a neurotransmitter. It promotes feeling of well-being in a human. Has loads of minerals and trace minerals. 1/4th cup of seeds gives you a daily dose of the recommended amounts.

Omega 3 fatty acids in these seeds helps your brain, skin and nerves.

The seeds kill the parasites lodging in the intestine and activates the kidney thus helping the bladder function.

Help in maintaining health of prostrate in men. Munch the seeds to avoid prostrate scares. Anti-oxidants helps in fighting cancer occurrence.


How to eat pumpkin?
Make a curry of it. Gummadikaya pulusu is a personal favorite of mine. Sprinkle over western recipes like cakes, muffins ,salads and soups.

Drink pumpkin juice with honey to cure insomnia.

To gain other benefits drink the juice plain or add spices like cardamom ,ginger for flavor.

If you suffer from constipation take the juice daily. If you are anti-raw juices try adding apples or any other fruit of your choice. This actually works. I am having it from a week and I sleep more.

Raw seeds are the best way to gain all benefits of pumpkin seeds ( similar to sunflower seeds ). Roasting would kill some fats . If you still can’t fathom them raw, then go ahead, roast with little butter, salt and munch them .

Now, the best part– For your Face
Pumpkins is full of anti-oxidants and exfoliating agents. It heals sun damaged skin and moisturizes . Pamper skin with some face masks.

To exfoliate: When you shave the rind of the fruit to extract the juice or make a curry ,save the shavings. Dry and powder. Use to exfoliate. Throw milk or honey depending on your skin type.

Face Mask: Cook pumpkin. Mash and add honey / milk For aroma add few drops of your favorite essential oil. Rub into face.Avoid the eye area. Sit tight for 10 minutes and wash.

Tighten Skin: Mashed pumpkin + egg + oil of your choice

Whitening: Pumpkin + Apple + pineapple + papaya . Pat this on face for 15 minutes and wash with lukewarm water and splash cold water to shut close the pores.

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