7 Reasons Beetroots are Great For your Skin and Hair

By Shekinah

Hi everyone,

When you look at a beetroot what usually comes to your mind? I love the earthy smell of beets and the sweet earthy taste that fills your mouth when you bite into a cooked beet. Here in India, we tend to douse the thing in spices, thus masking the natural flavors of the vegetable which may not be a favorable for some people. But did you know that beets, also known as beetroots, have beauty benefits as well?

Beetroots are great for skin and hair

As a child growing up in a different country, I had very few of my cousins around me. One particular cousin used get all sorts of vegetable juices every single day at breakfast time because her father, my uncle, believed in the benefits of feeding these things to young children. I remember she was constantly fed beet juice, and she has beautiful clear skin today. I recently tried using raw beets on my skin, but since I am a dusky, I was not too happy with the red tinge. I rather prefer eating it. However, I have listed here the tried and tested methods that I have used to bring you the benefits of beets for beauty and a little scattering of health benefits too.

1. Juice for a Glowing Face

beetroot juice

Beetroot juice for the ones with low iron levels in the body is a fantastic option to boost your iron levels without the help of synthetic capsules. Since beetroot juice is rich in irons, vitamins and minerals, it is known to purify the blood and reduce pimples. Therefore, drinking a glass of beetroot juice a day for two weeks will give you glowing results on your face. Try mixing a carrot while making the juice in case you do not like the flavor of the beetroot by itself.

2. Naturally Pink Pout

Cut a slice of beetroot and apply this to your lips if you have pigmented lips like me, it leaves behind a pretty red- pink stain. Top this off with a lip balm and you are good to go.

3. DIY Chemical-Free Blush

Use the same slice of beetroot on your cheeks for a hint of a natural flush. Since I am dusky, it is not too evident on my skin, but I liked the slight rosy hint on my cheeks for the day. Fair skinned beauties will benefit from this better than deeper skinned beauties.

4. Healthy Snack


Beets are good in salads too as they are rich in iron and great in flavor. If you cannot stomach the raw taste, try roasting the vegetable by cutting it in half and sprinkling some sea salt on top and roast in the oven for about 20 minutes. You can add some nuts and cottage cheese too.

5. De-Puff the Eye Area

Put a slice of raw beetroot in the freezer for 30 minutes and apply this to puffy under eyes. It immediately soothes and reduces the puffiness. I would suggest you cut the round slice in half and lay the half-moons under your eyes while you lie down for five minutes.

6. Skin Brightener


Mixing orange juice to beetroot juice not only tastes great and is packed full of vitamins. You can apply it on your skin as a brightener too. Just mix a little of the two juices together and massage on your face for about five minutes and wash it off to visibly brighter skin. This also works with a little tomato juice instead of orange juice.

7. Moisturizing Face Pack


Boiled beets can be mashed up and mixed with yoghurt for an excellent moisturizing face pack. You can also use malai (milk cream) for this if you have extremely dry skin. Yoghurt also acts as a brightener, so you are a few steps away from removing that annoying tan.

I hope these were beneficial to you lovelies and if you do use any of these techniques, do let me know how they worked for you. I personally love beetroots, so eating them raw or cooked is never a problem for me.

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