Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze in Stay Ablaze Review

Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze in Stay Ablaze

revlon colorstay mineral lipglaze
Product claim:
ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze is Revlon’s first longwearing lip gloss that lasts for up to 8 hours.
Revlon’s first long-wearing lip gloss with a unique mineral complex that provides a glossy seal of conditioning color. Just one application of this cushy formula keeps lips coated with comfortable color for up to 8 hours, with no need for touch-ups. Available in 12 gorgeous, glossy shades including 4 new shades.

revlon colorstay mineral lipglaze stay ablaze
I realized lately I don’t have any red lip colors at all, and I wanted one in my collection. I don’t feel bold enough just yet to wear a matte red lipstick, so I thought trying a red lip gloss, which would probably be sheerer, would be a good way to get my feet wet.
mineral lipglaze wand
Stay Ablaze is a pretty wearable red, great for daytime. The picture above was taken outdoors with flash, and the shade here looks brighter, but in actual it looks a tad darker, and more like a brick red at first glance. Looking more closely at it, to me it’s a dark coral red, with hints of orange, and tiny golden shimmers. It’s a cheerful, fun shade and gives my lips a nice, lively, yet not over-the-top color. I didn’t include a photo of it on my lips because my camera totally seems to wash it out and it doesn’t appear as vibrant as it does in the swatch photo.
This retails in the states for about $8, and here in Manila is sold at cosmetics counters for 575 Philippine Pesos (approx $13.50 or Rs. 620), but I bought it brand new and cheaper on the local Ebay for 250 Pesos, inclusive of shipping.

Pros of Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze

• Stay Ablaze is a lovely, perfectly wearable dark coral red that really livens up my face. I don’t find the color garish or clownish at all.
• Can be worn sheer or more opaque by adding layers, so it’s quite versatile—easy to wear during daytime, and can be made brighter for nights out, by swiping on more product.
• I think this color would suit both cool and warm skin tones, from light skin to darker tones.
• Doesn’t stay on for 8 hours at it claims, but does stay on pretty long for a lip gloss. It has a rich texture which helps make it last for over half the day on me, and I can still see it on my lips after eating lunch, though it’s a little less vibrant.
• Doesn’t dry out or irritate my lips.
• Doesn’t have a chemical taste to it or any taste at all.
• The packaging looks standard, but doesn’t look cheap to me and isn’t flimsy.
• The applicator is the typical doe-foot wand, but it applies the gloss on my lips with no problem.

Cons of Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze

• It has a rather fake orange-vanilla scent that I dislike, which is kind of strong at first but fades within a few minutes.
• It is a bit sticky, not overly so, and I think that helps it stay on longer and don’t mind it, but those who don’t like sticky lip glosses should try this before buying.
• May not be available in all countries aside from the USA.

Overall, this was a pretty good buy for me. I think Stay Ablaze is a good color for those just starting or looking to wear red shades—it’s quite pretty and can be worn sheer or strong. I was able to buy it cheaper on Ebay, and initially found its mall price on the expensive side, but after trying the product and liking the color and good lasting power, I find the price quite justifiable. If I ran out or wanted to buy another tube and could only buy it at the mall, I would be willing to buy there. I think it’s a must-try lip product from Revlon.

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31 thoughts on “Revlon ColorStay Mineral Lipglaze in Stay Ablaze Review

  1. it is such a wowee red……… :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    but red doesnt suits me… :(( :(( :(( :(( :((
    makes me look like total gavar…. :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2: :secret2:

    1. Maybe you just need to find the right shade of red for your skin tone, Sugisoni? ?:) And maybe also start by wearing the product sheer, like I usually do with this. :)) I use 1 dip for my entire lips then dab and it just looks like a lip tint. :))

  2. hooooooooooot red!!!! :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: why is it tht u always get such nice stuffs :huh: :smug: :smug: :smug: :smug:

    1. Jyo :toothygrin: I was pretty lucky to find this one on Ebay, it was such a bargain, less than half of what it costs at the store, and the color didn’t clash with me. :yahoo:

    1. Jyo looks pretty. :))

      Neha I think you probably could. :)) I should’ve posted a pic of it worn lightly on my lips to show how it’s not so bold, but the camera was washing out the color completely.

  3. Its such a lovely colour Ida :love: :love:
    And I think this is available here,I have seen this curvy tube before :toothygrin:

    1. Ramya, thanks, glad you love the shade. :)) :toothygrin: Am not comfortable when wearing full-on reds either, I feel self-conscious. :struggle: But I can get this to go on very sheer so that it doesn’t appear a very bright red.

  4. Hi everyone.can someone please do a post about fake Revlon products and how to identify them????? ?:) recently i came across a store where there are Revlon colorstay pencils were selling for rs50….and a dupe Revlon compact for rs 99….there were many more brands dupes too….i doubt they are dupes as i see their price. :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

    1. Re identifying fake Revlon products, maybe try to compare them closely (packaging, shade names) with online photos of Revlon products (from blog reviews perhaps)?

      I haven’t seen any fake Revlon stuff yet, over here what I’ve seen lots of are fake MAC! :sidefrown: Like those in Rati’s Thailand vacation post.

  5. monali i have avery small tip
    mosyt indian brands code starts with 8
    or 0
    so fake ones will have some strange coding like 57398298000
    but when its genuine it will be 867627777111 whatever
    lotus ones start with 0

    a shopkeeper told me this
    so always check :))

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