ELF Plumping Lip Glaze Plum Pout Review, Swatch, Photos

ELF Plumping Lip Glaze Review

I have never used any lip plumping products in my life. Believe it or not I am amongst those rare women who actually don’t like the look of plumped lips. Yes, I don’t even like the way Angelina Jolie looks due to her lips. So you might be thinking why I even got this product? Well, it was a gift from a friend and I was so excited to get my first ELF product, I tried it without even having a look as to what it actually is or what’s the shade even. I wouldn’t have realized it’s a lip plumping product until I experienced some crazy tingling sensation on my lips after application and for the next 3-4 minutes all that came out of my mouth was “Ooo….Aahh…”

ELF Plumping Lip Glaze

Price: – £1.50
Shade: – Plum Pout

What I like about ELF Plumping Lip Glaze Plum Pout

  • Super cheap
  • The tingling sensation is actually pretty refreshing. I seemed to like it after a while.
  • Despite that sensation, my lips didn’t feel any serious itchiness or irritation. I am not sure if it would work the same way on sensitive lips.
  • Pretty moisturizing but can get sticky after a while.

ELF Plumping Lip Glaze

What I don’t like about ELF Plumping Lip Glaze Plum Pout

  • First of all the most deceiving part is its shade. It’s called Plum Pout but there is no trace of it looking remotely close to plum either in the vial or on the lips.
  • It is not very pigmented. The color looks so gorgeous in the vial and while swatching- light brown mixed with golden shimmer on one end of the gloss and a pearly glittery gloss on the other end. But what it looks like when applied? Exactly like a clear gloss.

Note to ELF: If I wanted a clear gloss I would definitely not buy a gloss named ‘Plum Pout’. Please name your products appropriately.

  • Ok I mentioned how I don’t like plumping products but I guess it would feel worth it if it did plump my lips even slightly.
  • The strong menthol/vicks vaporub like odor really puts me off.
  • The quantity is pretty less. It will get over after applying everyday of just one week.

In short, I might as well buy a £10-£14 lipgloss which has 10 times the quantity than this and actually is a shade of Plum!!

ELF Plumping Lip Glaze

This is how it looks on my lips. I applied the brown shade and then the pearly white over it; this is my natural lip color so it looks like I have just put a clear gloss on it.

Verdict: – Just buy this lip gloss if you never ever find a clear gloss in nearby stores (which is highly unlikely) and want your lips to smell like menthol.

Rating: – :-*

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30 thoughts on “ELF Plumping Lip Glaze Plum Pout Review, Swatch, Photos

  1. Nice review Insiya!! 😀 😀 😀 he he he..yeah..these products do smell like menthol..but strangely my oriflame maxigloss didn’t smell of menthol and it did give such beautiful pink color to my lips because of tingling, however the gloss is kinda nudish peach…

    But the oriflame colorfull lipstick does smell of menthol…I am still wondering why they called this Elf product Plum pout, neither the swatch nor the color comes anywhere to plums!! 😐 😐 …And my neutrogena gloss also looks kinda clear gloss on my lips, despite giving a good pigmentation in the swatch!! :((..Donno how these glosses work!! :-/

        1. After your review Cali… I bought Maxigloss. Loved it so much I ordered one more again as it was on discount in this month brochure. :-* :-*
          So big thank U :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

          This is sad….the color is not remotely plum.
          But thank God for the price. You did not waste much. O:)
          Nice review.

            1. @Cali :thanks: :thanks: :-* :-*
              I haven’t got a chance t try any oriflame products yet. I don’t think they sell here 😐
              even I’m wondering why it’s called plum pout..soo annoyed I’m with this lipgloss :X

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