Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner – Vino Review

Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner – Vino Review

Hello IMBB Friends,

I have been so scared of red lips all my life. Because for some reason, I thought one needs a lot of guts to carry off red, but let’s blame it on me for not finding the perfect red 🙂 Thanks to IMBB, I could actually match what colors I can wear with what kind of outfits, and what colors will match my skin tone.

Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner

Product Details:

Defines lips and extends lipcolor wear.  With SoftFlex.  Pull-out sharpener.  Rich definition.  Exclusive ColorStay formula with SoftFlex technology provides long-wearing definition and makes lip color last longer.


$8-9, but do check out their BOGO offers.


All drugstores.

My Take on Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner – Vino:

Lip liners always cringed me. I always pictured those actresses from the 90s like Kimi Katkar and Sonam with their over drawn lips and light lipsticks. Ever since, I stayed a kilometer away from them until recently. I discovered liners from NYX and Revlon and they seemed very easy to work with. I remember one time, I went with IMBB on my cell and was comparing swatches in the store for an hour just to find the perfect raisin color *thanks Neha!* So, these liners come in 8 shades and all different from each other.

Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner

The color is a lovely matte muted berry wine.  I bought it on a whim when we had some theme dinner thing – and this is my second liner after that 🙂 I wear it under bright pinks and reds to give it more definition. It does what it says – defines lips with smooth color. I mostly line my lips with it and then blend it with my finger. It blends really easily and can be used to extend lip color wear.  No feathering and bleeding of any kind. It does make the lipsticks stay more. but even with a clear lip balm, it looks really fabulous. The liner is a twist up pencil and has a nice firm tip. The pencil also has a sharpener at the rear end and although it doesn’t need one – just to make the tips sharper. I usually insert in the sharpener and turn gently. The packaging is the usual black pencil with the cap and the end having the color of the shade underneath. I have a couple of other shades in this range and after MAC, ColorStay is the only liner range I use. What I do is that I apply the liner on the outline and blend with my fingers or I fill in with my lips and even out everything with a brush and then dab the lipstick on top. Easy peasy!

Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner

When I want an effortless stain, I just randomly apply the lip liner over a lip balm which gives it a soft pop of color.  Sharpens easily, pull out the sharpener from the end of the pencil, twist  pencil to expose fresh color.  Insert in sharpener and turn gently. I’m not so high on getting a fresh point every time, but it’s great to know I don’t have to bother with bringing a special sharpener.

Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner

Pros of Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner – Vino:

  • Very soft and easy to apply.
  • Great quality.
  • Does not break easily.
  • Great shade range.
  • No feathering or bleeding of the lip color.

Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner

Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner

Cons of Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner – Vino:

  • They should have been for 5-6$
  • Kind of stiff, I don’t use them when my lips are heavily chapped.
  • Do apply a lip balm underneath because it could be a bit drying.
  • It does tug and pull a bit.


I give it a rating of 3 /5. I really trust these liners under darker MAC lipsticks. They complement very well with a lot of lipsticks/glosses and increases longevity.

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10 thoughts on “Revlon ColorStay Twist Up Lip Liner – Vino Review

  1. Trust me Bee, I am very bad at picking up lipsticks at the counter, I check out neha’s/IMBB lip swatches and reviews and make my decision at home itself 😛

    1. Jomol *hihi* I also do the same exact thing! 😛 and those SAs at the counter will be gasping at me picking up shades which they are not familiar with and I am *hihi* once an SA asked me, “Ma’am, how do you know so much about these products which even I am not aware of” rofl Thanks to IMBB *happy dance*

    1. Ohhhhh wow Princy u hav ruby woo….. I find it it out of stock each and every time… Lagta hai ab tumse hi mangana padega

      1. Hhaha Arpita 😀 it’s always out of stock here also but what I do is I pre-book mine 😀 so they call me as soon as fresh stock arrives *happydance* try that! 🙂

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