Biotique Seaweed Eye Gel & Almond Under eye Cream- Review

Biotique Seaweed Eye Gel and Almond Under eye Cream- Review

Hi All IMBB beauties,

It’s been eons since I wrote anything on IMBB… Thanks to the Jaundice virus!!
But I have not wasted my absence of a month. I have been thinking about various makeup looks that I would soon try out and show all of you.

But today, it’s a review.
Now, I don’t have very obvious or deep dark circles. But, spending 8-10 hrs in front of a computer screen comes with a price. So I decided on getting myself something to protect my under-eye area from further damage.

Rati raves about the Aroma magic under-eye cream but I couldn’t find it in my city. (Old story!!) So I got myself the Biotique Almond Under eye cream. The SA insisted and persisted till I bought the Biotique Seaweed Eye gel too.

According to her, the gel is for day time and the cream is for night time. So it is. And she added that I would get the “best results” if I use both of them together.

Here are the two products.

Biotique Eye gel and Cream
Biotique Eye gel and Cream

Both of them cost Rs. 135/- (each) for 16 g of product.
Both the products have a shelf life of 3 years.

Biotique Eye gel and Cream
Biotique Eye gel and Cream

I’ll talk about the Seaweed Eye Gel first.

The packaging is alright. It says:

  • Seaweed eye gel
  • For day use
  • Bio Weed
  • Removes dark circles under the eyes and increases blood circulation and brightness of the eyes.

1% Chinai Grass (Seaweed extract)
3% Punarnava
3.5% Beheda
1.5% Badam Tail (Almond Oil)
0.3% Jaiphal Tail (Nutmeg Oil)
2.1% Madhu (Honey)
Q.S. Parishrut Jal (Gel Base)
Directions for use: Pat on eye area every morning and massage gently.

This is what I think:

  • The gel is light and is easily absorbed into the skin.
Biotique Eye gel
Biotique Eye gel

• A really really tiny amount is needed. The amount in the pic is enough to cover both eyes.

Biotique Eye gel
Biotique Eye gel
Biotique Eye gel
Biotique Eye gel
  • The good thing about the gel is that it instantly cools my tired/burning eyes after I have spent a good couple of hours in front of my PC.
  • The bad thing is: It does nothing else.
  • It has no moisturizing effect.
  • It has a very medicinal smell.
  • Absolutely no reduction in puffiness.
  • Despite of being meant for day wear, has no SPF content.
  • If I apply a bit more of the gel, to get some moisture, it makes my under eye area sticky.
  • I have seen no changes in my under eye area despite of using it religiously for over a month.
  • I have now stopped using it completely.
  • I am not sure about the shelf life too. I used this gel at least 3-4 months ago. And I opened it after a good couple of months for this review. And I can definitely think it has congealed and has become thicker than before.

Final verdict: :star: … Only for the cooling effect.
I will never buy it again and would strongly advise everybody against it.

Let’s talk about the Almond Under eye Cream.

The pack says:

  • Almond under eye cream
  • For use at night
  • Bio Almond
  • Removes puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.
  • Improves eye sight and brightness.


  • 0.5% Jaiphal Tail (Nutmeg oil)
  • 1.3% Badam Tail (Almond Oil)
  • 5.2% Surajmukhi Tail (Sunflower Seed oil)
  • 5.0% Bihidana Luvab (Quince Seed gel)
  • Q.S. Cream base

Directions for use: Massage gently under the eye area.

Here is what I think:

  • The cream is very thick. It takes its time in getting absorbed.
Biotique Eye Cream
Biotique Eye Cream
  • It’s good for massaging the under eye area, albeit gently.
  • It moisturizes the under eye area very well.
  • It has to be applied at night. You can’t possibly wear such a thick cream during the day.
  • It too has a different but medicinal smell.
  • Although, it did nothing to brighten the under eye area, it at least moisturizes well.
  • But the thing is I have plenty of creams (Nivea classic amongst the best) who would do that.
  • I applied this too zealously for over a month. When I visited the same store again, the SA told me that I would have to keep applying it regularly for6 months before I see any change. And I don’t even have dark circles!!!
  • So I dropped it.
  • The worst thing about it is that IF it enters your eye, it burns like hell.
  • The gel not that much, but the cream!!! It seriously burns.
  • So at the end of it, me not happy. 🙁

Final verdict: :star: :star: for the moisturizing effect.

I would never buy it again and would advise against it.

I was disappointed at both these products. Although, very few products that claim to remove dark circles actually work. But I had expected better from Biotique.

Anyways, I now think I should get the Aroma magic cream before I make another stupid purchase.

Lots of love,


65 thoughts on “Biotique Seaweed Eye Gel & Almond Under eye Cream- Review

  1. hmm….nice review Mrun! I was considering buying this, coz my garnier under eye cream and Annemarie Borlind are on a verge to get over in another month! Thank you for sharing this review. I guess I need check Aroma Magic too now!! 🙂

  2. hi Mrunmayee

    I had same experience with the eye cream. it is so bad , take lots of time to get absorbed……expected a good product from Biotique

  3. Hi Mrunmayee

    I have used this and highly disappointed with the same,am using jovees uner eye cream and it is much better than this .. i have written the review here last month , am so sorry another one has to face the same results as mine 🙁

    1. I am disappointed too Veena..

      I am reading your review..
      I like Jovees.. So I might try it next.. Thanks for the heads up..

  4. HI Mrunmayee,

    Hope u r feeling good better now.. Hale & Healthy…
    Well.. Biotique Products have never been my favorite. They never work. I have tried their Sunscreen (SPF 50) once and trust me it was horrible. I came back home all Tanned.. And i somehow hate the smel of their products.. My aunt used to tell me that she has wasted enough money on Biotique products..

    1. Oh.. So sorry to hear about that Suganya.. 🙁

      I have had mixed experience with Biotique.. I did like their tinted moisturiser and kajal and even a sandalwood based sunscreen.. And I love their Almond oil cleanser.. :yes: :yes:

      But there have been major duds too.. Like these for example.. 😛 😛

      But that’s with almost every brand na??? 😐 😐

    1. Thanks Gia..
      Biotique is fine in parts.. :-/

      But lotus is def wayyy better..

      I don’t know if it makes sense but lotus is “Neat”… :-)) :-))

  5. Nice review M, sorry you unsatisfied with the product… I was in doubt if biotique almond or VLCC one, i got the VLCC one its okaish, nothing to write home about anyways 🙂

    1. Oh Deb.. Don’t get me started on VLCC!!! It’s one brand i completely avoid following some disastrous experiences :pain: :pain:

      But I seriously expected better from Biotique… 😐 😐

  6. Know what Rati.. :-/ :-/ I have seen that under eye gels seldom work.. They have never worked for me or anybody else i know.. 😕

    Cream will at least moisturise the area.. Gels just give you that cooling effect and bas… Nothing more!!

  7. i have the seaweed gel. 😐 and it really does nothing. i’m only glad i dint get the almond cream. 😀 and how are you doing now?? :):)

      1. 😀 you know that HD!! doing sev puri posts when you have jaundice!!! we were invited to all the parties when i had jaundice!!! beat HD up!!:P:P :D:D:D

        1. Er… “Trying very hard to find something evil to say”- :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: Failed miserably… :-(( :-(( 😥

          1. chi! what are you?!?! okay do 1 thing.. sign up for my/Jomols private tuitions. (advertisement- we made Rads very mean!!:D:D:D now she can easily make anyone cry in 1 minute!!:D:D) :lashes: :lashes: :lashes:
            only 25,000 rupees/ month. 2 days a week. :-$ :-$ :-$

              1. 😀 only cash!!:D:D okay so what time is good for you??:D:D Rads!!! just you dont know! we brought out the evilness in you!!:D:D so evil shes become not even thanking me! hmmmph!! me liking!!:D:D :heh: :heh:

                  1. just because you are not taking our classes, shop bhadkofying her!!! HD!!! you are mean already!! posting sev puri and syrup pictures and this Mrun seriously need to be meaner than this!!! 😛 haha

                    1. hawwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I posted that sev puri post to give u a virtual treat and ur calling me mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      ur soooo goody good na when u do all bootiful eye makeup posts and get MAC concealer and all na!!! and yaa get all e/s trios by pataoing ppl in others absence :smug: :smug: smug: smug: smug:

                    2. :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( i just have 1 mac concealer! i had one lipglass. i dint know what mac was back then.. looked like streetwear to me!:P and i threw it somewhere.. :(:(:(:(::(
                      and i’m just talented!:(:(:((:((:(( hold that against me! fine!!! 😮

  8. hi mrunmayee, I have dark circles like racoon eyes …but it got better after using lotus nutracare under eye gel…it works like magic..i dont see racoon eyes no more and well …neither does any one else:D

  9. Hi Mrun…welcome back, missed you, hope you are OK now. I am using Shahnaz Hussain Under Eye Serum – it contains honey, aloe vera, cucumber and rose extract and I have seen a definite improvement in my dark under-eye circles, and I can even go out without using a concealer these days. 25ml. is for Rs. 490/-. I will buy another one after this one is over.

  10. Mrun – The almond eye cream sucks. I used to apply it gingerly every night hoping for miracles a couple of years back. It did nothing at all. And it bloody stings like crazy if it gets into the eye. For an eye cream to hurt that much..And whats that about ? I feel like trying the garnier pen type thingy.

  11. :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    I hope no one frm MAC reads this….ur tght MAC was something like streetwear :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    n wht makes u think I have a bagful of MAC goodies 🙁

  12. I too have both Biotique Seaweed Eye Gel and Almond Under eye Cream and its useless. Need some good suggestions on the under eye cream/ gel.. Plz help 🙁 ?:)

  13. I don’t know about others but i would recommend the biotique night cream. I haven’t tried the day cream ofcourse. It had removed my dark circles completely in just 10 days. I agree that it burns when it gets into the eyes, which is a great disadvantage for an under eye dark circle cream, but it worked for me.

  14. Aroma Magic’s eye gel & almond under eye cream are very good…. Eye gel is absorbed very fast, even more quantity does not irritate the skin or eyes…and i feel my under eye skin tight after this…but i apply it only in hot humid climate when i can’t wear under eye cream…..
    Almon Under Eye Cream smells good….takes 1-2mins to be absorbed but rarely irritates my under eye skin…I just apply a very small dot….i bought both the products almost 2 years ago…so their cost is very very nominal…

    Anyways thanks for this review….i was thinking for giving Biotique eye cream a try but now i will not replace Aroma Magic with anything else… i had bought Honey Gel, Fruit Face Pack, coconut whitening cream, morning nectar…but i am not happy with them at all….Biotique sucks

    BTW you can try himalaya herbals under eye cream as well…. Aroma Magic’s cost around 90-95 and himalaya’s 150-160…the only thing i found good in Himalaya under eye cream was it was lighter than aroma magic’s cream & faster absorbed but i will buy aroma magic only

  15. yes you are absolutely right……i too had same experience with the almond cream. As a whole, its a complete waste product…..

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