Rimmel London Extreme Black Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara Review

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A few months back I wrote a review on Rimmel London Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara, which as claimed by Rimmel; is designed to give you the perfect scandalized and volumized eye lashes! Since I liked that mascara, I was really tempted to try out another version of Scandaleyes. This one as the name suggest is “Extreme Black”. Somehow, while purchasing this one I was really hoping that it turns out good like it’s other variant. Oh and before I start reviewing Volume Flash Extreme Black, here is a link to Rimmel London Scandaleyes Volume Mascara in Black (for those interested 🙂 ).

Rimmel Scandal Eyes VolumeFlash Mascara

Rimmel Scandal Eyes VolumeFlash Mascara


Euro 7 (INR 539 approx) for 12 ml.

Before I give you my take on this mascara, I thought it’s important to introduce you to the claims made by Rimmel about their Scandaleyes Mascara.

Product Description and Claims:

  • For lashes so big, it’s almost criminal. Scandalous false lash volume.
  • Max Density Brush: 50% larger.
  • Captures and plumps every lash.
  • Supersize formula with 3x collagen + 3x keratin.
  • Lasts all day.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes VolumeFlash Mascara

My Experience with Rimmel London Extreme Black Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara:

I have used Rimmel London Volume Flash Mascara earlier in the shade black, which as I have already told you guys I really liked. So, when I recently found myself running out of my volumizing mascara, I ordered it’s Extreme Black version.

Since, Extreme Black basically is another version of Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara, I know what you guys must be thinking – There really wouldn’t be any difference than the Extreme Black version being very very Black, of course. But, somehow this is not the only difference I found between these two mascaras. Scandaleyes in Extreme Black is also less runny. In addition, since the mascara is well pigmented; you would probably need to apply less coats of this mascara to achieve a “dramatic eyes look” as compared to the black version. It is a good everyday mascara and yes as Rimmel claimed, it does last all day long. 🙂

Rimmel Scandal Eyes VolumeFlash Mascara

In terms of volumizing capacity, I have loved both the variants of Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara in Extreme Black and Black. However, after using the one in Extreme Black, I would have to admit that I am more biased towards it. I just love how Extreme Black’s extreme black pigments add that extra drama to my eyes. 😀

The only complaints I have with this mascara is – Firstly, it’s bristles quality (though thick they do not help much when it comes to brushing through the lashes). Secondly, it’s not waterproof.

So yes, even though the formula is runny – it’s really not a problem. Also, if you are fond of fake eye lashes, but can’t be bothered applying them every day. You should pick this up instead. 🙂

As far as the question regarding which of the two Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascaras, Black or Extreme Black, is better? Well, that really depends on your personal choice – If you want ultra black dramatic lashes go for the mascara in Extreme Black. 🙂

Rimmel Scandal Eyes VolumeFlash Mascara

Pros of Rimmel London Extreme Black Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara:

  • Triple Collagen + Keratin formula shapes and plumps even the thinnest lashes.
  • Max Density Trademark Rimmel London Brush – It is nearly 30% wider and denser.
  • Thick bristles – The bristles are closely packed. This helps volumizing the lashes.
  • Gives the much needed dramatic look to the lashes.
  • Nicely pigmented.
  • Easy to remove.
  • Does not flake.
  • Does not clump.
  • Does not irritate eyes.
  • Lasts longer than Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara.
  • Expiration – 12 months.
  • Price – Value for money.

Cons of Rimmel London Extreme Black Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara:

  • Ordinary Bristles – Though the bristles are densely packed, the bristle quality is pretty ordinary (This is somewhat the same problem I experienced with its other variant). So, I guess Rimmel haven’t done much here to improve the bristles quality.
  • Does not help separate the lashes.
  • Takes some time to dry off completely. Probably wait for a minute or 2 before you apply the second coat.
  • Clump up lashes after a couple of coats.
  • Not waterproof.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Rimmel London Extreme Black Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara?


Would I recommend Rimmel London Extreme Black Scandaleyes Volume Flash Mascara?

Yes. It is a good volumizing mascara and specially when it comes at this price. I have not much complaints to make.

Hope you find this review helpful! Don’t forget to comment below and let me know!

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  1. Good find Mridu 🙂 I like how it’s not waterproof.. so it can be used everyday without, any drying effect. 🙂

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