8 Romantic Things To Make Your Partner Happier

We feel spending loads of money on expensive gifts is clichéd, and instead you can do these little things to add a spark to your romance this V-Day. Not only do these save your pennies, these gestures create a closer bond between the two of you. In this post, I will suggest you some simple things you can try this Valentine’s Day to make your partner feel loved.

Romantic Things

1. Take a day off

Don’t frown; Valentine’s Day is already on Sunday this year. But those of you have the habit of bringing work home, please keep your pending work aside. Instead focus on your spouse or partner, and try to spend quality time. If you can’t manage a whole day off, just try to keep at least the evening aside to have a romantic date.

2. Do some household chores

romatic couple activities

This is especially for couple who live together. Does one of you, probably the lady spend a lot of time doing the household chores? Does the kitchen and related work take up a lot of her time? Why don’t you let her rest for a day, and get going with her work! If you can’t do it alone, split work (well ideally you should do it every day). Not only would it reduce her workload, she would get more time to dress up for you. And it is one of the best ways to show your appreciation for your better half.

3. Let your creativity do the talking

diy valentine's gift idea

Unleash the artist in you. Write a poem, draw a picture or pen down some heartfelt words. Can you imagine your guy singing a self composed romantic song for you? Doesn’t it make you go weak in your knees? Even the costliest of gifts can’t match up to the euphoria of having your loved one do something creative for you.

4. Get off the social radar

However much you want to post mushy V-day selfies or a love status, giving time to your beau or ladylove is of prime importance. So unless you are in a long distance relationship, resist the temptation of logging into your Facebook or Instagram account or checking your notifications on phone. This will surely help you to focus your attention on the love of your life.

5. Show your appreciation

Isn’t a little bit of appreciation what we all aim for? Instead of taking our loved ones for granted, show them how much they mean to you. A simple note like ‘Thank you for having my back always’ in his wallet or ‘What would I do without you?’ on her dresser would no doubt make your partner feel special. Or you may make a thank you card listing the reasons why you can’t ever think of a life without them.

6. Do things you both love

couple spend time

Our busy schedules pose a challenge to fulfilling our hobbies and wants. We keep on procrastinating even the things we love, citing lack of time. Valentine’s Day is a time to indulge in simple luxuries like baking cookies, going for a walk along the beach, a trip to your favorite mall, movie marathon and relaxing spa sessions.

7. Dress up for each other

Even if you don’t have grand Valentine’s Day plans, you can keep the element of love in your dressing. Does he like the red dress you wear rarely? Or does she fancy you in your tux? You need not go out to have fun; sometimes dressing up for each other is a huge reward in itself and makes the other person feel lucky.

8. Share comfort food

breakfast in bed

This goes without saying, food no doubt plays a pivotal role in any celebrations. So cozy up on the couch with a tub of your favorite ice cream, nibble on a dark chocolate or empty a bag of nachos. You will feel so good about yourself and the relationship in general.

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