How Safe is Glycolic Peeling for My Mother: Ask IMBB

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Vinaya Saralaya asks:

Dear Madam,

I am a big fan of your blog.

I need your opinion. My mother is 61 and she is taking hairfall treatment at VLCC centre. She is also getting face treatment too for face tightening and pigmentation. Now they have suggested chemical peeling ie; Glycolic peeling.. Is the procedure safe? Are there any side effects? I am not in favour of doing it in this scorching heat.But I need your valuable advice. Kindly oblige…

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4 thoughts on “How Safe is Glycolic Peeling for My Mother: Ask IMBB

  1. Vinaya ….. i agree with Neha ..that the success rate of a Glycolic peel totally depends on how expereinced and skilled the dermotologist is ??? don’t worry at all the procedure is very very safe and their are no side effects what so ever.. its not rocket sceince.. it’s very simple and hardly takes 45 mins 🙂 .. they use a mild chemical solution which causes the dry and dead facial skin to peel off…the new skin is usually glowy, even toned and less wrinkled ..yup i agree in such heat it will not be a good idea but if ur mother manages to stay indoor for 2- 3 days .. her skin will recover 🙂 .. it takes atleast 3 sittings for a noticable difference on the skin.

  2. Vinaya glycolic acid peels are very safe, just make sure they are used by professionals, these days i have seen women do their peels at home also safely so ideally it should not be a problem, few things to remember though since she is using it for the first time see wht is the % of the peel, extremely high percentage can cause irritation on skin, also sunscreen is a MUST! i can explain the importance of wearing sunscreens especially when you have a peel done, peels peel of the upper layer of skin making the skin highly senstive to the sun, make sure your mom wears spf30 or above all the time and first few days after the peel if possible no sun exposure at all. sun exposure can increase the pigmentation and make the areas dark! always carry umbrella even if you have applied sunscreen..nothing protects better than umbrella 🙂
    if there is burning sensation after the peels, just ask her to wash the face with cold water 2 to 3 times until the sensation subsides 🙂
    hope this helps

  3. i badly wanted to get rid of the scars and pigmentation and i wanted glycolic peel to be done.It was in the month of dec.even then,my derma suggested to go for microdermabrasion.,as he said that is even more better and ppl need not worry about goin in the sun and also for the glow it gives..Make sure dat she stays at home atleast for a week after the peel:)

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