Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat Review

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How are you doing today? I love nail polishes and have every color possible with me. My stock is so over loaded that I sometimes accidentally end up buying the same color multiple times. Most of us face the problem of chipping of the nail colors within a couple of days of application. I recently traveled for about a week and I wanted my nail color to remain intact, so I picked up Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat. It imparts glossy finish to the nail colors.

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Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat provides a clear protective finish that seals nail color for longer wear and better resistance to chipping and peeling. Use Super Shine between manicures to freshen nail color and add brilliant shine.

How To Use:
Brush Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat over thoroughly dry nail color and under the nail tip for extra protection. Dries in 30 seconds.

INR 425 for 13.3 ml

My Experience With Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat:

I have seen these Sally Hansen products several times in the parlors, but had never seen in any shops. I was placing some order on an online site when I came across this product and it fascinated me. I bought it online and got addicted to shopping cosmetics online thereafter. My credit card bills have been rising since then! 😀

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Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat

I usually change my nail color on Sundays for the week ahead (I sometimes even coordinate my clothes according to the color of the nail paint for the entire week). Sometimes I find a particular shade that I had always been looking for but it starts to chip after just 2-3 days, which breaks my heart.

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Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat comes in a nice sturdy bottle which is flat on one end and a little oval on the other. The liquid is slightly yellowish in color is quite runny and is not thick. The brush is quite a long one with smooth bristles and is thus easy to apply.

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So once I apply my favorite nail paint, I just need to coat and seal it with Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat once the nail paint is dry. It is very easy to use and does not mess with the nail paint at all. The coat dries up quickly, say in 10- 15 seconds. Two strokes of Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat covers the whole nail. The nails get a glossy finish once this is applied all over them.


This can also be used as a top coat with fresh manicures. I am completely in love with this and use it every time I apply a nail paint. I apply it over my favorite nail paint to protect it from peeling and chipping. With matte or dull color nail polishes, the glossy finish it provides is simply amazing.

Pros of Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat:

• Prevents chipping and peeling
• Imparts good glossy shine on the nails
• Can be used for French manicure also
• Easy to apply
• Brush is good and easy to use
• Sturdy packaging
• Can also be used over Konad art on nails

Cons of Sally Hansen Super Shine Top Coat

• Price is a little high

IMBB Rating:
4.5/5 (-0.5 for the price)

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