Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo Review

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As my travel diaries continue I love telling you all about the products that I rely on to keep me going even though things are hectic and stressful around me when climbing in and out of buses, trains, planes and autos. There’s a reason why the experts call it ‘Beauty Sleep’ and a restful night’s sleep can do wonders for your hair and skin. So if you’re like me and a bit short on it at the moment because you too are travelling, here is another one of my beauty secrets that I’ve kept under wraps to help me out a bit with my everyday hair care!



Product Description:



Can I just say again that I love to see this brand in the Indian market! I bought it last year after I left with my head smelling like an angel at a salon and then I got addicted to so many products from this line! The Professional Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo comes in a simple black plastic packaging. I love that the plastic bottle is not heavy plastic! It twists close really tight so there is absolutely no worrying about it leaking during travelling. I love the handy size of it; it is small enough for me to even carry on board with my hand luggage (as airlines allow you to only carry liquids of 100 ml capacity). The shampoo is pearly white in colour and is not as thick as other shampoos like Dove or Sunsilk.

Product Claims:







Price: The travel friendly bottle is priced at INR 300 for 50 ml.


My Experience With The Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo:

You know how when you get a blow dry or hair cut at a salon and your hair smells like a unicorn riding a rainbow? And then you buy the product from the said salon to try at home but it smells nothing like that. Well forget that disappointment ladies because this shampoo does not disappoint! I bought it for the exact reason that my hair responded wonderfully to it in the salon so I was hoping that it would do the same at home and it did, it really did!



There are so many traits that I love about this shampoo- it lathers even in hard water giving me a really clean feeling hair, it is not heavily perfumed and has a rather light floral scent and finally because it helps in maintaining my frizz especially in a high humidity area. Usually all my post shower products help with my hair but I need to be in an air conditioned room to keep my hair poker straight. This shampoo has, over the last few months, helped my hair keep straight even in the heat. This has almost reduced me to great tears of joy!



I’ve noticed my hair gets considerably softer after I use this and my natural waves are enhanced to mermaid beach waves level when my hair air dries after this, all of these make me love this formulation personally.
What I do not like is that I do need a bit more than a coin sized amount to get my hair clean. This is the one thing that stops me from investing more in this because it ends up being expensive in the long run and this is why I use this only during travel. Again this product leans more towards being good for me because I have fine hair, if you have thick curly hair I can only imagine you would need quite a lot of this product!


This shampoo is also colour safe so it will work for you if you colour your hair often. I would not say that this will increase the volume of your hair. I don’t know if this shampoo strengthens and repairs, since my hair fall has not decreased but my dry ends do feel less horrible straw like split ends with this. Because this is quite runny in consistency, more comes out of the bottle than you actually need. Again this is a pearly white shampoo which is very lightly scented!

Pros of Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo:

• Smells good.
• De-frizzes hair in the long run.
• Lightweight packaging.

Cons of Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo:

• It’s quite runny so you would need a lot more of this to get it to work!

Would I Repurchase Or Recommend The Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Shampoo?
I would not recommend buying this in a bigger 100 ml or 200 ml packaging without trying less of it first, so try this in a salon before you buy! I prefer to buy a smaller size of this when travelling.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

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