Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick – Sexy Game Review

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick – Sexy Game Review

Hello beautifuls,

How was your weekend gals? Ours was super busy! Whenever my hubby stays at home, I see myself either confined to the kitchen or the kitchen, and just the kitchen 😛 He is a “foodoholic,” just like me and seems Aadya also inherited this common trait from us 😛 I need to spank both of us for our weird food cravings and seriously we need to work out. Well, this is not our only concern, I suddenly realized that it takes a hell lot of strength for me to twist my waist or move my body. My mum says when we feel like putting efforts in moving our body, then we should check our weight and diet for these are early symptoms of eating disorders which may lead to obesity 😛 Anyway, enough of my blabbering, let me share my new lipstick from Sephora Rouge Cream collection which is my new replacement for L’Oreal Colour Riche lipsticks.  Do you know, L’Oreal has discontinued many shades from the Colour Riche range, Vagabond Maue is one such shade! It used to be my HG pink shade, but it’s no more! Anyway, I got the same shade in Sephora Rouge Cream lipsticks –  and its Sexy Game, and I am really excited about it as it is highly pigmented and really happening shade for this winter. Please read on further to know about this hot rosy brown shade – Sephora Rouge Cream lipstick in Sexy Game.



$ 12.50 for 0.14 Oz (3.9 g)


Light pink lipstick 2

Product Description:

What It Is?

A hydrating lipstick that creates full lips with intense color.

What it does:

A revamp of the iconic Sephora Lip Attitude Chic, this new hydrating formula provides improved coverage and is rife with pigment. The creamy texture softly glazes your lips, imparting just the right amount of color and sheen.

Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick 2


This hot rosy brown lipstick comes in a sturdy black bullet packaging with shade details mentioned in bullet itself and we do get an idea of the shade inside by looking at the bottom of the bullet case. I love its black packaging, it seems travel friendly, but the black case often attracts dirt and fingerprints, which needs to be taken care of.

Light pink lipstick 3

My Experience with Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick – Sexy Game:

Well, I could not believe L’Oreal discontinued my favourite Colour Riche Vagabond Mauve shade 🙁 My search for rosy mauve/brown lipstick started a few months ago when my baby disfigured my Vagabond Mauve lipstick.  It was one of my best mauve metallic pinks, and I am still crying for that shade, I tried and tried but could not find a single shade matching in any brand (drugstore brands) till date, can you believe? Thankfully, one fine day, I spotted this beautiful rosy brown lipstick in Sephora and without any ifs and buts, I ordered it. This Sephora Rouge Sexy Game resembles a lot with my favourite L’Oreal Vagabond Mauve lipstick.  It is a beautiful deep rosy brown shade when seen in bullet and gives such vibrant, pretty mauve pink pigmentation on lips, wow!  I am totally flattered by its deep pigmentation and color payoff, which instantly brings a glow on the face and gears up my mood. It seems an apt shade for winters which will suit all medium/ fair skin tones.

Light pink lipstick 4

Light pink lipstick 6

When I say deep pigmentation, it means it will leave a good stain even when we slightly touch it on lips.  I gently touch it on lips and it gives such thick, opaque, deep pink brown stain on lips, gosh! I feel we need a lip brush or fingers first to get optimum color on lips (for the ones who like lightly pigmented lips).  Needless to say, it is a highly pigmented lipstick.  Surprisingly, it feels light on the lips in spite of thick deep pigmented color payoff.

Light pink lipstick 7

Light pink lipstick 8

The texture is also creamy but not as soft as L’Oreal or Revlon cream lipsticks. Since winters have already stepped in, I don’t feel this lipstick would fair well on me without lip gloss or lip balm, as it tends to accentuate my dry lips some times and often seems drying after some time; however, the dryness is not bothering, but it may accentuate fine lines on the lips if not taken care properly.

sehora sexy game lipstick

I feel I am more flattered by its color payoff rather than texture, honestly if you have ever tried and loved Maybelline and L’Oreal for their buttery, hydrating texture, then you will get to know what I am exactly trying to specify about this Sephora Rouge lipstick. However, it only dries and looks cakey when swiped for more than 3-4 times on the lips. It easily transfers on mugs and towels while wiping face, still it manages to stay for good hours without feathering and bleeding on lips, quite impressive.  Yes, gals the staying power is pretty good, 6-8 hours with heavy meals and it leaves behind pretty rosy brown tint thereafter which fades after a few hours. I never cared about its texture for I was dying to get my L’Oreal Vagabond Mauve shade back, which I never spotted anywhere since I looked for it in every store.  I feel, it is an individual’s decision to either love or hate this lipstick, for the color pay off, staying power which is way better than any drugstore brand while knowing the fact that it might feel dry after some time.  I solely picked it for its rosy brown pigmentation which is not easily available in other brands, so unless you are searching for the same shade, you may or may not like it! I personally love it and wear it mostly with all my pink, black and other colored outfits except red and plum, it is such versatile shade. I would say, give it a try once for its deep pigmentation and for the fact that it is pretty similar to L’Oreal Vagabond Mauve shade.

sehora sexy game Lipstick 4

Let’s sum up the pros and cons:

Pros of Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick – Sexy Game:

  • A creamy, deep rosy brown, versatile shade which goes well with almost all outfits except for a few reds and plums.
  • It is immensely pigmented yet feels light and soft on the lips.
  • It gives such dark pigmentation even by slightly touching against the lips.
  • An apt hot and happening shade for winters.
  • Totally flattering shade on fair, medium skin toned beauties.
  • It stays for good 6-8 long hours on lips without feathering.
  • It leaves behind pretty pink stain even after rinsing off with water.
  • Sturdy, travel friendly packaging.

Pink Lips

Cons of Sephora Rouge Cream Lipstick – Sexy Game:

  • Might accentuate dry lips or fine lines on lips.
  • Not as much hydrating as other drugstore brands, I need lip balm beneath this lipstick or a lip gloss on top so that it does not feel drying on my lips.
  • It transfers on to tea cups, wiping towels and on my baby’s soft cheeks (however this lip color still manages to stay for good 8-10 hours).
  • Highly pigmented, the best I ever came across which leaves deep stain even with a slight touch, it is a plus point for me however it might bother some.

Overall, I would say if you are looking for a soft, creamy, balmy type lipstick to combat dryness of your lips, then this needs a skip from you. However, if you are wishing for a deep rosy brown colored lipstick irrespective of its texture, then go ahead and try it out, it’s such a hot, happening and versatile shade, wow! I love it despite all odds.  It resembles a lot like L’Oreal Colour Riche Vagabond Mauve, so all those who are looking for its dupe, please refer to this lipstick or else if you know any better replacement, then please do tell me, I badly want that rosy brown lipstick back! L’Oreal, are you listening guys 😛

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    1. very true jomol.. *hifive* *happydance* i took it for replacement of same naa.. *cry* my baby ate up my loreal lipstick.. *cry* I so miss my vagabond mauve shade .. *cry* *cry*

    1. indeed.. *haan ji* mahashweta u may get it in sephora store or online, might be in amazon or ulta as well.. happy shopping.. *happydance*

  1. OMGGG it’s true to it’s name- sexy game!! Beautiful lipstick neetu and absolutely stunning swatches as usual! seriously we foodies always have to work out to keep ourselves balanced. And some people can eat anything and not gain an ounce. It’s an unfair world *waaa* *waaa*

    1. *puchhi* glad u liked. Going thru my post.. *happydance*
      I totally agree, some of my frnzz they nvr put an inch even after eating like goat 24×7 *hihi* n I will gain inches n inches even by sniffing ghee or fried food.. *waaa* *waaa*

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