Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask Review

Skin type: Combination, sensitive & acne prone

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I keep my skin care routine very basic and simple. I actually stick to the basics when it comes to skin care. I prefer a simple CTM routine religiously. I use face masks once or twice a week and sheet masks are my best friends as they are easy to use and are mess free. Last month I picked a few sheet masks from Sephora. Lotus, Pomegranate & Green Tea variants reviews are already up here. Today, I am reviewing Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask. Keep on reading for more details.

Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask

Price & Quantity: 430 INR for 1 sheet mask
Product Description:
Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask product description

Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask ingredients

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My Experience with Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask:

The packaging of the sheet mask is unique and quite attractive. The sheet mask comes in a matte bright yellow colored packaging. Each mask comes in a circular paper packaging that houses a plastic sachet of sheet mask. Inside, this plastic packet is fiber sheet mask that is infused with serum. The serum has different active ingredients in it. The packaging of the mask contains all necessary details about the product. Overall, the packaging is lovely.

Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask outer packaging

The fiber mask is white in color. The material is soft and deeply infused in serum. The serum is not dripping from the mask. The sheet has cut outs for eyes, nose and lips. The mask is large enough to fit the face perfectly. It is a little big for my face. So, it might be too big for people with small face. The sheet mask is very easy to use. Just wash off your face and pat dry. Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for 15 minutes as given in instructions. But, I prefer to keep it for 20-25 minutes. The mask fits very nicely on the face and does not slip off. It does not slip even if I do my work or move around. The mask has a typical “herbal smell”, which was not very pleasing to me. I actually hate the fragrance. The ginseng aroma is so overpowering and I do not enjoy it at all. The other two masks smell quite good.

Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask sheet

The mask gives a nice cooling sensation to my face. The ginseng mask is meant for toning and revitalizing the skin. It is supposed to tone the skin. I am really happy with the quality of the product. It actually does what it claims. My skin looked soft, bright and firm with just one use. My skin feels smooth and supple after using this mask. It actually made my skin look plumper and brighter after use. The mask deeply moisturizes my skin. The formula is non sticky and non greasy. It does not cast any oily layer on my face. But, the results are not long lasting, which is very disappointing. The effects last for one day only. Once, I remove the mask, I really feel so refreshed. I massaged the excess product on my face. The serum sinks into the skin quickly and does not require any heavy massaging. Overall this is a good product and suits my oily skin type very well. It is totally worth.

Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask how to use

Pros of Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask:

• Good & attractive packaging.
• Soft fiber mask.
• Fits face nicely.
• Properly infused sheet mask.
• Nourishes the skin.
• Plumps up the skin.
• Skin looks firmer.
• Non greasy.
• No oily cast.
• Gives cooling sensation to the skin.

Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng sheet Mask

Cons of Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask:

• Overpowering smell.
• Effects do not last long.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Sephora Toning & Revitalizing Ginseng Mask?
Yes to both.

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