Sephora Youth-Activating and Regenerating Orchid Mask Review

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Sheet masks are the hottest trend in skin care right now because of their portability, effectiveness, and ease of use. I am totally obsessed with sheet masks as well. If you have been to Sephora, you would know they have a whole line of masks that claim to help your skin in a specific way. After experiencing good results from Sephora Pomegranate and Rose sheet masks, I picked their Orchid and Avocado variants this time. This Orchid face mask claims to minimize signs of ageing and energize the skin for a smooth, glowing, and youthful look.

Sephora Youth-Activating and Regenerating Orchid Face Mask

100 Thai Bhat (INR 200); however, it is priced for INR 430 in India.

Details at the back

Product Description:

Each of Sephora’s masks is infused with a different active ingredient for relaxing the skin and achieving a brighter, more revitalized complexion. The fiber masks perfectly hug facial contours for better penetration of the active ingredients. These masks are dermatologist tested and are quick and easy to use.

How to use

My Experience with Sephora Youth-Activating and Regenerating Orchid Face Mask:

Packaging: Sephora masks come in color-coded sachets matching their core ingredient. This “Orchid” face mask comes in a purple packaging with a picture of orchids. It contains one white sheet mask drenched in serum, and it is a single-use pouch. Its sleek packaging makes it so travel friendly. The sheet is soft and has the symbol of Sephora embossed on it throughout. Although the sheet is a bit bigger for me, it fits on my face quite well. Probably people with thin and long face may find the sheet even bigger. The ingredients list mentioned in the outer cover is unfortunately in Chinese, but one thing is for sure – that is, it is enriched with orchid extract of natural origin from France.

Sephora mask

Texture: The texture of the serum in the sheet is not liquid-y or sticky. The moment I took the soggy sheet out, I thought it would be messy to fix the sheet on the face, but that was not the case. The serum did not drip nor was the sheet slippery. This quality makes it one of the best on-the-go sheet masks. The leftover serum in the sachet could also be rubbed into the skin, thus there is no wastage. This mask smells amazing. The orchid mask really smells like orchids.

Sephora sheet mask orchid

Performance: Sephora Orchid sheet mask is so easy to use. Just remove this sheet mask from the pouch, gently unfold it, simply place it right on your face, press it gently on to your skin so that it sticks on your entire face, sit down, relax, and allow all the moisture in the mask to sink into your skin. It easily adheres to my skin without stinging or irritating, and I can easily carry on with my daily chores. There is ample cutout space for the eyes and lips, so no worries about those sensitive areas. I do feel a cooling sensation on my face the moment I slip it on my skin and then the serum tends to get absorbed on my skin. I apply the excess serum in the sachet on my neck. It works best when I allowed this mask to completely dry on my skin, meaning I did not remove the mask until all the moisture was gone.

Sheet mask

Even though my skin sucked in all of its moisture, I could not see a big difference on my skin. I had a serious tanning issue because of my recent trip, and my skin looked very dull and that was the main reason I picked this youth-activating and regenerating orchid face mask. I was totally disappointed until I saw the full effect of the product on my skin the very next morning. My skin was moisturized and plump in the morning. It had calmed the skin, and my skin felt so lively and not dull. I had plumper, softer, and firmer skin. I also noticed that my skin was a lot brighter, but there was no glow on the skin as I had got out of the Pomegranate and Rose sheet masks.

The effect stays on for 3 days (I did not expose my skin to sun for too long), which is indeed great for a sheet mask. This mask is best for skin pampering, and not for skin prepping for any special occasion. Regular use of this mask has revived my skin from its dullness. Overall, I am happy with its results.

Pros of Sephora Youth-Activating and Regenerating Orchid Mask:

  • Easy-to-use, mess-free, non-sticky sheet mask.
  • Really smells like orchids.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.
  • Provides plumper, softer, and firmer skin.
  • Does not irritate the skin.
  • Revives skin dullness.
  • Effect lasts for 3 days.

Cons of Sephora Youth-Activating and Regenerating Orchid Mask:

  • Expensive for a single-use sheet mask, especially Indian price.
  • No glow on the skin as claimed.
  • Availability.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Sephora Youth-Activating and Regenerating Orchid Face Mask?
If people want to add or bring back brightness to their skin, do try this mask and you will not be disappointed. I have already used 3 sachets, and I have only 3 more left. I wish Sephora opens up in Chennai soon before I finish them off.

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  1. Nice review Nivasini. Would love to try this one. I do not understand why Sephora has raised the prices so much in India. Does it look like we have a lot of extra money!!!! 😉

    1. Thanks, Vinnie; actually it is not just Sephora, all drugstore brands such as Revlon and L’Oreal were priced very low outside India. The real drugstore price 😉

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