SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Review

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Today’s review will be on a sheet mask from the ‘Everyday’ range of sheet masks from SkinFood. Let’s see how it fared for me!

SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Review

Price: $2.90
Product Description and Ingredients:
SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Review Product Description

My Experience with SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask:

SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Review Packaging

This sheet mask comes in a very vintage looking packaging. I really like the packaging because it gives the vintage vibes. The main ingredient is printed on the front and the name of the sheet mask is written in bold fonts. The back has other details about the product. The packaging is very simple, neat and clean, and I love it. It is super sleek so you can travel with it easily.

SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Review Right Tilt

The mask is a white colored thick mask. It is thicker than all the masks that I have used till now and I have used a lot of sheet masks from various Korean brands. This sheet mask is made out of cotton and has patterns all over it. It is soaking wet in the serum but not overly wet. The serum, too, isn’t watery or gel-like, but lotion-like milky serum.

SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Review Back

The serum smells very nice and floral. The kind of floral I like and which reminds me of white flowers. I really like the fresh fragrance of it. It also has a lotion like fragrance to it. The fragrance is just very calming and soothing and no wonder, I love it. The serum isn’t sticky and it gets absorbed quickly into the skin.

SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Review Close up Package

This mask is initially slightly difficult to apply on the face because it is a thicker mask but once you get the hang of it, you are sorted. But, after you’ve applied it, it sits comfortably on the skin. It doesn’t move or irritate the skin and is very gentle. It feels great when you use the mask after you have let it chill in the fridge.

Each mask is based on a superfood and there are about 10 variants. I picked up all the 10 because why not! This one is a Super Nut and it is meant to nourish your skin. This mask made my skin look fresh and rejuvenated. My skin looked dull, so I thought of using this mask. My skin looked better and the mask got rid of the dullness. It added a lot of moisture to my skin and made it supple. I could actually see a difference before and after using this mask.

SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask Review Open Mask

The mask dried in 20 minutes and I let the excess serum sit on my skin for another 20 minutes and then I washed my face with plain water. My skin feels refreshed, moisturized and hydrated instantly, which is why I opt for sheet masks like this one. They do give results that don’t last long, but that’s okay.

Pros of SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask:

• Affordable sheet mask
• Packaging gives off vintage vibe that I like
• Good quality cotton sheet mask
• Smells good
• Lotion-like lightweight milky serum
• Sheet mask is textured and sits well
• Doesn’t irritate or break out the skin
• Fulfills all the claims
• Deeply moisturizes the skin
• Regular usage will help improve the skin texture
• Makes my skin look fresh, hydrated, soft and supple
• Gives a nice healthy glow to the skin
• Instantly pampers the skin and makes it look healthy and nourished

Cons of SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask:

• Unavailability in India
• Results are temporary (Not a con for me)

IMBB Rating: 4/5
Would I Repurchase/Recommend SkinFood Everyday Super Nut Facial Mask?
Yes, I will! I love sheet masks and you should try them too!

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