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Hope all of you are enjoying your days! I am pretty excited for today’s review which happens to be my first purchase from the much raved about brand Sonia Kashuk. However, this is not my first eye makeup brush purchase as I was lucky to get hold of Real technique brushes last year. I gave it to my sister in law on my recent holiday trip though. Since then I was looking for equally good quality and budget-friendly brushes to start with & experiment with eye makeup and that’s when I found this Sonia Kashuk essential eye kit one fine day! I am really happy and looking forward to try other Sonia Kashuk brushes after getting hold of this essential kit which seems perfect for everyone including makeup beginners like me or makeup pros.

My first impression after opening them out of packaging was “Wow so cute”! They are my inspiration to attempt and experiment with eye makeup everyday now as I love to play with these cuties anytime. I am definitely getting this kit again as my sisters and sister-in-law are pestering me to gift them away 😛 So, let’s read on further to know more about Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit today!

Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit (8)

$10-$13 (price varies across stores) for 5 piece of essential eye makeup brush set which includes: 1 Eye Shadow Brush, 1 Smudger, 1 Angled Liner Brush, 1 Blending Brush and 1 Crease Brush along with mirror and case.

All natural 100% cruelty-free goat & pony hair

Product Description:
This is glamour on the go! Everything you need to line, define, blend, contour and smudge! It contains a medium eye shadow brush, crease eye shadow brush, synthetic eye brush, smudge brush, angled eye brush and case with mirror.

Dip brush in product and apply where needed.

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My Experience with Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit:

The eye brushes kit comes with one synthetic black case and 5 piece of brushes enclosed neatly inside attractive card board packaging. I find its outer packaging too good to throw away, hence I retained it for some other use. While my brushes are neatly & safely encased inside the black, washable makeup pouch this also comes up with inbuilt mirror. It is quite thoughtful of this brand to name the inner brush sleeves of pouch as per their utility other than numbering every brush, so as to remember name & utility of each brush. Over all quite price worthy or say steal worthy deal!

They are cute, small brushes which every makeup junkie would dream of, irrespective of their utility. I also love their soft fiber bristles which are not harsh on my delicate skin. The angled liner brush seems a bit harsh on skin, but not so much. I have washed them twice during my trial and testing session and they worked fine with no shedding at all. In fact they dry out fast and are easily washable with simple soap and water. Talking about the brushes, the brand numbered these brushes 1 to 5 while their names are printed on inner brush sleeve of pouch.

Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit (6)

I find them quite versatile and not limited to just eye makeup. I used #1 shadow brush for dabbing face powder on my eye lids and around nose which are hard to reach areas with my usual dome shaped powder brush and they gave me perfect results. I also believe that #4 blending brush is ideal for the same purpose. Also, brush #3 which is an angled liner brush is good enough for eye brow filling considering I don’t have a good eye brow filling brush. It resembles the eye brow filling brush and works pretty similar that way. And as told earlier, I also use the #4 blending brush for applying foundation/primer or concealer on my eye lids, around nose and lip area for precise application. Now talking about the brushes in brief:

#1 Shadow Brush: It is a fluffy mini dome shaped brush which feels pretty soft on my delicate skin. We can use it for applying highlighter or eye shadows on our brow bone, other than using for gentle stroke of pigmented colors. However in my case I don’t use it as an all over shadow brush, instead I like using it for highlight application. I feel it is slightly bigger than what I need for my eyes plus it does not seem to deliver intense color pay off when used with powdery eye shadows (I find that sponge or crease brush works good in that aspect as they don’t aggravate chalky or powdery texture of eye shadows). In fact it works best as blending and buffing brush for hard to reach areas on my

sonia kashuk eye brush set (2)

#2 Smudge Brush: This brush works pretty fine as smudger and is very soft on my eyes. Thankfully it does not prick the skin or cause rashes even after using closer to waterline. It is perfect in shape and size to give me a good grip and control while smudging my liner or kajal. I often use it for smudging my matte lip color as well. It is really thoughtful of this brand to incorporate this soft multi-use brush in eye kit.

sonia kashuk eye brush set1 (2)

#3 Liner Brush: The angled liner brush feels slight rough on my skin though it is does not poke my eyes. I find it good for using with any gel liner. Being a novice at eye makeup, as it gives me control while applying liner on upper eye lids. I find it good for filling in eye brows as well. This is another good brush in this kit.

sonia kashuk eye brush set2 (2)

#4 Blending Brush: The fluffy blending brush is my absolute favorite eye makeup brush which helps evening out and blending any harsh lines, since I am a beginner in makeup. It is really soft on skin and evens out eye shadows without blending too much, which is much needed for novices like me. I also find it perfect for applying eye primers or base on my eyes lids and sometimes for instant blending. It is definitely a much need brush in a kit like this.

sonia kashuk eye brush set3 (2)

#5 Crease Brush: The crease brush is another favorite brush in this kit which helps me to get intense color pay off in just one stroke irrespective of the texture of eye shadow. I use it more often over shadow brush for applying eye shadow all over lid as well as on a particular area. It picks up ample amount of product without accentuating the powdery texture of eye shadow to give intense pigmentation on the eye lids. I find it really useful and one of key brushes in the kit.

sonia kashuk eye brush set2

Overall, I find this eye kit pretty good for beginners as well as makeup masters who are on budget. However knowing that brushes are made from goat or pony hairs creeps me out a bit, hence I am looking for an alternative otherwise it is perfect in every sense. If you are beginner like me or a master but looking for budget friendly eye makeup brushes then your search ends here (provided you are fine with goat/pony hairs :P). Just get it; I am on my way to order them again for my sisters and relatives now.
Let’s sum up pros and cons.

Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit (1)

Pros of Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit:

  •  A small, cute set of 5 eye makeup brushes which includes almost everything an eye makeup junkie would ever need
  •  It does include a travel friendly pouch with an inbuilt mirror which is much needed while traveling
  • The brushes are perfect in length – not too long nor too short – just apt for beginners like me for getting a good hold and control while working on eyes
  • The quality of brushes is quite appreciable as they feel soft and delicate on the skin; other than the angled liner brush which is a little harsh
  •  All the brushes perform well in their respective area and are quite versatile to be used for many other purposes apart from just eye makeup
  • They are reasonably priced with user friendly detailed and travel friendly packaging

Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit (5)

Cons of Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit:

  •  The angled liner brush is slight scratchy on skin.
  •  The fluffy shadow brush seems slightly big for my eyes.
  •  The mini dome shaped shadow brush seems to accentuate the chalky texture of eye shadows and does not deliver enough colour pay off.
  • I wish the kit included any eye brow or lash brush as well.

Sonia Kashuk Essential Eye Kit (3)

Well I am pretty satisfied with this kit. But since we consider our well defined eye brows and curled up lashes as vital part of eye makeup, it would have been great to get at least one spoolie or lash comb with the set. I know I am over-expecting from the kit! Anyway, I will rate it 4.7/5!

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  1. Such a nice budget set, it’s perfect for travel and easy on pocket too. I just want my angular brush to be a bit thin.

    1. true shikha its really good for travelling and/or using at home. I wish the same for its fluffy shadow brush and angular brush both!! 🙂

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